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Monthly Themes

Color(s): Brown

Concept: Left & Right

Shape: Rectangle

Letter(s): E,F


Ages(1-2) 3

   Ages (3-4) 5,6

Important Dates

November 11th
in observance of Veterans Day

November 4th & 5th

November 18th
Pre-K  Closed
Staff Development
(Daycare Open)

November 28th & 29th
  Happy Thanksgiving!
School Closed

December 7th

December 12th

December 13th
November 2019

      Dee Wagner Education Director  

As we welcome November, many of us will be celebrating Thanksgiving.  At Christ the King Daycare/ Preschool, we are thankful for all of our loving family and friends and extend our warmest wishes for a very Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving to you.
We would like to say a very special THANK YOU to our Charter School buddies and High School Broadcasting Club helpers who helped to make our Harvest Festival such a huge success. At the Harvest Fest, we started our day with an old fashioned sing-a-long led by Ms. Old McDonald herself and her friend Mr. Moo Cow! During the song, the children held up pictures of each animal as the name was called. Afterward, some classes went to visit the Pumpkin Patch. There they searched for their perfect pumpkins in the hay. Other classes were having so much fun in the bouncy houses! The children also had an opportunity to see live farm animals up close in the little petting zoo.

Our 3's and 4's continued the "Down On the Farm" fun and learning with a follow-up lesson that Thursday, presented by their MVP Charter School buddies. They enjoyed coloring, arts and crafts, reading stories and a puppet show.

November is a very exciting month at Christ the King Community Daycare. The children will be learning so much in preparation for the upcoming holidays. In the beginning of November, the children will follow-up learning about the Harvest and where our food, fruits and vegetables, come from, who lives on a farm, and who takes care of the animals. Then we will talk about our families, and what kinds of food and family traditions we all share this month. During the last week of November, the children will have their very own special feast to celebrate "The First Thanksgiving" and will do projects expressing what we are thankful for. 

FOOD DRIVE:                                       Oct.28th - Nov.21st
Please send in nonperishable food to leave by the front desk bins.                                      
St. Matthias Outreach program is run by Deacon John Sands and his wife. They  provide hot meals 5 days a week, showers for homeless people and a food pantry for  nearly 100 families. We know that Queens has too many people who for one reason or  another suffer from what is called 'food insufficiency.' Many of these are people with  young children.  
Now we can help. Beginning Monday, October 28, we will be collecting donations of  food - canned or packaged - that can be used in the Food Pantry at St Matthias. We would like to send them many cartons of food. They can surely use it.
Recommended Reading
My First Thanksgiving by Tomie de Paola
Thanksgiving Mice by Bethany Roberts
The Night Before Thanksgiving by Natasha Wing

Happy Thanksgiving!

  • When calling the facility, please keep in mind that calls should be ideally be made between 12-2pm while the children are napping.
  • We appreciate all of our parents continuing to bring in diapers and a box of wipes twice each month on the 1st and the 15th.
  • We ask that you do not allow your child(ren) to run ahead of you when entering and leaving the facility, it is a safety issue. Especially when exiting the building, children should never open the security door.
  • Should you need to do a drop off on a day you are not scheduled to come in, you must fill out a Drop Off form, and depending upon the availability, you will be charged your hourly rate.  Please keep in mind that we do not switch days.
  • If you come to school with either a stroller or car seat, please keep in mind that all strollers need to be folded and if possible, hung from the special hooks provided.  All car seats are to be put on the shelf, and not on the floor.  Scooters are not be kept in school, and should be taken home.
We thank you for your cooperation with these matters.
Little Einsteins 
Science with the Bunnies
During the month of October, the Bunnies had fun with Science.  The science project we completed was a 2-day experiment which started with making different colored ice cubes.  The Bunnies began by taking an ice tray and filling it up with water, followed by putting drops of different colored dyes into each compartment.  They were then stored into the freezer until the next day.  We laid white paper out on the table and the Bunnies were able to make ice art with the now colored cubes.  The children were able to hold the cubes while Miss Leyda and Miss Taylor repeated words like "ice" and "cold" along with descriptive color words.

