November 2016

Meier Clinics Turns 40
Dr. Paul Meier and Nancy Meier Brown began in 1976 with the goal of developing the best Christian counseling services available. Over the years, we have had the privilege to witness the healing of so many lives. Our commitment to Christian counseling and sound clinical training has distinguished our approach for four decades.

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The Incarnation and Counseling
David Klineberger - M.A., N.C.C. - Pennsylvania

As Christians, we believe that we have been given the incredible opportunity to continue and embody the work of our Creator as He gives us opportunity and equips us with gifts and abilities.  In many Christian traditions, this is known as the Cultural Mandate.  Through this mandate, we are charged with bringing, and even creating, good things in this world in every sphere of culture...  Read More

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A Redemptive Perspective on Anxiety
Melanie Bullock - L.C.P.C.

I was recently working with a Christian couple that was struggling with addiction and codependency in their 22-year marriage. They were on their third separation and they were at the end of their rope. The wife said she wanted out because of his abusive control; and he said he was "exhausted" from her addiction.  In our work, a significant piece was that the husband was struggling a lot with anxiety around rebuilding trust ...  Read More

The Spirit and the Wind
Christina Browning - L.C.S.W.

Watching the fall wind blow the leaves to and fro, I am reminded of how unpredictable the wind is. One minute it blows left, the next it circles around and lifts everything straight up in the air. It swirls around like a tornado funnel. For a second, it rests and everything becomes still.  Feeling the wind wash over my face and chaotically toss my hair, I am reminded of how often my life feels busy and chaotic...  Read More

Meier Clinics Specialty Programs

Catalyst is for adults struggling with depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. 
(IL, TX, WA)

Our experienced team of neuropsychologists assess for issues such as ADHD, dementia, and brain injuries.
(IL, WA)
Breakaway is an intensive program for adolescents struggling with anxiety, depression, and behavioral issues. 
(Wheaton, IL)
Freedom is an intensive program for adult men struggling with pornography and sexual addiction. 
(Richardson, TX)

Christian Treatment Partnership
Timberline Knolls is a residential program for girls and women struggling with eating disorders and addictions in Lemont, IL.

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About Us

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