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  • President's Message by Susan Marrinan
  • Reminder: January General Meeting 1/29/21 at 10:30am
  • The Voice of Experience - Bill Seager
  • Safe Harbor Presentation
  • Holiday Happy Hour 12.9.21
  • Coffee in the Cays
  • Fantasyland: Tom Bernitt
  • CDC Malala Yousafzi Young Democrat Scholarships & Awards
  • Meet the Addams Family
  • Battle of the Bay
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President's Message
Susan Marrinan
National American Indian Heritage Month

“The warrior is not what you think….The warrior, for us, is one who sacrifices himself for the good of others…..” 
Sitting Bull, Hunkpapa Lakota (1831-1890).

Indian agency police killed him on the Standing Rock Reservation. 

Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks for the food on our table. As children, we learned the story of the first Thanksgiving. In 1621, William Bradford, Governor of Massachusetts, invited the Wampanoag, to join the pilgrims in celebrating the Fall harvest. The Wampanoag had helped the pilgrims grow the crops to harvest, and the harvest meant the settlers could survive another winter. We cut out paper pilgrims, Indians, and turkeys to decorate our homes in memory of this occasion. We invite family and friends to join us.  
What no one taught us was what happened a few years after that first feast in 1621. The settlers turned on the Wampanoag, who had helped them survive, taking their land, enslaving, and massacring the tribe. Greed consumed gratitude. 
January General Meeting
Saturday, January 29, 2021,10:30am
Coronado Library, Winn Room
 "The Voice of Experience: Here is a photo of Bill Seager, former Trustee of the CUSD beside the plaque honoring him and the Board in 2007 when the new District Building was opened. Bill has served the community in many ways as an educator and then Trustee on the School Board.
He continues to be active in the Coronado Democratic Club and is always available to talk to potential candidates for School Board office.

There are three seats open in 2022, so if you are thinking of running, give Bill a call.
Safe Harbor Presentation

On Saturday October 30th Safe Harbor provided the Coronado Democratic Club an informative presentation about their vision, mission and the role they play in identifying and dealing with the many disruptions of life that can negatively impact our youth and their families.

Their presentation is on the link below in .pdf format for your review.
Coffee in the Cays
On October 23rd, the Club hosted a Coffee in the Cays which was enjoyed by 25 to 30 members and guests. Tom Bernitt and Jenna McIntosh put on a great spread and were terrific hosts. Many guests requested that we do this more often. 
Here are a few photos!

“Curiouser and curiouser!” Cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English).”

In better English, perhaps, I’d like to point out a curious situation within our own San Diego borders. As many of you know, a very credible media outlet exists right here in our midst. Not CNN in Atlanta or CBS in New York, but One America News right here in River City. 4757 Morena Blvd to be exact. Recently, OAN (as it’s fondly referred to by those in the know) has recently made news for all the wrong reasons. First, Dominion Voting Systems sued OAN (along with the Three Stooges of Giuliani, Powell, and Mr. Pillow not to mention Newsmax, Fox, etc., etc.). And now in November Smartmatic has piled on poor OAN with another lawsuit. Poor, poor OAN. But it’s the inside story that has intrigued me and now I want to share it with you which all happened after you-know-who became the Biggest Loser.
Coronado Democratic Club Malala Yousafzai Young Democrat
Scholarships and Awards

This year we will fund several scholarships and awards using board approved dues and personal donations from members. These scholarships will go to deserving students at Southwestern College (SWC), Coronado USD, and Sweetwater USD. To date we have $1,500 in personal donations.
Meet the Addams Family
Gomez, Morticia,
little Wednesday and “Thing”.  

(Also known as long time members Marely Ramirez, Keith Prentiss and daughter Keanna – not sure if “Thing” is a member.)
Battle of the Bay

We have been challenged to compete in a Coed Soft Ball tournament with the Imperial Beach Democratic Club, the Chula Vista Democratic Club and the Bonita-Eastlake Democratic Club, scheduled for some time in late February or early March. Our volunteer Head Coach is Brian Trotier. 

Let’s join him and take home the Trophy!
If you can run, hit, cheer, coach, umpire, distribute snacks, or have any other softball related skill or interest, please contact Susan Marrinan at spfinlay7@gmail.com
Upcoming CDC
Meetings and Events

December 9: Holiday Happy Hour, 5-7p.m. at 601 First Street, Coronado

January 29, 2022: 10:30 Social, General Meeting 11:OO- Program: The Coronado Democratic Club and the Future. Winn Room, Coronado Library

February Club Meeting: Date to be determined 

March 2022: General Meeting and Blue Wave Brunch, Feast & Fareway 10:30 to 1 p.m. Election of President and Vice President. Speaker TBD
Not a Member of our Club?
Board of Directors 2020 – 2021 and Standing Committees
Bylaws Amended Oct. 30, 2021
Board of Directors -5 Board members: Quorum – 3

President: Susan Marrinan
Vice President: Brian Trotier
Secretary: Alexia Palacios-Peters
Treasurer: Patrick Callahan
Member at Large: Frank King

Membership: Tom Bernitt
Program: Brian Trotier
Hospitality: Jenna McIntosh
Legislative: Alexia Palacios-Peters
Newsletter: Laura Wilkinson
Go Team: Frank King
Technology/Outreach: Laura Wilkinson
Scolarship: Patty Flores Charter

Strategic Planning: Judy Bambace & Gail Bardin

Digital Specialist
Anna Webb