Science with the Lions
The Lions love learning about Science and what better month then October to become little mad scientists.  We decided we wanted to do something for Halloween so we found an experiment called, "Flying Ghosts."  The tools we needed were film canisters, Alka-Seltzer, water and a sharpie.  The goal was to fill the canister with the ingredients and watch the ghosts fly.  Before we started, we explained to the children what was supposed to happen and then went around the table and asked each child to predict if they thought we could make them fly.  All but one child predicted they would fly.  Next step was to draw a face on each canister.  The children decided they wanted to make a ghost family so we had a mommy ghost, a daddy ghost, a baby ghost, a dog ghost and a cat ghost.  After all the faces were drawn it was time to head outside and see if we could make the family fly.  We sat out in the playground at a safe distance from where the ghosts would fly.  One child came up and filled the mommy ghost canister with water then Miss Melissa added the Alka-Seltzer and closed the lid, gave it a shake and set it on the ground.  We sat there for what seemed like forever but before you knew it, we heard a pop and we watched our ghost mommy fly high into the air!  Next was daddy then baby, dog and cat.  Each ghost flew into to the air; some flew higher than others but they all flew!  The children screamed, laughed and watched with amazement each and every time.  We all had so much fun that when the afternoon came we did it all over again and the reactions were no different.  The joy on their faces was priceless.  I must admit I was pretty impressed and amazed myself.  Science is such an amazing thing!

Science with the Dolphins
The Pre-K topic for the month of October was "My Five Senses." For science, students explored their sense of touch by using the "Feely Box." Items were placed in our "Feely Box," and students had to predict what was inside the "Feely Box" by using their sense of touch. After students made a prediction about what item was in the "Feely Box," the item was then revealed. Miss Theresa first asked students, "What item do you think is in the 'Feely Box'?" She later asked, "What item was in the 'Feely Box'?"

The second activity we did as a class was dissecting a pumpkin. We dissected a pumpkin and got to use a few of our 5 senses. We used our sense of sight to see what was inside the pumpkin, our sense of smell to smell the pumpkin, and our sense of touch to feel the insides of the pumpkin as well as the outside of the pumpkin. Miss Theresa then asked students to describe, "What does the inside of the pumpkin feel like?"

Math with the Kitties
In the month of October, the Kitties did a lot of activities to reinforce the numbers of the month, 3 and 4.  We counted to 3 and 4 on our number chart and even looked for these numbers on our carpet.  At Circle Time, we counted each day all the way to 4! The children loved getting involved with our number projects as well.  First, we got to count and glue 3 little pumpkins. Then, we got to paint 4 candy corns.  They had a blast using a sponge to paint to paint each!  We have so much fun learning about our numbers!

Math with the Chipmunks
During the month of October, the Chipmunks learned a lot about apples and pumpkins. To enhance our math skills, we sorted apples by color; red, green and yellow.  We used small baskets that were colored red, yellow or green.  The children were asked to take the apples from the bag, tell the teachers the color of the apple, and place it in the matching color basket. The children had so much fun pumpkin picking at the Harvest Festival they were eager to learn more about pumpkins, too.  We thought it would be fun to sort pumpkins by size; small, medium and large.  We labeled the three tables in our classroom "small, medium, and large."  We put a pumpkin of the matching size on the table and the children were asked to sort the rest.  Each child picked a pumpkin, told us what "size" it was and placed it on the table with the matching size.  We had so much fun learning new vocabulary and how to sort using real materials!

Math with the Turtles
During the month of October, the Turtles spent a lot time learning Math!  First, we learned about the Five Senses.  We learned that our Five Senses help us to understand the world around us.  Using our senses, we learned about the season of Autumn (also known as Fall).  We counted out that there are four seasons- Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.  We have also been learning a few new songs that help us learn numbers such as, "Our Five Senses," "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Once I Caught a Fish Alive,"  and "Five Litttle Ducks."  The Turtles also sang "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" for Halloween.  We then counted out how many legs a spider has.

While walking down the hall, the Turtles love to count their steps just to see how high we can really count and we are always sure to walk in a straight line along the numbers, which are printed on the floor.  Math is very important in the Turtle room!

