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November Highlight: Apple Surplus Delivery

When the Delaware Department of Education's Office of Nutrition announced a surplus of apples they received, our community stepped up to help deliver the fresh fruit to our Club kids! Local farmers helped transport 1,000 lbs of apples to our Western Sussex Club kitchen. From there, our van delivery drivers helped get the fruit to our members!

Program Feature: PANO Triple Play

A subset of the Delaware Department of Health, the Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Obesity Prevention Program (PANO) promotes physical activity and nutrition. Our Brandywine Springs site is currently running the program and held a lesson to teach members how to bowl, getting them up and active. The program also included a lesson on different food groups, teaching members how to make healthy food choices.

Club Activity: Lights on Afterschool

As part of the Lights On Afterschool alliance, many of our Clubs recently held events to celebrate Lights on Afterschool 2023. The program is designed to recognize the important role that afterschool programs play in the lives of students, parents, and their communities. Our Clubs were filled with families, food and activities for the celebration!

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