Volume 11 | November 2020
Parsing Barcode Data, Custom Printer Stand, Programming Zebra Android Devices, and More!
As we anticipate the end of a difficult year for many of us, we hope this newsletter brings you some helpful information to finish the year out and start planning for next year! We are here for your custom products, to answer your questions, to help parse your barcode data, for you programming needs, and so much more. Contact us today!
More EMP Culture, Don’t Answer Questions with Questions
When you walk the halls of the EMP Tech Group (with a mask on these days) you notice two things. Posters of customer applications and posters of our company culture. It has been likened to an art gallery, and we take that as a compliment. Our latest EMP Culture Poster is “Don’t Answer Questions with Questions”. Want to learn more about these posters and our culture? Click on the article below!

Helping Coders Navigate Zebra Android
Last month in our Newsletter, we focused on some of the applications that we have written to help our customers best use the data collection hardware that we sell. But obviously, we don’t write every piece of code that our customers use. We do, however, get pulled into supporting our customer's coders who are writing applications that will run on our mobile computers. More specifically, how to get the application written so that it will best run on the version of Android that Zebra’s mobile computers run. Click below to see how we can help your coders with your Android devices!
Custom Printer Stand
A few months ago, we featured the EMP Products. They are custom products that we have built for customers and decided that others may need the same items. All these products revolve around the off the shelf products that we sell like label printers and mobile computers. One thing we didn’t mention a few months ago is that even though these EMP Products are now “standard products”, that doesn’t mean that we can’t customize them. We recently customized one of our printer stands. Want to learn more? Check it out below!

Parsing Barcode Data
A barcode is a barcode, right? Even in the early days of barcoding, this was not true. Every barcode has different data requirements: varying lengths, characters, etc... Sometimes you only need part of the data. Sometimes you need all of the data plus data from another barcode. Sometimes you need part of the data from three different barcodes. Don't let barcode data parsing hold you back. We have years of knowledge handling barcode data. Contact us today to let us help!
Zebra 123Scan
Zebra’s 123SCAN has been out for a few years now, ridding the world of books full of barcodes that need to be scanned to configure a barcode scanner. Now you have an easy to use software tool that will let you configure your hand-held barcode scanners, update firmware, or set up special features. Zebra has added the latest feature of Label Parse.
GoZebra Trade-In Program
Does your technology need a refresh? Why not get paid to upgrade! Check out Zebra's GoZebra Trade-In program to see if you can get paid to upgrade your devices....

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