SOWER Ministry Newsletter November 2022
Dear Friends,
With the Christmas decorations being put up right alongside the aisles of candy corn, sometimes November gets lost in the shuffle. But November is traditionally our "Thankful Month." Let us never forget the many things we have to be thankful for - our families (however imperfect they may be), our friends (both ones we've had since childhood and ones we've made since becoming SOWERs), our homes (whether it's 'sticks and bricks' or has wheels), and our country (either Canada or the USA). Whatever the state of our health, we know that we have a God who will walk with us through both the valleys and the peaks. Maybe you've welcomed a new grandbaby into your arms or maybe you've kissed the face of a loved one who has entered the embrace of our Lord. Few of us go to bed hungry, and most of us can choose whether to enjoy warm weather or the snow in the months to come. So this month (and every month, actually!) let us all become obedient to that great Biblical principle - In ALL things, Give Thanks! I know I'm thankful for all of you - for your encouragement regarding this e-newsletter, for your prayer support for the SOWER Ministry, and for your servant hearts willing to serve our LORD in this ministry. May HE get all the Praise and Glory!
Serving with you with great Thanksgiving!
Stephanie Conrad #2509  
A Note from the Office
We’re introducing our new DONATE button! Clicking on the button will take you to our SecureGive account and you will be able to make a donation using your credit card. If you’d like to get a statement from SOWERs for your donation, please complete the information when making your first donation. It would also be helpful to indicate your SOWER number in the "Add a Message" block. This information is only needed with your first donation. Please contact the office if you have any questions!
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A note from the President
Starting next year with our 2024 Annual Registrations, the SOWER office will be accepting certified electronic signatures along with our original hard copy procedure. This will enable you to complete your skill sheet and registration completely online if so desired. Watch for more details as they become available.
Gary Conrad #2509
SOWER President
WIFI and the Traveling SOWER
As SOWERS, a lot of us have become used to having Internet Connectivity. We shop, communicate, pay bills, entertain ourselves and in some cases, still work. In our case, my wife, Laura, teaches via ZOOM four days a week, so the internet is extremely important. So, what does “WIFI Available” mean as listed in the PLS.
What this means is that WIFI is available at the project, but not necessarily at the RV area. While the Project has made WIFI available, you may have to go to the Dining Area, Staff Lounge or Office to use it. If it is available in the RV area, it may only be strong enough to check your email or to do limited web surfing. Much like that which is found in an RV park.
So, what can we do as SOWERs if we need to have stronger internet? Here are several things that can be done:
1. Obtain your own hotspot. This can be done by using your cell phone; however, most cell plans limit you to the amount of data you can use with this method. In our case, we use an AT&T hotspot through FMCA, which offers unlimited/unthrottled internet. There are several other organizations that offer this service, the Calyx Institute being one. There are also third-party venders that offer this service such as Nomad Internet and Starlink. You should also check with your cell phone provider to see what programs they offer as well.
2. Sometimes a cell tower signal booster can help. We use one occasionally to help increase the signal strength from a cell tower to our hotspot.
3. There are numerous applications you can use to show you the signal strength in your area. These are used to show you where the cell towers are located and where coverage is found. Opensignal, Cell Mapper and your cell phone provider’s website are a few that come to mind. These can help you position your hotspot or cell phone in your RV to provide you with the maximum signal strength available.
4. If you have concerns about the internet at a project where you wish to serve, contact the SOWER Area Representative responsible for that project and ask them if they know what type of internet the project has. Do not contact the host.

These are just some suggestions to help. However, please do not let this challenge stop you from signing up for a project. Remember, by our very name, Servants On Wheels Ever Ready, we are there to SERVE!
David Pincus, #3663

FYI - Internet on the Road will be one of the topics covered during the 40th Rally!

