November  2015
"Give Thanks"

Give thanks with a grateful heart
Give thanks to the Holy One....

Congratulation  Ginger

     A big thank you and congratulation going out to Ginger from our Kentwood store for thirteen years of loyal service. Ginger has shown loyalty, precision, and effort in the linens department at the Kentwood store. During the hustle and bustle of the day, it is easy to overlook such loyal service, but it does not go unnoticed.

     For over 13 years, Ginger has been an integral part of The Salvation Army Family Store of Kentwood. Many employees have come and gone, but Ginger has been an invaluable employee sticking in there through the thick and thin. The 13 years of meritorious service that she has provided in the linens department at Kentwood location is greatly appreciated and honored by each of us here at the ARC. She is a blessing to both our customer and co-workers.

     Again, congratulations to Ginger for providing 13 years of long service here at The Salvation Army.

Beneficiaries of the Month 
Brandon S.
     Before coming to The Salvation Army ARC and meeting God, my life was chaotic. Even though I was successful and had an amazing family, I was unhappy and had a great void in my life. No matter what I did or what I accomplished nothing seem to satisfy me. I wound up addicted to cocaine and my life was drifting into darkness.

     Here at the ARC I have been enjoying my work therapy as a truck helper. Being able to help people in the community and at the ARC has been a great blessing. Building new relationships with God, the drivers and others here at The Salvation Army has helped me grow tremendously mentally, and most important spiritually. Here at the ARC, God has shown me that I can live happy sober. I have also learned to take care of myself and not take life for granted.

     From working on cars and feeling the accomplishment of a fine running engine to riding the slopes on a snowboard, nothing compares to being able to spend time with my amazing Christian family. My Mom is the best mom anyone could ever have, being that she is a very genuine loving person, and my step dad being a man to look up to. I love them both very much and would not be here on the road of recovery without their support. I'm also very grateful for my sister, brothers, and niece. Though my family took the news quite rough, they stuck by my side and have been the strongest support system I have. I love them all very much!!
The Salvation Army Grand Rapids ARC
1491 Division Ave. South
Grand Rapids, MI 49507 RANDRAPIDS.SATRUCK.ORG   

Majors Roger and Cecilia Senn, Administrators

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