Thank You - for your business, support and introductions!  Make it a Happy Thanksgiving!!! 
Before we begin with November - Did you make those travel arrangements?  If no, immediately after you READ this Newsletter, make your travel plans.

November Organization Tips: 

Begin to plan your holiday gathering, especially if you have a large family and circle of friends you generally celebrate with.   Know:  1) Who will host, 2) Who is in charge of what, 3) What should each person bring.
Do paint touch ups inside so that when you do entertain your place is ready to shine
Tidy your coat closet
Wash throw rugs and bathmats
Schedule carpet cleaning or set aside a day to do it yourself
Check your washing machine hoses - family members and guests may increase demand. It is a lot easier to check and replace now than mop water from your floor and be forced to use the laundry mat later.
Clean out your pantry and get rid of expired foods
Clean your oven
Clean kitchen appliances - toaster, coffee maker, electric kettle, blender, etc.
Sharpen kitchen knives - Review how to carve a turkey (see link below) with your loved one.
Replace worn serving utensils
Does the china or silver need attention (washing/polishing) This always takes longer than you think, so please accomplish that task early in the month.
Check Baking Supplies: 
Make a list of staples that you will be needing over the holiday
10 days prior to Thanksgiving day plan your holiday decor, table setting, menu or dish you will take and clothes to wear (since some may need to be cleaned or repaired) 
Since you may be picking up guests from the airport, clean out your car and add an odor eliminating or air freshener.
Guest bedroom and Guest bath:
Vacuum the settee or chairs
Check the guest towels, linens and toiletries replacing worn out, discolored or stale 
Provide empty hangers in the closet and at least one empty drawer
Give your guests a tour of your house when they first arrive
Provide a short, simple set of instructions regarding appliances and let them know the kitchen is self-service (especially breakfast)
Play travel agent; give them a list of activities going on in your neighborhood that they can explore independently
Enlist help from your Family: 
Ask various  family members to be responsible for certain items the day of the event. Example: the 8 year old taking coats or rain gear; the 13 year old helping with place settings; 16 year old seating arrangements or extra seating areas such as folding tables; anyone over 21 could be responsible for the "adult" beverage area.
After the festivities:
Enjoy a good book and a relaxing day versus Black Friday specials
Prepare some slow cooker dinners using leftover turkey or ham
Above all Enjoy Your Family and Friends being thankful for everyone 

When you are the Guest - here are some Party Protocols for your consideration!

1)       Be on time (ish) 15 minutes after the event starts (never early)
2)      Bring a prepared dish, not a bag of ingredients
3)       Bypass the "I got lost" or "it's raining so hard I could not see to drive" excuses when you arrive.  Simply greet the host and then make you way to the bar
4        Bring your serving bowl,  tools and serving utensils
5)       Give the host a heads up if you need oven or prep space/time
6)       Hostess gift ideas: Flowers; Morning after kit that includes pancake mix/coffee & mugs then wrap in newspaper or their favorite magazine; an indulgence for their Sunday afternoon (chocolate or ice cream) 
7)     After the event, hand write (Yes, hand WRITE and mail-complete with U.S. Postage stamp) a Thank You note! 

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