November 2018
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As you work hard to promote and maintain a culture of safety in your company, it is my great privilege to be a partner in your efforts to reduce employee accidents and injury, to foster a healthy workforce, and to stimulate positive productivity that increases revenue.

The TSS team is eager to provide relevant educational opportunities, to keep you updated on regulatory changes, to stay current with cutting-edge technology, and to offer a broad array of safety program support so that you can focus on doing what you do best. You may have noticed we recently updated our website to make access easier and more efficient for you.:

We are already gearing up for a strong start to the new year. Renewing contracts early helps us and you to keep random pools running smoothly. You can now access your 2019 contract online. As you will see, our pricing remains unchanged. We have worked hard on this and are proud to keep costs fixed for another year as you plan your 2019 budget.

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Have questions? Our subject matter experts are happy to meet your needs. With that, I am asking to continue our relationship. I am asking for your business and hope that you will refer us to your partners and suppliers. I am asking for you to return your contract for 2019 so we can prepare your documents and have everything ready on January 1, 2019. 

Here are the details:
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The sooner you return your documents, the cheaper it is! WIN-WIN for your company and mine. 

THANK YOU for trusting me and my team to be your partner in business.

Renee Schofield, CEO
First Aid & CPR
Ketchikan Training Center
November 6
8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Instructor: David Martin

November 10
9 a.m. - 1 p.m. 
Instructor: Ginny Clay
Please sign-up by emailing:

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webinar training stock
Harassment in the Workplace
By: Eric Bartholomew
November 7, 2018
$29 per person
   It's time to face facts.        Approximately, 1 in 4 people are affected by workplace sexual harassment. Seventy-five percent of victims experience retaliation when they speak up. What are you doing to educate and protect your employees? The EEOC has specific definitions and response recommendations. In this seminar we clarify those for you and help you offer practical solutions when addressing harassment in the workplace. 

Signs & Symptoms for Supervisors
By: Ginny Clay 
November 9, 2018
$129 First Person / $89 Second Person
    How do you determine whether a Reasonable Cause situation exists in the workplace? This training will not only make the parameters clear to you but will also discuss the latest trends in employee substance use, how to approach the employee, document the situation, drug testing protocols and what the expectations are for record-keeping.  (120 min)

Are You Ready When OSHA Knocks?
By: David Martin
November 13, 2018
$49 per person
  While you may never have to go through an OSHA inspection, you should be prepared to prove that you are compliant with issued standards for protected workplaces. Inspections conducted by OSHA Officials are often unannounced. Every organization needs to have a reviewed plan and strategy in the event of an inspection. In this seminar, we'll provide you with everything you need to be ready. 

All webinars are
10 a.m. AK time
1 p.m. CS time
To register, please email:
or call:  877.225.1431
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Drive aware, drive safe
Over  the last few months, many of the blogs and articles on our website and in our newsletter have focused on driving - safe driving, distracted driving, teenage driving and so on. When you see the numbers, you'll understand why we stress the importance of driving safety so much.  
There are a lot of statistics and reports out there about work-related injuries and fatalities, but often these exclude transportation-related fatalities. And, in fact, the number one cause of  workplace deaths in the United States is motor vehicle crashes. Truck drivers and other transportation and material moving occupations on roads, highways and freeways, accounted for more than a quarter of all work-related fatalities in the U.S. in 2016, according to the latest data from the Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics.
BLS reports that there were 1,012 work-related motor vehicle fatalities in 2016. Of those, 786 were commercial motor vehicle drivers. The CMV driver fatalities comprised 78 percent of the total work-related motor vehicle operator fatalities reported for that year. In most cases, someone involved in the crash was either impaired, distracted or fatigued; or a combination of the three.
Other jobs with high motor vehicle-related fatalities in 2016 included:
  • Construction - 970 fatalities
  • Service industry - 787 fatalities
  • Installation, maintenance and repair - 470 fatalities
  • Management, business and financial operations - 404 fatalities
So as a driver, if you are not driving while impaired, distracted or fatigued, drive aware because chances are high that some on the same road as you is at least one of the three.  
If you employ people who drive as part of their job, make sure that you have safe driving policies that are known and understood by your employees.

Take the LOTO Quiz to refresh your memory 

Lockout/tagout safely!
by David Martin 

T ake the LOTO quiz to refresh your memory!
  OSHA's  lockout/tagout (LOTO) standard is designed to prevent serious accidents that can occur when employees perform maintenance on machines and equipment. 

Refresh your memory by taking this quiz which reviews key elements of  lockout/tagout, necessary for all employees. Good luck!

Choose the correct answer:
Types of employees
  1. An authorized employee is a person who locks out or tags out machines to perform servicing or maintenance on the machine.True or false?
  2. An affected employee can be one who is responsible for operating the equipment, works in an area near equipment, but cannot help authorized employees service machinery.True or false?
  3. All employees must understand the importance of lockout/tagout and understand procedures.True or false?
  1. The process of preventing the flow of energy involves installing a lock, block, or chain.True or false?
  2. Preventing the flow of energy requires an authorized employee to apply/remove a lock.True or false?
  3. Tags placed on a power source act as a warning, but are not an alternative to locks.True or false?
  4. Only authorized employees can apply or remove a tag.True or false?
  5. Each type of machine must have its own lockout/tagout procedure.True or false?
Energy control
  1. Lockout must be used unless the device cannot be locked out.True or false?
  2. Tagout must be used when you are unable to lockout.True or false?
  3. You should inspect energy control procedures at least once a year. True or false?
Employee training
  1. Employees must be retrained when machines or procedures change, or when an inspection reveals a problem with procedures or employee knowledge.True or false?
  2. You should always certify that LOTO training has been accomplished and keep training documentation up to date for all employees.True or false?
If you answered 'True' for each question, congratulations, you passed! 

The  lockout/tagout  standard requires you to protect employees who are exposed to hazards while servicing and maintaining energized equipment and machinery. Employers should refresh their minds on the  LOTO  standards to stay up to speed on requirements and safety procedures.
For more information on compliance with the lockout/tagout standard, email

Will my Information be Kept Confidential?

Except as otherwise provided in this subpart, as a service agent or employer participating in the DOT drug or alcohol testing process, employers are prohibited from releasing individual test results or medical information about an employee to third parties without the employee's specific written consent.
(a) A "third party" is any person or organization to whom other subparts of this regulation do not explicitly authorize or require the transmission of information in the course of the drug or alcohol testing process.
(b) "Specific written consent" means a statement signed by the employee that he or she agrees to the release of a particular piece of information to a particular, explicitly identified, person or organization at a particular time. "Blanket releases," in which an employee agrees to a release of a category of information (e.g., all test results) or to release information to a category of parties (e.g., other employers who are members of a C/TPA, companies to which the employee may apply for employment), are prohibited under this part.
Everyone who takes part in a DOT screen administered by TSS, Inc. can be absolutely assured that all personal information will be held in strict confidence. Only your employer, the Medical Review Officer, and the trained and certified professional staff at your TSS location will have access to information such as the donor contact phone number. The testing lab will only deal with a unique Specimen I.D. number that is matched to the appropriate Chain of Custody Form (CCF). Once the appropriate record storage criteria has been met per DOT guidelines, all information is shredded by a bonded shredding company.

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