Little Picassos

Art with the Puppies
The month of October was filled with lots of learning and fun in the Puppy class!  The Puppies especially loved all of the fun art projects we've created this past month.  One project in particular that the Puppies really enjoyed creating was the footprint ghosts.  The Puppies love to paint and use stickers so this was the perfect project to create with the little ones.  They squirmed and giggled as we applied paint to each foot. After the footprints were created, the Puppies glued different color eyes onto the ghosts. This project was not only fun to create, but also helped to reinforce some of the colors we have been learning.

Art with the Bumblebees
October was fab-BOO-lous in the Bumblebee room! We started off with our fun filled Harvest festival, which the children adored! We learned about Christopher Columbus, opposites, and Autumn! October ended with our spooky Halloween parade where the children looked beyond adorable in their costumes. One of the many art activities the Bumblebees created was a handprint ghost. Miss Karolina traced each child's hand on a white piece of paper. After cutting each out, the children glued them on a black sheet of paper for the background. Next, they created a window around the ghost with yellow popsicle sticks. They had tons of fun creating this project and now run around saying, "Boooo!"

Art with the Pandas
Last month the Pandas learned all about the Five Senses. During one special Art activity, the Pandas learned about their sense of smell.  In the Art Center, the Pandas were asked to smell four different spices (cinnamon, red pepper, pumpkin spice, and curry). The students were asked to choose which one was their favorite.  After, the Pandas mixed each spice with water to create a paste.  Then we painted beautiful pictures with our own spice paint.
During another lesson, we realized how important our sense of sight is as we painted pictures while blind folded.  While painting the pictures blind folded, the Pandas were asked some questions, such as, "What do you think you are painting?", "How does it feel to paint without being able to see?", and lastly, "Why do you think our sense of sight is so important?

Musicians in the Making
Music with the Angels
In October, we welcomed the return of Mr. Kenny and our EDU Music program! The Angels were so happy to sing our favorite welcome song, "Hello Friends" and we had so much fun learning a new song, "Shake Shake Shake." We followed along with Mr. Kenny and started shaking our hands and moving our feet to the beat. We also had to wiggle our ears and move our shoulders up and down. This song helped us learn and identify our body parts while we listened and followed along to an awesome fun song! The Angels look forward to our music time with Mr. Kenny and learning the new music and songs that he teaches us.

Music with the Sunflowers
Music is presented in your child's everyday life.  It is played throughout the day to help reinforce seasonal themes, math concepts, letters and more! The Sunflowers enjoy singing some new songs during Circle Time such as the "Days of the Week," and "Open Shut Them," along with reviewing some old favorites like "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," and "The ABC's."  We also enjoy going to the Music and Movement Room.  Here the children get to play pianos and xylophones that are projected from the Beam Projector, as well as musical instruments that are available to them in Instrument Baskets!  In addition to all this amazing music sessions, the Edu Music Program started last month again.  The children absolutely love our music teacher Mr. Kenny.  We look forward to learning new songs with him each week!

Music with the Ducks
Music is always a part of our day in the Duck Room.  Every morning we welcome each other into class and find our spots on the carpet.  Then we sing the morning circle time song which goes like this, "Everybody clap your hands, clap your hands, clap your hands.  Everybody stomp your feet, stomp your feet, stomp your feet. Everybody jump up and down, up and down, up and down."  Then I ask three children to make up a new action for the class to follow along.  Morning circle time song is a great way for the students to get ready for the day and move around.

October's theme was "My Five Senses."  To reinforce the theme, the Ducks learned the "Five Senses Song."  The Five Senses song goes like this, "I have senses, I have senses.  
There are five, there are five.   Seeing, hearing, touching, seeing, hearing, touching.   Smelling and tasting, smelling and tasting."  We love using music to reinforce our lessons.
Technology Tots &
Athletes in Training


Gym Time with Snugglies II
The Snugglies II children really enjoy Gym time!  We have the freedom to roam in a big open space.  Some of the children use this as extra tummy time on the big mat, while others are working on rolling around and crawling.  A few of the children even try to pull themselves up and stand with some help.  It's so much fun to chase after the balls and after each other in there.  We also love listening to our favorite tunes in the gym, while moving and shaking!  We can't wait until we are old enough to ride the bikes and mini coasters too.

