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    Volume 11 No. 11                                                                                                                             November  2019
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Platte County Federated Women's Democratic Club   
At the Women's Club meeting November 11, social worker Julie Scott spoke about mental health assistance services in the area.  
Also, $200 was collected to give to the Southern Platte Emergency Assistance Center.  
Views on Platte County Government by David Park  
First, an update on the lawsuit regarding the payment on the Zona Rosa related bonds. As expected, the trustee for the bondholders filed an appeal of the court ruling that said Platte County was not legally obligated to make payment. This lawsuit has already cost taxpayers almost $525,000 in legal expenses. One attorney who is familiar with cases like this one told me to expect those costs to at least double before the appeal is decided. Meanwhile, Platte County's credit rating is still considered junk status for not making a payment on the bonds.
Next, the status of the Platte County Sales Tax Structure Advisory Committee (Committee) activities. There have been three meetings of the Committee so far. The 10-year budgets for Parks, Sheriff's Department, and Prosecutor's Office have been presented and discussed. The Parks budget only included funding to maintain existing facilities, not to add facilities or otherwise provide enhancements to our park system. It is important to note that this budget was prepared by the director, who reports to the commissioners and must follow their direction. Both Sheriff Owen and Prosecutor Zahnd described the need to increase salaries of staff to remain competitive and cited an increase in serious crimes in the county as a reason for the need to increase their budgets.
Commissioner John Elliott made it clear at the conclusion of the third meeting that the Committee is to only examine the half-cent sales tax for parks and determine how to restructure it to include funding for public safety as a priority.
After the last meeting, I asked Sandra Thomas, Chair, if there were any plans for public forums to allow for public input. She indicated there would not be a need for any.
I truly appreciate the willingness of the members of the Committee to dedicate their time and energy into forming a recommendation for the county commissioners to consider. And, I believe the Sheriff, Prosecutor, and Courts need additional funding to remain effective in providing for our safety. My concern is that the commissioners plan to sacrifice our parks in order to provide that funding and are steering the Committee in that direction.
Consider past actions of the current county commissioners. They have reduced the number of county-owned parks from six to four. They sold the only publicly owned golf course in Platte County for less than market value. And, they eliminated the parks director position by adding the responsibilities to the planning director. At least one commissioner personally contributed funding to the effort to defeat the parks tax when it was last on the ballot. The commissioners clearly have an anti-parks bias.
We can have both, properly funded public safety offices and a park system that continues to enhance our quality of life and property values. We need commissioners who are willing to give us both.
Northland Democratic Club   
Matt Sain, 14th District Missouri Representative,  addressed the club at it's November meeting.  He  gave us a review of the past legislative session and a preview of the issues likely to be brought up in next year's session. 
Fix the Electoral College    
The Electoral College is broken.  Two of the last five presidents have gained office while losing the popular vote.  A few swing states should not be allowed to decide the election.
The National Popular Vote bill would guarantee the Presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular votes across all 50 states and the District of Columbia.   Explanation. It has been enacted into law in 16 jurisdictions with 196 electoral votes . The bill will go into effect when enacted by states with an additional 74 electoral votes.   
Changing the Constitution in almost impossible.  The National Popular Vote is a fair, simple way to make every vote count.  
More information below: 
The U.S. Government's Official Web Portal  
Click here for a list of U.S. Government Services and Information available.  
Click here to go directly to the U.S. Government Services and Information portal.
The Election Calendar for 2020  Democratic Delegates 
The schedule for national delegate selection is as follows:
March 10, 2020 - Missouri has an open Primary Election. Voters are asked which ballot they want at the time they vote. The results of the Primary will determine the number of delegates assigned to each candidate.
April 9, 2020 - County Mass Meeting - delegates to the Congressional District Meeting selected. The number of delegates per each candidate is proportional to the primary election vote. Delegates selected go to the State Convention.  
May 9, 2020 - State State Committee will chose 9 PELO delegates.  (party leaders and elected officials)  
June 20, 2020 - State Convention - delegates to the National Convention are selected. For more detailed information about delegate selection process see:
July 13-16 - Democratic National Convention - Milwaukee, WI.