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Solos, Certificates,  
and Ratings

Savannah Robinson
First Solo Flight
CFI Brady Sandsmark

Nick Sheryka
Commercial Pilot
CFI Ben Barash

Jeffery Fairbanks
First Solo Flight
CFIs Luke Billingsley and Chris Favero

James Hayden 
Private Pilot
CFI Andy Sheldon

Michael Kaiser
Commercial Multi-Engine
CFI Chris Phillips

Tegan Longley
Private Pilot 
CFI Chris Worthey

Patrick Murphy
Private Pilot
CFI Cameron Hallock

Jacob Feliciano
CFI James Williams

Andy Meyer
Private Pilot
CFI Erik Davis

Jessica Chaloupka
Multi-Engine Commercial
CFI Shelly Engel

Koby Parrish
Private Pilot
CFI Cameron Hallock

Nick Palmer
Instrument Rating
CFII Scott Larson

Shawn Saunders
First Solo Flight
CFI Scott Larson

Amanda Anderson
Private Pilot
CFI Kristine Wanner

Brant Phillips
Private Pilot
CFI Nick Archer
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November 2018                                   Issue No. 11, Volume 36
Club News
Welcome Our Newest Addition to the Fleet!

Diamond DA-40 at BJC
N388JP joins our fleet at Western Air. It has a 180 horsepower engine and the full G1000 avionics package! This aircraft, with its modern composite design, low wing configuration, comfortable seats, and the best-in-class situational awareness provided by the G1000 avionics suite, is the ideal aircraft instrument training or for a weekend getaway. 

New Green Grumman AA- 5A Cheetah at APA
N26297 has a Garmin 430 GPS, a Lynx ADS-B Transponder, and a sharp paint job. With 160 horsepower, this fixed-wing, single engine aircraft will be a great plane for time building in the upcoming colder weather!

Cessna 172N Skyhawk at FTG
N734PC is a 1977 Cessna with
160 horsepower and a Garmin 430W GPS. With fresh paint and an updated interior, this is a great plane for primary training or time building.
Based out of Front Range, she's on the schedule and ready to fly! Take her our for a spin today!    

Click here to view our entire fleet of high quality, low cost aircraft.
We've Finished Remodeling at APA!

Come check out Aspen's new Front Office!

We've updated our look with new cabinets, a fresh coat of paint, new carpet, and lovely granite counter-tops. Come in and ask for a tour today!

Front Desk hours of operation will continue to be from 8:00am to 5:00pm every day. 
If you have any questions, please give us a call at (303)799-6794. 

Mountain Flying Ground Schools
Rocky Mtn Metro Airport (KBJC)
Centennial Airport (KAPA)
Sharpen your skills with our Mountain Flying Ground School!   Colorado  is blessed with a  plethora  of beautiful scenery, and the best way to see it is by air! We are hosting Mountain Flying Ground School at both Western and Aspen, so everyone can take advantage of this  opportunity

Register soon, as there is limited availability!
Goodland Pie Run at KGLD

Ready to eat some pie? Reserve a plane, grab some friends, and j oin us on  Saturday, November 18th at 11:30am  for Aspen's annual fly-out to Goodland, Kansas. 

While the Butterfly Cafe has closed, it is Aspen's heroic duty to review the quality of their replacement, the new King Air Cafe! Together, we will enjoy the new lunch menu and see how their pies hold up to what we remember. 

Full pies are still available, but must be ordered in advance.  To do so, give them a call at (785)890-5464.   
Click here for complete details and reserve your plane today! 

Curious how you would react to hypoxia?

The Mile High Chapter of Women in Aviation International is hosting the FAA to teach you about  YOUR symptoms of hypoxia. E xperience oxygen deficiency while being safely monitored in the FAA's Portable Reduced Oxygen Training Enclosure or PROTE.  T his no-cost event gives you the tools to become a better pilot by creating a mental baseline to quickly recognize and recover from the early signs of hypoxia during flight

Please note!  All pilots registering must be at least 18 years old and hold a CURRENT First, Second, or Third Class Medicals.  The FAA Surgeon General no longer allows Basic Med pilots to enter the FAA PROTE. This will be checked at check-in, so remember to bring your medical with you!

There are only about 35 slots left, so register today!
From the Chief Flight Instructor

It is 80 degrees in Denver and 59 in Aurora just now. So of course we are thinking about winter operations in the high country and IFR operations in the great northwest. 

The freezing level in Oregon right now varies between 5,000' and 7,000'; above a lot of enroute MEAs, leading to some great actual IFR opportunities. Surely the average instrument pilot can do an approach with a 1,500' broken ceiling and 3 miles of visibility, right? If not, well what better opportunity to grab one of our CFIIs and practice in the beautiful, smooth conditions. It doesn't take too much advanced planning to schedule the time. 

If it is 80 in Denver, that means it is about to snow; probably tomorrow. With cold and snow come the challenges of preheating, snow removal, and defrosting aircraft. Haven't done any of that in a year or so? Stop by and grab an instructor for a review of procedures. Bring your own plastic bag to help with defrosting, or get one from the club. Please bring your own soft terrycloth or microfiber towel to dry the surfaces after the frost is melted. 

Before you start your preheat process, check for birds seeking shelter from the storms in the cowlings of our aircraft. While they may not be nesting, it still seems like a pretty good place to hide from the wind and weather, or so they may think. Looking inside the aircraft cowlings should be a part of any preflight, year-round. 

I often wax eloquent about the advantages of the cool weather as it pertains to climb performance. For someone who has spent most of his time flying out of an airport with a nearly 6,000' surface elevation, it continues to amaze me. Even as much as I have flown to, from and around Oregon lately, sea-level type performance is a wonder. 

Speaking of which, those of you in Oregon who want to do some high altitude training and sunny days, drop down to Denver. It is a great time of year (see performance charts for temperatures below 32°) for a mountain checkout. The passes we fly through are over 11,000' and the mountain peaks over 14,000'. It is one of my (many) favorite training flights. 

There is a new pie maker at Goodland! The pie run is on, so let's go quality check their work. 

See you around the airport.
Steve Green
Chief Flight Instructor
Aspen Flying Club at KAPA

KAPA -    (303) 799-6794
KFTG -   (303) 261-4041
KBJC -  (303) 466-6998
KUAO - (503) 678-1217