Gym Time with the Monkeys
The Monkeys always enjoy their adventures in the gym. During the month of October, the children were learning about animals. Miss Ami and I made an animal game to play in the gym. Every child touches the wall in the gym and each child gets to pick an animal to pretend to be, such as a duck or elephant. The students will have to walk like the duck or elephant and make the animal sound. This reinforces what they have learned about wild and farm animals, and how they perceive nature. Furthermore, this game encourages taking turns and giving everyone a chance to play.

Tech Time with the Bears
Welcome November! We will have so much fun learning about our families and cultures this month. During the month of October, the Bears learned about their "Five Senses."  The students were able to engage in many multi-sensory activities throughout all the learning centers.  During small group time, the students had a particular focus using the Smart Board, as we discussed our five senses.  Each student had a turn, to click and drag a picture of each if the five senses into the corresponding box.  When the children got the answer correct they heard applause.  The children had a great time working with each other to get the correct answer.  Some of the examples they had to sort were things we see, smell, taste, hear and touch.  The children had to click and drag the different items into the correct box.  This was a great activity for eye-hand co-ordination as well.

The Nurse's Station

A healthy school environment requires the cooperation and effort of us all working together.
Below are a few important reminders:
  • Please refer to our Health Policy.  It will provide detailed information as to when to child keep your child home and when to bring your child in.
  • Be sure to remember to inform our center of your child's absence on a daily basis. Such absences include: reporting a contagious illness, children not feeling well, or simply not coming in on their scheduled day. Reporting these absences are a Board of Health regulation and must be called in.
  • As part of a weekly routine, please remember to take home your child's bedding and return it the following Monday.
  • Please remember to replace your child's cubby with weather appropriate clothing. Make sure all items are labeled with your child's name.
  • Please don't forget to get your flu vaccine and proof of documentation. It is mandatory by the Board of Health for all children 6 months to 59 months of age, attending Day Care or Pre-K to receive the influenza vaccine.
Have a Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving!

Quotes & Stories
One morning Blake wanted Ms. Katie to sit and have breakfast with her.  Blake patted on the chair next to her and told Ms. Katie, "Sit honey!"

During lunch time the children were helping set the tables. Julia and Steven N. were handing out the bowls and placing them on the table.  Julia looked at Steven N. and said, "Look Steven, Mrs. Kerin changed the dishes."  Steven said, "How did you change the dishes Mrs. Kerin?"  I looked at what they were talking about and said, "No honey, the ladies in the cafeteria decided to give you bowls, because we have pasta and meatballs."  Both of the children said, "Ooohhhhh those girls are trying to trick us."

One day Gabriella was asked, "When is your birthday?"  She replied, "2!"

After lunch Ms. Gina was taking the garbage out and putting a new bag in the pall when Camden said, "Ms. Gina if you leave the bag outside, my daddy will take it for you.  He's a garbage man."

While doing the activity "Feely Box", students were asked, "What item do you think is in the 'Feely Box'?"
Giana said,  "I am not scared to put my hand in the feely box. There's just a science toy inside, no big deal."

While we were reviewing the five senses Benjamin started to sing the five senses song without prompting, this led the rest of the class to join in and sing the song. Then students discussed what they use their senses for.

Ms. Katie was counting how many friends we had in the room, "..5, 6, 7, 8."  Zahara continued to count saying,  "9, 10!"

The teachers asked the children what they were going to be for Halloween and Christopher told us that him and his brother were going to be princes.  The teacher then asked him if he had a princess and he said, "Of course, my mommy." 

When Miss Diane asked Cooper if he wanted to say "Hi" is his baby brother, Cooper said, "No Miss Diane.  Baby Cal is going potty."  

When discussing our favorite things to smell, Lillian told the class that her favorite thing to smell is shrimp tacos.

Miss Ashley asked Finnegan how old he was.  Finnegan responded "Three!"  He then continued to say, "Chloe (his sister) is six, and daddy is three like me, and mommy is six like Chloe!"

While talking about what the children had done over the weekend, Hugo was telling the class about his weekend; he said, "I went to the aquarium and I saw dinosaurs!" When Miss Samantha asked if they were real, Hugo said, "Yes!"