ACEs Summit
A group of MCCC staff and partners recently presented a workshop at the “Healing Trauma, Healthy Communities” Conference in Milwaukee.

Linsey McMurrin, Susan Beaulieu, Sam Simmons, Lowell Johnson and Lisa Deputie presented stories of Minnesota Communities that are working to Understand ACEs and Build Self-Healing Communities .

The 90 participants attending the workshop got to hear an overview of our ACE Interface network work, then heard about specific application in an urban, a rural and a tribal community.
Then participants spent some time in small groups talking about ideas they may want to apply in their own communities.
All parents need to be supported in their efforts to develop their strengths as caring adults. Help us do this by Giving to the Max until November 15th!

MCCC Does this by partnering with communities to offer facilitated support groups for parents and children throughout the state. At group sessions, parents support each other and develop leadership skills that transfer to their families and communities
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How you have been impacted by MCCC and what difference has it made in your life?

We invite story submissions from anyone touched by the organization such as parent participants, staff, board members, ACE presenters, or others.
A parent leader shares her story below
Tuesday, December 4 | St. Cloud, MN
Introduction to Hosting with Dave Ellis

Minnesota Communities Caring for Children
Two key components of Building Self-Healing Communities are Expanding Leadership and Coming Together.

In this day-long workshop Dave Ellis will lead exploration of some of the Art of Hosting skills and strategies that we can use to expand leadership, come together, and host the conversations that allow community wisdom to emerge and foster healing.
Tuesday, November 27th
10:00 am - 12:00 pm | Webinar
Giving Voice to Well-Being: Building Choral Communities of Joy

Minnesota Department of Health
Giving Voice Initiative inspires and equips organizations to bring together people with Alzheimer’s and their care partners to sing in choruses that foster joy, well-being, purpose and community understanding.

Giving Voice Initiative believes that singing together helps people with Alzheimer’s Disease and their care partners strengthen connections to their community and live better lives.
Learning from Very Cool Dads: Co-Creation in Action
By Center on the Developing Child | Harvard University

" Many fathers feel that their bond with their babies and children could be much stronger. They want to be more involved in raising and nurturing their children, but they may not know how to be the supportive caregivers their children need. "

Babies: Reaching For the Goal
By Child Trends

" As adults, we have the ability to predict others’ behavior. For example, if we know that our friend is thirsty and she reaches for a glass, we can predict that she’s going to pour herself a drink. Social scientists are now discovering that, with practice, even babies are able to forecast human behavior, an important part of growing up. "

Policy and Practices to Improve Access to Early Care and Education (ECE) for Low-Income Hispanic Families
By Julia L. Mendez
Improving Hispanic families’ use of high-quality ECE can facilitate parental employment and reduce gaps in school readiness between Latino and non-Latino children.

Child Abuse is 100% Preventable
Our mission is to empower parents and communities to build supportive relationships, nurture children and prevent child abuse and neglect.