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Eight Things About Your Job to be Grateful For
(If You're No
t, It's Time to Leave) 

By Vicki Salemi
It's that time of year again! We can always expect two things on Thanksgiving: a hard-earned food coma and a moment to go through a list of the people and things in life that you're grateful for. Well, your job is no exception.
When you bring up your career around the Thanksgiving table, you can expect plenty of input - from your dear uncle's sage advice on retirement planning to the advice from an older sibling or parent. On the one hand, if you complain about your job to your unemployed brother, don't be surprised if you get a curt response: "At least you have a job!" Or if when you mention to your mom that you're bored at work, she may suggest that you leverage downtime as an opportunity to pursue the gig economy.
The key for you to survive and thrive this weekend involves listening to those supportive family members and most importantly, to yourself. Take time for reflection and introspection. By figuring out what you're grateful for at your job, you will gain clarity and vision on the role, and the next step in your career. Need help getting started? Try rating your gratitude for the following key elem ents of your current job. It will help you determine if things are working out, or if it's time to move on.

1. Your boss. Your boss is a significant part of your employment - their recognition for you, their support of you and their confidence in you. If you find yourself expressing thanks for your understanding, incredible boss, congrats! Relish it and appreciate it. If the opposite is true and your boss is toxic, then it's time to seriously start looking for a new job.
2. The environment.
Do you work in an inclusive environment, where it's a joy to come to work, you respect the company's values and also the work space? Is your commute not only doable but dare I say enjoyable - a time to listen to your favorite podcast, or if you live in a city, rock out to a brisk 30-minute walk each way? As you write your gratitude lists, rank them as to what's most important to you (this will serve you well if you start looking for a new job) but really, the different aspects of the environment should be at the top. Ultimately, do you like where you work?
3. Flexibility.
Do you have flexibility to work from home? Are you easily able to make doctor's appointments and take care of your personal life without feeling chained to your desk? Do you have autonomy? If you answered "yes," be grateful - some of your friends and colleagues at other companies may not be able to say the same.
4. Work-life balance.
Do you have a life? If no, why not? As our work lives blend into personal and vice versa, it's imperative to appreciate a balance, not necessarily every da y but at least overall. When I was a former recruiter, countless candidates told me they needed a new job because they were burned out and life was passing them by. If you don't have this right now, it should absolutely be high on your gratitude list - the one you use when seeking it a new employer.
5. Salary and benefits.
For many, this is at the top the list - it's the number one work motivator across all generations, according to a recent survey from Monster. Was your annual salary increase enough to make you feel grateful (if you got one at all)? Thankful for that annual bonus? If the answers t o these questions are no, then it's time for you to explore external options. Salary isn't just salary - it's tied to how you view your own worth and the message the company sends about how much they value you.
6. The work itself. Are you challenged, excited to present new ideas, learn new skills and rock out to your job? Or are you stifled, oppressed, or, let's say it together now: Bored. When your workload becomes lackluster, overwhelming/unbearable, boring or insert negative adjective here, you're not doing yourself any favors by staying put. Here's the thing: Work should be adrenaline pumping! You can't expect a whirlwind every single day, but it should at least make you pop out of bed in the morning rather than want to pull the covers over your head. When you're grateful for work, a lot of other things like a great boss, solid pay, benefits and flexibility fall into place. And when you have nothing to be thankful for besides a steady paycheck, remind yourself to never settle. You deserve more.
7. Colleagues. When you're fortunate enough to be surrounded by smart, creative, inquisitive awesome people, it shows! You like to go to the office, enjoy the company and probably produce better work than you would otherwise. On the other hand, if your colleagues back stab and undercut you, that's clearly a toxic workplace. So, if you're able to be grateful for colleagues who are your awesome work family, that's a pretty big win. And if not, it's time to re-evaluate your current situation.
8. Time off. Lastly, be grateful for time off from work over the long holiday weekend, unless you work in retail or a related field where work is required. Unplug. Take a few steps back like you do on vacation. Appreciate life and return to this list from a macro level, tweaking it and knowing you don't have to wait until Thanksgiving rolls around to evaluate what you're grateful for and, often more importantly, reasons why you should look for a new job that gives you more reasons to be thankful.

