November 2019
2019 Catalog Available November 18

The 2019 Flaherty Seminar Catalog is available now for pre-order. Celebrate the launch and purchase your copy in-person at Program 4 of Flaherty NYC: Seductive Surfaces - November 18, 7pm @ Anthology Film Archive.
This publication is the result of a collaboration between Flaherty / International Film Seminars, Inc. and World Records, in conjunction with Action: the 2019 Flaherty Film Seminar, programmed by Shai Heredia.

Thank you to all our contributors: Shai Heredia, Jason Fox, Abby Sun, Joel Neville Anderson, Lakshmi Padmanabhan, Priya Sin, Ani Maitra, Pooja Rangan, Aparna Sharma, Jim Supanick, Tenzin Phuntsong, Jheanelle Brown, Chet Pancake, and Carl Elsaesser.

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(Director St. Claire Bourne, 1973 Seminar)
Friday November 15, 5 - 7pm
We are excited to co-present with Tisch School of the Arts, NYU Cinema Studies and NYU Department of Religious Studies, Icarus Films, and World Records  on November 15 a screening of St. Claire Bourne's film LET THE CHURCH SAY AMEN!  This seminal documentary follows a seminary student traveling through different communities to determine where to work after graduation.

Post-screening discussion with  Rev. Alisha Gordon  (The Riverside Church),  Sam Pollard  (Film & TV, NYU), and our executive director  Jon Gof f, Moderator: J osslyn Luckett  (Cinema Studies, NYU). This event is free.
Flaherty NYC
SCREENING AT: Anthology Film Archives Monday November 4, 7pm
Co-presented with Colgate University & UnionDocs

Maryam Tafakory * and Josh Solondz in person. Discussion moderated by Leo Goldsmith , writer and curator.

This night of short films from Germany, Iran, Australia, and the U.S., advances the allegory of Plato’s Cave into contemporary geopolitics, to focus on all that is not clearly visible, including those who are denied access to public space. Manipulating the images with text, animation, and hand-processing techniques, the filmmakers reenact and exorcise situations of confusion, exclusion, and trauma. In this play of light and shadow, the works suggest that in the camera, as in life, all is not as it may appear. While artifice becomes accepted reality, it is often by inquiring into this very metamorphosis that one may reflect on the nature of truth, transgression, and freedom.

Joshua Gen Solondz LUNA E SANTOR 2016, 10 min, 16mm-to-35mm
Maryam Tafakory ABSENT WOUND 2018, 10 min, digital
Maryam Tafakory I HAVE SINNED A RAPTUROUS SIN 2018, 8 min, digital
Gunvor Nelson TAKE OFF 1972, 10 min, 16 mm
Pia Borg SILICA 2016, 23 min, digital

Total running time: 61 min.

*Maryam Tafakory is the 2019 Flaherty/Colgate Distinguished Global Filmmaker in Residence. After her Flaherty NYC screening she will spend a week at Colgate University sharing her work with the university community through a series of screenings and class visits. We are all excited to host her on her first visit to NYC.

PHOTO: Maryam Tafakory ABSENT WOUND 2018, 10 min, digital
programmed by Courtney Stephens & Mathilde Walker-Billaud

Seductive Surfaces - November 18, 7pm @ Anthology Film Archives
Yto Barrada, Zachary Epcar, and Daniel Paul in person

What the Greeks Call - December 2, 7pm @ Anthology Film Archives
Ellie Ga and Felipe Meres in person

December 14, 7pm - @ Metrograph
(Special guest artists announcement coming soon!)
2019 T-Shirts NOW AVAILABLE!!!

2019 Seminar T-Shirts now available. Flaherty Seminar Intern Aidan Kaye & Lucy model the two styles, the grey ACTION shirt and the Black Activated Flaherty Logo shirt. Get them while we have them.

To purchase: MERCHANDISE
2020 Flaherty Seminar Programmer
The Flaherty is excited to announce that researcher and film curator from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,  Janaína Oliveira will be the 2020 Flaherty Seminar Programmer. 

Researcher and film curator, Janaína Oliveira holds a Ph.D. in History, professor at the IFRJ (Federal Institute of Rio de Janeiro) and Fulbright Scholar at the Center for African Studies at Howard University in Washington D.C. She is currently head programmer of the Encontro de Cinema Negro Zózimo Bulbul (Black Cinema Festival Zózimo Bulbul / Brazil) and FINCAR (International Festival of Filmmakers / Brazil). She is also a advisor for African and the Black Diaspora films for the International Festival of Locarno (Switzerland) and part of APAN (Association of Black Audiovisual Professionals). Founder and coordinator of FICINE, the Black Cinema Itinerant Forum (
Flaherty Fellows
Sindhu Thirumalaisamy’s (Flaherty Fellow 2018) The Lake and The Lake will premiere at The Montréal International Documentary Festival (RIDM), on November 17 . The film is shot inside the ecological buffer zone of a toxic lake in Bangalore, "India's Silicon Valley”, where the act of observation is interrupted by flying foam, noxious gases, daydreams, and comments from passers-by.