Marianna, FL
REALIFE exists to proclaim the Gospel in all they do through teen camps, retreats, and foster care ministry. Their vision is to have a Christian youth camp in which thousands of young people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
This 107-acre camp is centrally located in Northwest Florida on the beautiful Blue Springs Reservoir, providing plenty of room for activities in a peaceful setting. The campers have the opportunity to swim, fish, play paintball and go boating to name a few of the activities available during camp. This summer, 6,300 students attended Youth Camp with over 500 salvations - WOW!
New in 2023 is Stillwater Ministry: This three-month program will provide the best possible services the Christian Community can offer children in the welfare system. With the focus on the Gospel, this will include trauma counseling, medical treatment, tutoring, discipleship, housing, food, clothing, on-site job & career training. This camp will be the “” for Christian families and child welfare children.
REALIFE is asking for six SOWER couples to serve 12 months of the year. They offer fully developed RV sites to accommodate your stay. Urgent Need: help with remodeling and upgrading of group housing. Make plans now to serve!
Rick & Dru Pack #3791
FL Area Reps
Minco, Oklahoma
Salyer Lake Conference and Retreat Center is a Christian organization, associated with the Church of the Nazarene. The mission of Salyer Lake Retreat and Conference Center is to provide a place of rest, retreat, and reflection to all people in order to experience Christ's redeeming love. Here is an acronym –HEART- that stands for their values:
H - Hospitality (making all guests and campers feel welcome and comfortable)
E - Excellence (going above and beyond, both personally and as an
A - Attitude (doing everything as an act of worship Colossians3:23)
R - Renewal (we pray that guests and staff will be renewed in Christ)
T - Teamwork (working toward a common goal in spite of differences)

They have three SOWER spots available each month from February through October.
Sponsor Needed!
Project Sponsor-An active SOWER couple that will commit to promote and work a few project months there for the first couple of years to help them get a better understanding of SOWERs and establish the project.
Cedar Springs Camp and Retreat is located in Floyd, IA, and would love to join our SOWER Ministry family. But they need a SPONSOR before their application can proceed. This camp is owned and operated by the Iowa/Minnesota District of the Wesleyan Church. They are a non-profit organization created to operate a Christian campground located in north central Iowa. A member of the Christian Camp and Conference Association, we are here to serve our communities and their neighbors.
Can you help? Contact Wendell Ramaker for more information!
Underserved Project Update
Have you checked the Underserved Project List lately? The office has put together an updated list of ministries that have received six or fewer SOWER couples in the last 24 months. Check the PLS to see where you can serve or contact the office to get any clarification about these underserved projects.

Updated 9/22/2022
2023 SOWER
Work Dates
Click on the calendar to download a one page PDF calendar with all of our 2023 project start and end dates, along with the dates of the Rallies and Trustee Meeting.
Sharing the SOWER Ministry
Do you love to share the blessing of being a SOWER with others? Our ministry will once again be having a booth at this upcoming Escapade in Tuscon, AZ. We still need one couple to fill out our volunteer roster! Contact Gail Fieler for more information about helping to man the booth with other SOWERs!
Area Rep Needs

For the first time in many months, all of our Area Rep positions are filled! Praise God!! Thank you to all of our AR - both new and seasoned! Your contributions to the ministry are invaluable!
Gail Fieler #3187
Vice President
Let us not forsake gathering together....
2023 Florida SOWER Reunion
FL-143 Florida Baptist Youth Camp, Groveland, FL  
 February 27 - March 1, 2023, Monday – Wednesday
Theme: Serving Sacrificially 
Cost: (Cash or check only)   $80/rig   W/E 30 amp/dump
Room Rent: $80/couple (linens & towels not provided)
Early arrivals: $15/night
Walk-ins: $20.00/couple for 1 day; $30.00/couple for multiple days  (lunch provided for walk-ins)
Meals included: Supper on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (Potluck)                        Breakfast - Tuesday and Wednesday
Special Guest Tuesday Night
  Crossfire Gospel Quartet

Register: Text or call Diane Ramaker at 920-946-3345 or email at

Looking forward to seeing you at the Reunion! 
Wendell & Diane Ramaker, Jon & Cathy Richmond, Jeff & Barb Kaiser,
Bill & Kellie Blake
4oth Anniversary Rally
Registration Fee - $75.00 ($50.00 if paid by December 1)
A check made out to SOWER Ministry must accompany your registration form and mailed to the SOWER office in Lindale.

Register before December 1 and save $25.00!

