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November 2014

The fall race season has now (pretty much) ended, and we are so excited for all of you who competed and/or ran for fun!  We are even more excited for those of you who have been motivated to sign up for a race or two next year!  Some of you have been sidelined with injuries and were not able to race, but we admire your tenacity and know that you will be back out there in no time! 

Now is the time to take a step back from the running and work on your strength building and technique tweaking!


Happy recovery and Keep on moving!   

The Runner's Academy
Sometimes it can be  harder to stay motivated during the colder, winter months to keep up with your runs.  Here are a couple thoughts on staying on track in this lovely Canadian climate.
1.  Join a run group (there are lots of free run groups around the city, i.e The Runner's Academy on Mondays at 6pm!).  The group will meet at a specific time and allow you to plug it into your calendar.  Plus you can bring a friend and you have double the accountability!
2.  Be sure that you have the right gear.  Staying warm and wicking away moisture will help you stay comfortable in the cold weather and keep on truckin!
3.  Just think!  Think about how you will be gaining or maintaining your fitness over the winter and you'll be that much stronger when you start your new year/spring training!  You'll thank yourself then!
4.  There are always treadmills!  Treadmills shouldn't be used as a total replacement for running outside, but they are great training tools and can usually be found in areas that don't include ice and snow.
5.  Try a winter race for real or for fun!
Upcoming races in Toronto:
Build Back your Strength
Building back your strength and increasing your ability to move well and generate more power can be done with one of our Strength Trainers at The Runner's Academy.  Now is the perfect time to spend some energy focusing on increasing your muscular endurance and strength before you start training for your next race in the New Year!  Whether you are here training with us 3 times a week or once in awhile for a new program, there are gains to be made, and now is the time!

Don't Forget The Holiday Season
Remember that next month is the season of giving.  Most of our services at The Runner's Academy can be purchased as gifts for a family member or friend!
Help someone become stronger, faster, healthier!
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Pre-Holiday Cleanse!
Check out this awesome Pre-Holiday Cleanse offered by our friend, Tara Postnikoff at HEAL.
Be mindful of your nutritional status before we enter the holiday party season! 
Feel better!

6 Ways to Copy the Offseason of Elite Runners
 Check out this great list of ways to negotiate your off-season!
1.  Don't rest immediately
2.  Then rest a lot
3.  Invest in your soft-tissue health if you can
4.  Make General Strength and Mobility Gains
5.  Choose activities you will enjoy/benefit from 
6.  Be sure you feel ready to train again
Exercise of the Month
   Half Kneeling Anti-Rotation


This is a great core and pelvic stability exercise.  Be sure to maintain a neutral spine/pelvic alignment, and good posture.  Resist the rotational pull of the elastic or the pulley as you extend your arms straight out in front of you.  Bring the hands back to the chest and repeat.  Then repeat your reps on the other side.

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