Admin of the Year Nominations DUE Dec. 4
November, 2016
President's Message
ACSA has requested all regions to submit their “Purpose,” “Annual Goals,” and “Specific Events, Activities and Meetings” on an annual basis (copy posted on Region 6 website). At the September 23 Region 6 Board of Directors meeting, I gathered input from all the Charter Presidents and Council/Committee Chairs.

We identified Region 6's purpose as follows:
“Region 6 will develop communities of learning, networks and staff development opportunities that serve the administrators and aspiring administrators of Contra Costa and Alameda….”

Our goals for 2016-17 are:
  • Increase communication to all Regional 6 administrators about state ACSA, Region 6 and charter activities
  • Provide a minimum of three professional learning activities for Region 6 members
  • Increase advocacy at the local and state levels
Through providing a mentoring program for new leaders, staff development activities, including the “Leadership Summit” in June and participating in the State ACSA Legislation Day scheduled in early April, we plan to meet each one these goals this year.

The holidays are now upon us and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

2017 Administrators of the Year 

It's not too late! Charter nominations for our region's awards selection are due on December 4. We have many deserving administrators throughout our region. Region winners will move on for State ACSA Awards selection in February. Please submit your nomination to your Charter President. For more information and forms, click here. Questions can be addressed to Cindy Matteoni, Vice President of Programs.

How Does Region 6 Continue to Support Its Members?
The Region 6 Executive Board voted to increase funds for our scholarships and grants for this year.

  • MINI-GRANTS: Ten  $1,000 grants are provided to schools (any grade level and district office) that are in need of financial support to start a new program that enhances student learning.
    DUE DATE – February 24, 2017. Click here.
  • BOB BLACKBURN STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS: Ten $1,000 scholarships are awarded to children of ACSA Region 6 members who are seniors in high school and going off to college to continue their education or who are graduate students.
    DUE DATE- March 17, 2017. Click here.
  • EVERY STUDENT SUCCEEDING SCHOLARSHIPS: ACSA Region 6 recognizes students who have made significant academic growth and have overcome physical and/or emotional barriers to succeed in school. The winner receives $1,000 and other nominees receive $250 each at our region luncheon in the spring. All ACSA Region winners are honored at the annual State ACSA Conference in November.
    DUE DATE – March 17, 2017. Click here.
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SCHOLARSHIPS: These scholarships are awarded to ACSA members who enroll in ACSA academies and institutes. Members are eligible to receive a scholarship (up to $500) once every three years. Applications are due on October 1 for fall/winter programs and June 1 for spring/summer programs. Click here.

Region 6 Leadership Opportunities

Do you have ideas and opinions to improve our organization? Are you looking for opportunities to be more involved in ACSA and take on a leadership role for Region 6? Now is the time to step up. The region nominating committee is seeking candidates for the following elected positions for 2017-18:

  • President-Elect (3 years including terms as President and Past President)
  • Vice President Staff Development (2-Year Term)
  • Vice President Programs (2-Year Term)
  • Vice President Membership (2-Year Term)
  • Secretary (2-Year Term)
  • Representative At-Large, Alameda County (2-Year Term)
  • Representative At-Large, Contra Costa County (2-Year Term)

    For information on duties and responsibilities for these positions, check Region 6 By-Laws on our website.

The following State Committee and Council Rep positions are appointed for 3-year terms by the Region 6 Executive Board:

  • Business Services
  • Classified Educational Leaders
  • Co-Administrators
  • Educational Options
  • Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability
  • Equity
  • Elementary Education
  • Human Resources
  • Legislative Policy
  • Student Services/Special Ed
  • Small School District
  • Secondary Education

    For information regarding ACSA Committees and Councils check at

    If you are interested in or have questions about any of these elected or appointed positions, please contact Bob Giannini or Rose Lock before January.

Inspire. Lead. Achieve. ACSA Leadership Summit 2016
On November 10-12, nearly 1000 ACSA members gathered for its annual Leadership Summit at the Hilton Bayfront Hotel in beautiful San Diego. The conference opened with a welcome reception on the USS Midway on Wednesday evening.

One of the highlights was the Every Student Succeeding Luncheon which brought together all conference attendees. 21 students from throughout California were honored along with the educators who supported them along the way. These students stand out among millions in our schools.  

The Every Student Succeeding Award recipients are extraordinary examples of perseverance, dedication, maturity, and grace. Their inspirational stories brought tears to many of us in the audience. Our Region 6 winner was Kassan Farrakhan, who was nominated by Jeff Varner, Principal of Parkside Elementary School in Pittsburg Unified School District.

Another conference highlight was keynote speaker, Mike Abrashoff, who gave a most inspirational speech. His talk was based on the vital leadership lessons he learned as he led the remarkable turnaround of the USS Benfold in twelve months. He opened by telling the many similarities between commanding a naval ship and leading schools and districts. He has written three books to share his story and lessons on leadership.

The conference ended with another outstanding speaker, Doug Fisher, who spoke on understanding what approaches work best and when as leaders focus on improving learning for all students.

Save the Date:  Do You Know the Way to San Jose?  2017 Leadership Summit, November 1-4, 2017
Every Student Succeed 2017
Every one of us know or know about students who have overcome incredible challenges in their lives and achieved amazing success. Let's honor them and share their story by nominating them for the ACSA Every Student Succeed Award 2017. These students deserve the recognition as exemplary models for other students and us. There are so many inspirational stories.

ACSA has begun a new feature video in a 21-part series every Monday. See the full stories and watch the videos of  this year's extraordinary students  on the ACSA  Videos  page, on  Facebook  and on  Youtube .