If you haven't received your registration form yet, you can download one from the Member Site, or request one from the office.
At this point all of the Premium sites have been reserved. Please indicate whether you need 30 AMP or 50 AMP on your registration form.
Will there be costs other than the registration fee and our accommodations?
We will be having a couple of love offerings throughout the rally. One will be for Lew Sterrett and the Sermon on the Mount, and another for our concert performers, the Craguns. At the close of the Rally there will also be an opportunity to share a love gift with ALERT.
Will there be some of the traditional SOWER Rally events, like an auction and a talent show?
There will be a silent auction and also a regular auction on Sunday afternoon, following the Board Meeting. More details will be available for those early next year. While a traditional talent show is not on the schedule, we will be enjoying the ALERT Sing-spiration on Sunday evening, and there will be several opportunities for skits, etc. throughout the Rally. Contact Gail Fieler if you'd like her to include you during those times.
Dear SOWER friends,
Have you made your reservation for the Rally yet? We are so excited to see you again and hear about the places you have been and where you are volunteering next.
Rates go up for the Rally Registration on Dec 1st, so you’ll be saving $25.00 by registering now.
  Come join us for a fun filled weekend of testimonials, devotions, prayer, fellowship, singing, lots of music, skits, food, and games. There will be lots of time for visiting with fellow SOWERs and hugs will be shared with friends you have volunteered with along the way.
Learn about new places to volunteer and visit with organizations that you may not have volunteered with in your travels. We're looking forward to a very exciting time to gather in the name of the Lord.  Come join us!
Wes & Carolyn Strausser #3369
Committee Members
Mike & Jackie Barber #3601
Gary & Stephanie Conrad #2509
Wayne & Gail Fieler #3187
Dwayne & Margaret Gearhart #3263
Ron & Reenie Maynor #3738
Carol Nering #3100
Gary Smith #3627
Wes & Carolyn Strausser #3369
Nelda Thompson #3445
Dick & Billie Mondello #3923
Seen recently on Facebook
Thank you, Deb, for sharing the joy in connecting with fellow SOWERs even when we're not on a project! Isn't it wonderful how our 'Family' has grown over the years!
Have you stopped by our Facebook Group lately? Please use caution and respect when posting. This is a PRIVATE group (only members can see posts and add posts), but it is still good Facebook etiquette to get permission before you post someone's picture. Thanks!

If you're a member of Facebook, but haven't joined the SOWER Group, click on the icon to join the family! Just enter your member number in the question, and the Administrator will approve you.
Since the SOWER Facebook group is a ‘private’ group, we try to limit our members to folks that are SOWER members or project hosts, and couples that are interested in joining our ministry.

If you invite other interested folks to join the group, they will still need to answer the membership question. Thanks!
This month 98 SOWER couples are working at 45 different ministries!
Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
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Don't forget to check out your favorite ministries on Facebook. Many of our partner ministry locations have a Facebook page, and it's a great way to stay up to date on the places you love to serve!
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The 2023 ROSTER, the Dec/Jan SOWERGRAM, and the PLS will be mailed to ALL Members by the end of November. This will contain the NEW Member Site Password which will be changing on December 15th. 
Please make sure the office has a current address for you!
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Group Picture The October 2022 group from Timber-Lee Camp (WI-493). L-R
Tony & Sue Malone (#3667), Eric & Elizabeth Malgren (#3959) (First Project!), and Troy & Staci Kelcher (#3841).
Header Photo - SOWER Headquarters in Lindale, TX.
Verse Photo - Many thanks to Spring Seldomridge-Gouge (#3638)
Dear Sam & Sally,
I have a question about the Prayer Chain. Although we often don't know the folks that we're praying for personally, we know the value of prayer so we're honored to pray for folks. Are there some guidelines for effective use of the Prayer Chain?
Praying SOWER

Dear Praying,
Yes, many prayers and answers to prayers have been lifted through the SOWER prayer chain. I contacted one of our Trustees, Dick Howard, for some detailed guidelines about the prayer chain. Here is his response -

1. Please include your first and last name and SOWER number in your email. Some requests have come with first name only which makes it difficult to find who is requesting the prayer.
2. If you want to reply to the individual requestor, simply hit the reply button (unless there is other information included in the request.) Do not check "reply all." This sends your reply to all the email addresses on the prayer chain.
3. Some requests come with the request in the subject line. The subject line is a good place to put your name and SOWER number. Please put your prayer request in the message area after the subject line.
4. When possible, please send an update to let us know how God is answering the prayer.

Our SOWER Prayer Chain is a precious part of our ministry, and we give God all the praise and glory for the many answers we have seen! How honored we are to "take it to the LORD in prayer."

Praying with you,
Sam and Sally

Do you have a SOWER etiquette question? Or maybe you'd like some clarification about a policy or rule. Sam and Sally would love to hear from you! Contact them at -   
To send in a prayer request or praise item-
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