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SUNDAY, November 5
Doubletree Bedford Glen Hotel
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4-6 PM

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    Next public forum on Great Road Zoning

December 2, 2017 - save the date!

The Planning Board and its consultants RKG Associates will host a second public forum as part of the Great Road Zoning Project on December 2. The first forum was held in March to gather information on people's preferences for aspects of our business areas such as building form, uses, parking and landscaping. The second forum will consider initial proposals for new zoning. A first draft of text was reviewed by the Planning Board and its working group on October 17 and a revised version will be available.
Details of the forum remain to be finalized, but since it is on the same day as the Town's tree lighting ceremony, it will be held earlier in the day.

Chamber is looking for input from businesses, please contact the Chamber office at 781-275-8503.
Economic Development Update
Jeff Cohen gave an overview of the warrant articles relating to zoning and signs. The group thought it would be a good idea to have a business speak if needed about all the steps currently required in the industrial zone and how this adds extra cost and time. He provided a list of these businesses for the past two years. Adam Schwartz to contact Pam Brownto see if a business would be willing to speak if it looked like support was not strong. 

2. Great Road Zoning Project
Jeff Cohen reported the project is moving along and the group reviews the first draft of the new zoning on October 17th (view a copy here - A revised draft will be available for the next public forum scheduled for December 2nd. It would be helpful to give input from businesses.

3. Bike Sharing
Alyssa Sandoval reported the MPAC is putting out a RFP for Dockless Bike Sharing. This should include Bedford and other nearby towns. Unlike the Hubway Bike Share system, there are no capital costs. Please see for more details. 

4. Business Survey - future focus areas.
The group had a long discussion on what we should work on going forward. It was though the primary areas should be zoning and sign bylaws. For example should a special permit be required for Restaurants or can Parking Requirements be grandfathered for changes of use. The rational was what changes can be made to help attract the small and unique businesses that residents have expressed strong interest for in Bedford. It was also though we should create a survey to distribute to businesses to get additional feedback.

 From the Chamber Office
My Hometown Map, a chamber member and the Bedford Chamber of Commerce are teaming up again to produce a brand new updated, 4 color map of Bedford that will be mailed out to every homeowner in Bedford. The map will be out by the end of the year or early next year. The map with your ad will also be online and be linked to their site, as well as  the Chamber site. The maps will also be found in the Chamber office, town offices as well as in businesses in Bedford. Those businesses that advertise will get some of the maps for their own marketing. Chamber members will also get a discount for advertising. Please contact Jerry Saval at 508-930-70655 or by email at for more information.
What the Chamber Did in October!


Women In Business
Joan Vennocci speaks to Chamber women 

Board of Directors Meeting 
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Tee It Up Golf 
Can Your Business Wall Host a Local Artist ?
The Culture and Arts Working Group had another productive meeting on May 24 discussing several initiatives to elevate Bedford's cultural and arts community to enliven Bedford places, gatherings, and business climate. The group has participants from the Bedford Cultural Council, Selectmen, Chamber of Commerce, First Parish, Planning Board, Bedford Arts and Crafts Society, BCA Photo Group, the Bedford Citizen, and local businesses and artists, and is being facilitated by Alyssa Sandoval, Bedford's Economic Development Director.
The working group discussed moving forward on several initiatives including:
  • Community-wide utility box art program by local artists
  • Commercial space for Local Artists
  • Cultural and Arts Flyer
If your business would be interested in hosting wall or window space for local artists, please contact Alyssa Sandoval, Economic Development Director, at or 718-275-1111. Hosting local art in your venue can be good for your business' visibility and helps to highlight local artwork.


We are so excited to offer our members another new FREE benefit!   We are partnering with o ur friends at Bedford TV to produce a monthly show called CHAMBER CONNECTIONS .  In addition to promoting our events/activities, Chamber members will be interviewed providing great exposure for their business. The show will be broadcast on Public channel and also through their website.  Contact the Chamber if you are interested in learning more.

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November 9
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December 2
Great Road Zoning
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December 2
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