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In His Presence


Making decisions when I was young was simple and fun. For example, when a box of Cadbury chocolates was placed in front of me, I had only a few to choose from, and I could read the contents to help me decide what I wanted. In the world today, we are blessed with so much choice with regards to the type of mobile phone, TV, school, degree, career we want. The list is becoming endless and making decisions is getting more and more difficult. The question is, how much help are we getting for ourselves, and do we know that God is interested in helping us if we ask Him?

Sometimes we use our logic to rationalise when making decisions. Someone told me the other day about a friend doing research on airline flight crash records to help him decide which airline flight to travel with. I wondered how helpful this was. Sometimes we take advice from a friend or we view the decision as easy and don't give it much thought. But in recent times the seriousness and far reaching consequences of these casual decisions is becoming more important for me, and our desire to get God involved in our decision making needs to be more intentional.

When we read about Jesus' visit to the home of Martha and her sister Mary in Luke 10:38, we see Martha decided the most important thing was to entertain and be a perfect host. This is what we tend to do, especially as Christmas approaches, and we are dashing around, making sure everything is in place. Mary on the other hand, chose to sit at Jesus' feet so she would not miss a word of what He had to say (Luke 10:39). She must have known that pursuing Jesus' Presence was the singular, most important thing to do.


Jesus is always about our heart condition, so when Martha came to complain to Jesus about Mary's decision to stay at His feet, Jesus told Martha that her decision had shown that she was very anxious and troubled about many things, but Mary had prioritised and chose what was most important and what had eternal consequences. Here again, Jesus is telling us that spending time in His Presence is the most important thing. We also see here, how far out Martha's thoughts were from God's. (Isaiah 55:8 - 9). God's ways are different from our ways so rather than being against God, we are better off entering His Presence and asking Him.

We see this again with the story of the birth of Jesus and the decision the Innkeeper made. The Innkeeper was very busy, just like Christmas is usually. His business was booming, money was coming in, and along comes this young couple Joseph, with his pregnant wife who was about to give birth. Decisions, decisions - no time to think, or pray - just send them off to the stable and forget about them. Here again, we see another decision that did not consider eternal ramifications. On the other hand, we see shepherds in the fields waiting (Isaiah 40:31) and wise men from the east seeking a star, making decisions that impacted them positively for eternity. They chose to go to be with Jesus. The Innkeeper missed the arrival of the birth of the Saviour of the world!! How sad!!

We read of another example when Jesus went to the region of Gerasenes (Mark 5:1-20) where He healed a demonised man whose name was Legion. Jesus gave the demons permission to enter into pigs grazing nearby, and they plunged into the sea and were drowned. The owners were not happy at such economic loss and begged Jesus to leave. Here again a decision was made due to financial reasons to send away the King of Glory who would have transformed their hearts.

The best decisions are made in His Presence where we can spend time and ask Jesus questions. I have just returned from a Ministry trip to Mumbai and the gift I was given was the exact colour scheme in my dinning room. When I asked the leaders how they arrived at the colour of the furnishing they gave me, they said they asked the Lord. Admiring this in my home, gives me such Joy.

I love the description in the book of Acts 4:13 where the leaders saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were unlearned and untrained men. However, they recognised that they had been with Jesus. In His Presence is where we get wisdom from the throne room. The Holy Spirit teaches us through the word of God, and when we spend time in His Presence (with a sheet of paper) we will receive answers that will help us make the right decisions. Jesus wants to be involved in every detail of our lives, so in all the busyness surrounding this festive season, May our ability to enjoy His Presence be the greatest blessing we receive.

God bless you.

Christian Healing Certification Programme - CHCP


Well done to those who have registered and are enjoying the course. I have heard some comments that are exciting. Please enjoy it and keep in touch with us on your progress. The course is 10 weeks after which you can register for the next part.

If you are interested, PLEASE CLICK HERE. The link takes you to our website where you get connected to Global Awakening for full details, and registration for the next CHCP.
Prayer Request
  • Thanksgiving that Nigeria has been declared free from Ebola.
  • Please continue to pray for the Chibok girls.
  • Pray for Nigeria as we enter into election season.
Upcoming Event
The date for the Kingdom Foundations Conference is;
26 - 28, March, 2015. Some information on the event is already available on the Global Awakening Website. Click Here to Check.

Those who attended Kingdom Foundations Conference in February 2014, saw the mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Please, save the date in your diary. As we are expecting much more from The Lord for 2015 conference.

Also, pray for the mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit for the upcoming conference.
May the Lord continue to uphold and preserve you all.

God's blessings,  


Femi and Mina Bajomo
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