November 2017 Newsletter
Hello and happy Friday to you all! We've had a very exciting and busy fall at the Duke of Ed - MB and wanted to share some of the great new resources and opportunities available to you! 

Most importantly - we are now on the new version of the Online Record Book. When you go to log your activities, make SURE to go to the NEW website:

Please let us know if you have any questions or need help! Call us at 204-988-3016 or email

Participant Handbook

Click here to see our BRAND NEW participant handbook. It gives information on all requirements for the award program at all 3 levels. It's a great resource to have as you work on your Award!

Online Record Book - Next Generation

The Online Record Book 2.0 is here and we are loving it! The new ORB is now  at

 Are you using the Online Record Book's APP? We hope that you are! The app is awesome and so easy to use. Just log your activities right from your phone. To find it - search for ORB Participant in the App or Play Store.

When you get going setting up your activities, you will now have to identify your assessor and know their email address. Make sure you are thinking about who you will have as your assessor for each activity ahead of time.When you are ready to ask someone to be your assessor, there is a form on our website that you can print and take to them to ask. Click here to download it!

One GREAT feature in the new ORB is that you no longer have to download and print assessors reports - you can send the report via email and your assessor can fill it out online and it will automatically be put into your account once it has been submitted by your assessor!

HAVE YOU ALMOST COMPLETED YOUR AWARD? Let us know by sending us an email. We will help you complete all the steps to get it completed and approved.

If you are still having issues with logging in to your online record book account, please let us know by sending us an email

Duke of Ed Shop

Are you looking to represent the Duke of Ed with a shirt, sweatshirt, or maybe even a toque? The Duke of Ed pop up shop is open until December 26 and orders will be shipped in early January. 

Click on Shop in the top right hand corner to see everything available for purchase!

Adventurous Journeys - 2018

We have already booked some Adventurous Journeys for 2018! Check out  our website for a list of opportunities so that you can start planning. Links to sign up will be available soon on the website, then payment will be required 4 weeks before the actual trip.
Award Achievers October and November

Congratulations to all of our most recent Award acheivers!

Jacqueline Hawkins

Cody Lincoln

Kristen Nynych


Sophie Chen
Niels Hurst
Victoria McLean
Shoshana Cook-Libin Hayley Jenkins Andrew Puttenham
Katherine Hawthorne
Jason Ko Julianne Ramsay

Lillian Borger
Brayden G Jessica Lohr
Jenna Bravo Doris Goubran Tobias Szkop
Dominic Donato Joshua Hutchison Samson Teklehymanot
Samantha Gevers Ari Kimelman