Click here for additional information and nomination form. Nominations are due to Janet Haun by March 17, 2017.

Learn More About Region 6 
We sometimes get comments from administrators, even members, that they don't know much about ACSA. With over 14,000 members, Region 6 is the third largest region out of 19 in the state. There are 19 charters in our region which represent all districts in Alameda and Contra Costa counties. Our website is updated regularly with information pertinent to our region and charters. There is now a page for each charter. We are continuing to expand resources to inform our members and potential members.  Check out our website at

Region 6 is also on Twitter and Facebook. Are you following Region 6 on Twitter@ACSARegion6?

Here are some guidelines on social media published by ACSA that you may find useful.   Click here.
2017 ACSA Legislative Action Day

Join other ACSA leaders in Sacramento for our annual Legislative Action Day on April 2-3, 2017. Now more than ever, we must be engaged in our political system and participate in the conversations on public education for the sake of all students. If you are interested in joining the Region 6 team, contact Karen Sakata, VP Legislative Action.

From the Desk of Bob Giannini, Region Executive

In what ways can we help you as a member of our Region 6 ACSA professional organization?
As your Region Executive,  I can help you with:

  • Questions about the yearly Region 6 calendar
  • How to get involved in Region 6 leadership and activities
  • Information about mini-grants, scholarships, and every student succeeding grants
  • Questions about yearly elections and nominations process
  • Questions about awards night and annual Region 6 conference
  • Questions and help with job related issues and whom to seek for help
  • Questions and ideas about website
  • Questions about Region 6 diversity issues and strategies
  • Questions related to financial matters or charters
  • Questions about retirement  issues and the retirement charter
  • Any other questions, issues, information, or concerns 

Rose Lock , Region Consultant, is our expert on charter support and involvement within Region 6. She is also available to get you connected within our region for a successful experience as an administrator. We are both here to help and support you whenever needed. Take an active role in our region or your ACSA charter and it will pay off for you in many ways.

Call me:  925-216-9430 or Email me:

What's Happening in Our Charters?

Excellent Program Enjoyed by our Retirement Charter Members - Susan Burleson

We are pleased to report that Julie Adams, Neuroscience and Educational Consultant -- presenter extraordinaire -- spoke to our Region 6 retirees on October 25 at Faz Restaurant in Pleasanton.  Her topic was “Goodness Gracious, Great Brains on Fire!”.  She shared, “Our brain is highly influenced by environment.”  There are three conditions that can affect our brain: 1) Stress which may or may not include an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise; lack of sleep, emotional upset, or the lack of comprehension or memory. She stated that to manage stress, an improved diet and rest, deep breathing, music and prayer can ease the level of stress. 2) Sleep which often averages 5 to 6 hours should instead include at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Our brain is a muscle and needs the rest; and 3) Exercise is needed to stimulate the flow of blood to the brain. Our brain needs minimally 20 to 60 minutes of exercise or at most 2 hours or more, per day, 5 to 6 days a week. This also reduces the chance of depression.

Lastly, Julie mentioned the 4 P’s, which will increase our mental capacity and longevity as we get older. 1) Positivity (as opposed to cynicism) helps us become more productive, creative, and experience less fatigue. Journaling and exercise can help us maintain a positive outlook. 2) Personal Relationships help us reduce anxiety. By having family and supportive friends and colleagues who help us laugh, this increases our chance to live longer and more productively; 3) Pre and Probiotics help to flush out bacteria and clean out the gut for a better flow of blood to the brain; and 4) Purpose – by staying involved in meaningful activities and serving others, we can stimulate our brain and our sense of well-being. We came away from Julie Adam’s presentation feeling energized and more informed. 

We welcome retired administrators in Region VI to join our charter, which meets three times a year for a luncheon get-together (October; January; and May). If you know of any retired administrator who has worked in Alameda or Contra Costa, please encourage them to email Barbara Burg, secretary, at  or Frank Brunetti, ACSA Retirement Charter President, at

“What Teachers Desire in an Administrator”  Conversation –  A Best Practices Event RASA Charter - Sonja Neely-Johnson

The RASA Charter of the West Contra Costa Unified School District spent an afternoon with our Teachers of the Year on October 10, 2016. The purpose of the gathering was to gain some insight from two of our top teachers of what they desire from an administrator. Kristyn Loy and Lawrence Pang were teachers who were recently honored and among the finalist for the Contra Costa County Teacher of the Year! The teachers spoke to us about what they want in an administrator. The conversation was moderated by Principal Kibby Kleiman ( RASA and ACSA member)
Our best teachers want our Administrators to be:
Click here for entire story.

Jose Deleon and Esaul Orozco
with Moderator Kibby Kleiman 
Kristyn Loy and Lawrence Pang 
West Contra Costa USD Teachers of the Year
We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Region 6 Staff
Bob Giannini, Executive
Rose Lock, Consultant
Region 6 Leadership
President:  Steve Collins
President-Elect:  Essence Phillips
Past President: Janet Haun
Vice President, Staff Development: Pam Comfort
Vice President, Programs: Cindy Matteoni
Vice President, Legislation: Karen Sakata
Vice President, Membership: Kevin Grier
Secretary: Pam Hughes
Treasurer: Pam VandeKamp
Comptroller:  Soleste Hilberg
ACSA Board Director: Rob Stockberger
Representatives: Fred Brill, Kris Martin-Meyer, Krista Taylor, Tovi Scruggs
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."  - Nelson Mandela