Jessica Sarah Rinland (Flaherty Fellow 2018) presents her debut feature Those That, At a Distance Resemble Another at Viennale & Mar del Plata Film Festival on November 2 & 3. "Jessica Sarah Rinland’s debut feature could be considered a “museum procedural.” Focusing intently on the process of reproducing an elephant tusk, the film moves out in multiple directions, examining the processes by which cultural objects are duplicated, displayed, and restored. While these processes are highly technical, there remains an artisanal aspect to these efforts. Exhibiting affinities with the late Harun Farocki, Rinland attends to the intimate details of work, showing us that the production of cultural memory is, ultimately, a process of collective labor." - Michael Sicinski
Flaherty Programmer
Carlos A. Gutiérrez (2007 Flaherty Seminar Programmer) will be screening Kleber Mendonça Filho’s documentary CRITICO at Anthology Film Archives as part of his ongoing programed series If You Can Screen It There: Premiering Contemporary Latin American Cinema on November 13 . CRITICO explores the troubled relationship between filmmakers and critics through a personal series of interviews recorded over a period of eight years. Featuring 70 filmmakers and critics, the film opens a much-needed window to an art which is increasingly judged by industry standards and which struggles to remain human in the way it is realized and observed.
Around NYC
Alexandra Lazarowich's ( Former Flaherty Seminar Staff) film Fast Horse is screening at DOC NYC on November 13 . Fast Horse follows the return of the Blackfoot bareback horse-racing tradition in a new form: the Indian Relay. Siksika horseman Allison Red Crow struggles to build a team with second-hand races and a new jockey, Cody Big Tobacco, to take on the best riders in the Blackfoot Confederacy at the Calgary Stampede.
DOC NYC is celebrating its 10th year with the festival’s biggest edition ever! Screening starts November 6 - 15 this year’s festival will include: 300+ screenings & events spanning ten days at the IFC Center, SVA Theater and Cinépolis Chelsea.

Immerse yourself in this incredible slate of nonfiction films guided by some recommendations from DOC NYC Programmer and Flaherty Board Member Ruth Somalo.

MADAME by Stéphane Riethauser
PIER KIDS by Elegance Bratton
SCHOOL OF SEDUCTION by Alina Rudnitskaya
THE GREAT AMERICAN LIE by Jennifer Siebel Newsom

THIS IS NOT A MOVIE by Yung Chang (2017 Flaherty NYC Filmmaker)
MIDNIGHT FAMILY produced by Daniela Alatorre (Former Flaherty Board Member)

FLAHERTYDOCNYC19 ($3 off ticket prices for all of the above films)
The Millennium Film Journal is holding a launch screening at Anthology Film Archives on November 20th to celebrate the release of their new Fall issue, No. 70. The program includes films from the New Red Order, Shana Moulton, Ardele Lister, and a 35mm print of Alexandre Larose’s Brouillard #14.
Around the Country
We Tell: Fifty Years of Participatory Community Media is a national traveling exhibition featuring 41 separate media projects, 36 different production centers, and works from 19 states and Puerto Rico. Programmed by Louis Massiah (Former Flaherty Board Member), Scribe Video Center; Patricia R. Zimmermann , Ithaca College; and the XFR Collective.
Call for Applications
Call for applications: Visual Arts MFA & PhD programs, University of California, San Diego . One of the few in the world to offer MFA and PhD degrees, the Department is based on the principle that the production, critical analysis, and history of art are inter-related activities, and has long been recognized for its distinctive combination of faculty – artists and critics, theorists, and scholars. Recent Flaherty Fellows include UC San Diego MFA alumni Amy Reid, Sindhu Thirumalaisamy, and MFA candidate Asa Mendelsohn.

Final MFA deadline: January 2, 2020
Final PhD deadline: December 2, 2019 
The 2018 Seminar Catalogue still available! 

It is in full color and includes detailed information about the 64th Robert Flaherty Film Seminar, THE NECESSARY IMAGE

It is a great keepsake with articles and essays by 2018 programmers , Kevin Jerome Everson and Greg de Cuir Jr., Anita Reher and Toby Lee , as well as a full list of works screened, films' distributors, guest artist biographies, and impressions from Flaherty filmmakers and fellows. 

If you attended the Seminar you need this... if you didn't - you need it even more!

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