November Newsletter 2022

Dear friends and colleagues:

It's that time of year when we gather to celebrate our respective traditions. I'm grateful for all of you and I'm looking forward to the holiday months. This is also a great time for reflection, planning, and goal setting, so we've included some resources to inspire you.


In this issue:

  • Native American History Month - Celebrate, respect, honor, and educate

  • 2023 DEI Calendar - Keep track of important events and Dates (A downable PDF)

  • Plan Ahead! - Book now for 2023 workshops and speaking engagements

  • Get Inspired!  Goal Setting and Creating a Plan That Works - EP 17 of "Entering the Inspiration Zone" podcast. Follow on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you get your podcast

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Native American Heritage Month

Celebrate, Respect, Honor, and Educate

In the United States, the month of November is a time to celebrate, respect, honor, and educate about the rich and diverse cultures of Native American people. Heritage month also brings to light the unique challenges native people have endured in the past and present. Although"Native Americans" is the general term, there were several cultures, nations, and languages across the continent. Their rich history and contributions shaped foods we commonly eat today, like turkey and honey, and their governing systems modeled federated representative democracy helped shape the United States government system. 

Here are some ways you or your organization can honor and observe Native

American Heritage Month: 

  1. Support native-owned businesses and charities 
  2. Visit museums or cultural centers 
  3. Watch documentaries about different nations 
  4. Learn about native tribes in your area 
  5. Learn about the history of the land you are currently on 
  6. Read the work of Native American Authors 
  7. Host or attend virtual events 
  8. Visit one of the "Native American Heritage" sites 

Sources: National Today & CNN

DEI Calendar

Keep track of important events and dates

Visit our website to download the DEI Calendar PDF!

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Get Inspired!

Entering the Inspiration Zone Podcast with Juliette Mayers  

Entering the Inspiration Zone podcast is a bi-weekly podcast for business professionals and entrepreneurs seeking positive connections and professional development. Get inspired! You can find past episodes on  Subscribe or follow on Apple iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcast.

Episode 17 "Goal Setting and Creating a Plan That Works"

Tune in to learn how to build and manage your network more efficiently, commit to learning, measure progress, and continue to grow by setting goals that are SMART (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-bound).

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