November 2018

Nursery news for November is SALE. As we prepare for winter, we are having a big clearance sale: everything in the nursery is 25% off through Thanksgiving. This includes pottery, fountains, trees, shrubs, perennials, bagged soil, gifts, garden art and more. Check out the Bargain Barn for sales of 50% and even 75% on select items. The sale just started so there is a wide selection to pick from. 

As we move further into Fall, we will focus on developing our demonstration gardens featuring the use of native plants in the designed landscape, and we will plant a wide variety of fruit trees and berry plants to expand our current plantings. Having been in our plans for quite a while, it is exciting to now put our energy into the realization of the demonstration gardens. There will be walkways, patios, stepping stone paths, water features, garden art, fence and privacy wall examples, gates, pergolas, living walls, vegetable and fruit plantings incorporated into designed garden spaces and more. If you would like to make suggestions as to the types of demonstrations you would like to see in our design and inspiration gardens, please feel free to reach out and share your thoughts and ideas.

Unity Landscape
As the days become shorter and gardens are being readied for their winter's nap, many elements of the landscape are just starting to reveal their true beauty. Red, yellow, orange, and purple leaves dot the landscape along with the colorful bark and stems of many of our natives. Now that the fall weather has cooled and the rains are coming steadily, our irrigation technicians are blowing out hose bibs, dock water lines, drip lines and irrigation heads to prevent them from freezing over the winter.

Low voltage lighting systems are on our minds now that the nights are arriving earlier each passing day. It is absolutely amazing how just a few lights in the landscape can unify the indoors and outdoors by turning dark, reflective windows into an expansive view of the winter landscape. Lighting up a few specimen trees or architectural features of the home will bring a whole new perspective. Safety first! Many of our lighting designs include functional lighting such as an access path, entrance porch or driveway. The LED fixtures available today provide a natural light effect with longevity and energy savings to boot. Unity sales experts are now working diligently to set up demo lighting systems for folks interested in seeing what a lighting system can do, and more often than not we are back to install a new lighting system days after we remove the demo lighting.

Here at the Farm, we are harvesting fall crops and planting garlic, a wonderful crop that is fairly easy to grow, stores well, and is so much crisper, juicier and flavorful than what you find in most grocery stores. Each year, we set aside the best of our harvest to plant for next year's crop. Around or just after Halloween, we prep the beds by clearing previous crop residue, adding compost and broadforking to give the garlic the loose, well drained soil it prefers. Then we break apart the heads, push the cloves into the soil, and wait for the little shoots to appear. The leaves just poke out of the soil before halting and holding steady during the freezing winter months. During the gray days of late winter, it is reassuring to watch those bright, green shoots get a little taller each day as the days slowly grow longer.

You can purchase our produce here at the Nursery in the main building (during normal operating hours), at the Chestertown Farmers' Market Saturday mornings 8-noon, and  at Chestertown Natural Foods.

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