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 November 2011

The holiday season is almost here. Don't forget about holiday plans for your pets as well.  We only have a few spaces still available, so now is the perfect time to make your Boarding and Pet Sitting reservations.  Email or call us today.

In this Issue:
  • You are invited to join us for the "Christmas Cocktail Party for the Dogs".  See you TOMORROW at Second Cup in Richmond Hill.   See below for details.
  • Learn all about cat communication.
  • From Newsletter to Ezine - find out what that's all about.
  • Our rewards program continues!  Please take a moment to post online reviews of Holiday Pet Care.  Once again, we are offering 20% off your next non-peak season booking.  Also, find out how you can get rewarded with AirMiles.


Cheeeeese! (Oliver posing for his picture)

Professional Pet Care 101 - Sun Dec 4th 
Want to work as a vet assistant, dog walker, dog daycare attendant? Don't have any experience?  Finding work in the Pet Care Industry can be daunting.  Be confident that you have the right knowledge. 

Don't miss this opportunity to gain the know-how to present yourself as a Pet Care Professional.  Get out there and make your dreams of working with pets a reality.  You will be amazed at what you will learn!

Join Cheryl, the DogGuru, at PawsWay in Toronto for a fun and informative day!

Visit the DogGuru website for more details and registration.
Christmas Cocktail Party for the Dogs

Join us TOMORROW (this Sunday, November 27th), for fun and festivities, hosted at Second Cup in Richmond Hill. 

Second Cup is located at 8910 Yonge Street - north of Hwy 407, between High Tech Rd. and Bantry Ave.

There'll be music, doggy appetizers, a complimentary Muttini, pictures with Santa, Doggy gift bags, and LOTS of fun for people and dogs.

A Raffle will be held with proceeds to ORA (rescue organization).  You just might win some free Holiday Pet Care services... hint, hint.

We'd love to hear you're coming.  Why not tell us via our facebook page.

See ya there!


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How Cats Communicate

by Jim Moore  


Of course cats meow. And the type of meow they use gives you a good idea of what they're trying to communicate with you. This is especially true if your pet is a Siamese cat. This type of cat is very vocal. One Siamese owner had a cat that meowed loudly - and persistently - whenever it wanted to play a game of hide and seek. Every time the cat used his "special meow", which the owner recognized, she knew that he was "hiding" and needed to be "found." She dutifully played.Sara the Siamese

In fact, Siamese cats have a voice that's often mistaken for a human voice. When a Siamese cat in heat, he sounds very human-like. Don't be surprised if your cat almost seems to be saying "hello." It's eerie to hear in the middle of the night. Many individuals also think that the meow of a Siamese cat is similar to a human baby crying.

But all cats use their voices at one time or another. And there are a variety of ways in which the voice of a cat indicates what the feline is trying to convey through "cat chat". The differences in pitch, intensity, frequency and even the pace and cadence of the cat's voice all leave clues about his feelings. The quicker the meows, for example, the more anxious or even frightened your pet may be. The slower the sounds, the more confident and relaxed he is. In addition to the occasional meow, cats more than likely will talk to you through a variety of other behaviors.

A favorite method of communicating is the cat's purr, which is unique to the feline species. You may already know that a cat purrs when he's content. Animal behaviorists now believe that they also purr when they are in the mood to be sociable.

However, if you pay close attention to your cat, you'll notice that he also purrs when he's nervous, feeling a little uneasy or even if he's in great pain. Some experts think it's a feline form of "meditation" and that this action comforts them. If this theory is at all correct, the "purring" sound of the feline is the equivalent of our "Ohm" when we meditate.

When your cat trusts you enough, she'll eventually roll over on her back, exposing her stomach. This, in cat behavior, is the ultimate form of submission. You should be impressed. It does not necessarily mean though that he wants his tummy rubbed. So be careful...  (for the rest of the article, click here) 

The Introduction of the Ezine 


Watch your Inbox for the exciting launch of a new version of Holiday Pet Care's newsletter, starting December 2011. 


So what's going to be new?  Well, ever wonder what our days are like?  Starting in December, and every couple of weeks, you'll get an inside peek of what goes on at Holiday Pet CareWe hope that you're as excited as we are and we look forward to hearing your thoughts about what it's like for you to have this new perspective.  


We know, that what we offer at Holiday Pet Care is unique, and very special.  We know, that you chose us because of the peace of mind you get when leaving your pets somewhere you know they are well taken care of and treated as part of the family.   We know, that you would love to see more of the 'inside' of what it is that we do.


So stay tuned!  Watch for our first Ezine coming out December 9th, 2011.   


In the meantime, for the latest info (and some pretty adorable pictures as well), visit our Facebook page.  Like us on Facebook 

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