November 2013
Issue: #13

In India and throughout the world, the new moon in November signaled in the New Year celebrated as Deepavali (or Diwali).   As we approach the western New Year, a series of holy days will be observed.  In whatever form you honor the Light, may it also serve as a time for meditation.   Looking at the mind through regular self reflection is an on-going sadhana.    It serves like a flashlight shining in the mind removing unnecessary thought patterns and planting thoughts of choice.   Using the auspicious energy days to accentuate this inner journey is proclaimed by the wise to be beneficial due to the energy created through increased satsanga and the planets support.  Whether you celebrate holy days or holidays, may the heightened energy be used to gain more jnana (wisdom) to reflect your universal spirit.  

 ~ Kaliji

Included in the 18-day retreat in India this December will be the Vedic holy day of Datta Jayanti, the Winter Solstice, and the Vedic birthday of TriYoga.  If you wish to visit Mysore, the capital of yoga in India, then this is the time.   The locations are rotated to include various parts of India.

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Kaliji at sunset overlooking Dana Point in Southern California, just ten minutes from the Mission Viejo ashrama. This month in California Kaliji visited TY Community in Malibu, gave two online presentations (watch the replays here), and taught an Air 108 (Level 4) training at TYC Santa Cruz. At the end of the month KALIJI travels to Portland, Oregon for a weekend of all-levels flows then to Kentucky. Kaliji then returns in early December to California for TY Malibu programs.

Live Carrot Soup

Blend 4 large peeled carrots with 1 cored apple and 1 cored pear, 1/2 onion, garlic to taste, the juice of half a lemon, 1 T of coconut butter, thyme, nutmeg, salt. This soup may be warmed up carefully or blended with hot water to your desired consistency.

For more live vegan recipes, check out MD Vegan on YouTube, or join Mitra Deva's workshop in
Konigstein Nov 22-24!
 Message from Yogini Kaliji


We are called 'humankind'.   

Have we ever wondered what 'kind' refers to 

at the end of human?

It seems the principle of compassion is built into the word referring to humans as kind 

or humans are to be kind. 


Compassion is a vague word at times.   We feel compassion in reference to a particular topic,  

though at times it lacks in being all-encompassing.   


We often speak of compassion for animals, ecology, and health; yet, are we following an ahimsa diet that supports this?     

We speak of compassion,

but do we have compassionate thoughts? 


We seek compassion from others, but do we show compassion in our actions?     


Compassion is our natural state. 

When the mind is calm, we are kind.   

When we are kind, our mind becomes calm.    

Humans, let us awaken to our highest potential.   

 'Be Kind ~ Be Calm;  Be Calm ~ Be Kind'.  


 Jai Humankind!

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TriYoga continues to expand across Asia (and the world!)

Stef and John continued their round-the-world teaching tour with a five-week teacher training in Chiayi City, Taiwan. While there, they also gave a workshop for the Chiayi Healthy Yoga Assocation for more than 50 attendees, ages 3 to 86!


Eva-Maria presented at the Japan Yoga Conference and taught weekend workshops in Germany; Nandi completed teacher trainings in Graz, Austria and Allershausen, Germany; and teacher trainings continued in Berlin, Munich and Vienna.  

And Katya completed her month-long trip to Shenzhen with an Earth 108 teacher training.  GIna is currently in Shenzhen for Basics and Earth 108 certification weeks.
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