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Happy Thanksgiving from Kayak Fishing Supplies! The weather is cooling off for many across the country. This is a good time to start thinking about repairing your kayak and/or replacing old worn out accessories and hardware. If you like to tinker or fix your own equipment, we take you through an in depth repair of the Native Watercraft Propel Drive Unit. We have sale coming up at the end of the week. Be looking for our flyer!

Recently we had a customer bring us in a Native Propel Pedal Drive in need of service. He obtained the kayak from someone that had not done the proper maintenance and needed our help. We will take you through the process from start to finish to get your Propel Drive Unit back to top form.
Jackson Kayak Krates
We received a shipment of krates from Jackson Kayak that were considered blemished models. This is due to the color not having the "granite" effect. We have KKrates and JKrate Lows in this blem "BLUE" color. Special price!!!
We got you covered!
We have received a new shipment of our latest design of baseball style hats for Kayak Fishing Supplies. Two styles to choose from, Pro & Trucker. We also have designs to cover our brick and mortar location, OEX. Show your support!
TIP: Stuck Hardware
When it comes to replacing handles or accessories on many different models of kayaks out there you will run into frozen/stuck hardware. Many of these situations are due to the kayaks having threaded inserts molded into the kayak. 
Before you start screwing/wrenching on this hardware, try and get a feel if the hardware itself is turning. We run into the problem of the insert wanting to spin which will crack the hull in that area and make for a time consuming repair. First try soaking the hardware with a penetrating oil/lubricant and then slowly working the hardware back and forth until you can free it up.
Great Deals to be had!
Kayak Fishing Supplies has a great opportunity for you. It is getting close to the end of the year and we are having a Big Sale on our BLEM/DEMO/NOS list on the website. A lot of the kayaks are, NOS, new old stock models. Brand new at a discounted price. Take advantage of these deals while they last!!!
BLEM/DEMO/NOS  This is where you can find great deals on blemished, demo, and new old stock models of Malibu, Native Watercraft, Ocean Kayaks, Jackson, and Wilderness Kayaks. No need for coupon or promo code, the prices are marked down on the website. Just pick the model and color to see the pricing!
Limited to quantities and stock on hand! 
This recipe is straight from the streets of Puerto Nuevo, Baja California. It also has a recipe for a very traditional Mexican sauce called Guacamole Taquero.
Fishermansbelly will be offering a more detailed recipe version for those of you interested in trying it out. This month we take a look at a Baja Lobster Burrito.

Baja Lobster Burrito.  - Detailed, I'm making this version!

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