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November 2015
Happy Holidays!

We, at FIRE, wish you and yours a happy holiday season. 


It has been another busy year in Mongolia with new and growing programs. Please read further for more information about the life changing programs you helped make possible.


As always, thank you for your continued support.


Shine jiliin mend kh├╝rgeye! (Happy New Year!),


Meredith Potts

Executive Director
2014 Annual Report
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Your support is vital to keep our projects in motion. Please follow the link below to read FIRE's 2014 Annual Report and see what you helped make possible. Thank you for helping us change the world.


Hepatitis and Liver Cancer Screening
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In 2011, FIRE began conducting viral hepatitis testing and liver cancer screening programs in rural areas of Mongolia. FIRE works closely with local primary care clinics to identify and invite the highest risk people to testing and screening events. The FIRE team and specialists from Ulaanbaatar including an ultrasound specialist, hepatologist (liver specialist) and oncologist conduct the activities.

Participants proceed through the following steps: 
Step 1: Participants are tested for viral hepatitis B and C. 
Step 2: Participants who test negative for viral hepatitis B and have not previously been vaccinated are given the first of three shots for the hepatitis B vaccination. 
Step 3: People who tested positive for viral hepatitis B or C are given an ultrasound examination. 
Step 4: People who show a lesion on their liver during the ultrasound examination are then tested for AFP, the protein that indicates liver cancer. Since they are considered to be at risk for liver cancer, they are physically examined and counseled by an oncologist. 
Step 5: Participants who test positive for viral hepatitis B or C but who's ultrasound examination did not indicate current cancer risk are physically examined and counseled by a hepatologist.

This project helps communities in rural Mongolia learn their status of viral hepatitis B, C and other liver diseases, including cancer. Newly diagnosed individu als with viral hepatitis and/or cancer gain the knowledge to  effectively manage their conditions. By discovering their disease early, these people will have more treatment options, a greater chance of long-term survival, and a better quality of life.

Thank you to funding from the Fullerton Family Foundation and the Ed Nef Foundation, in June, FIRE provided screening and testing for viral hepatitis and liver cancer to 544 people, in Murun, Khovsgol during which:
  • 385 ultrasounds were performed
  • 204 people consulted with a hepatologist
  • 171 people consulted with an oncologist
  • 67 people (12%) tested positive for hepatitis B
  • 60 people (11%) tested positive for hepatitis C
  • 3 people tested positive for both hepatitis B and C
  • 4 people were diagnosed with liver cancer
  • 2 people were diagnosed with additional forms of cancer
  • Conducted training with 20 rural health  care workers on how to increase a patient's  chance of survival by detecting and treating early  stages of liver related diseases
  • Distributed 2,000 pamphlets to the general population during a community awareness event
To view a 6 minute video of this project, please click here.
World Hepatitis Day Activities
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Since 2010, FIRE has worked with the Mongolian Ministry of Health and Sports (MoHS) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to mark World Hepatitis Day on July 28. This day is used to create awareness about the silent killer growing throughout the world. This year we worked together to;
  • Conduct a media awareness campaign.
  • Distribute 1,000 hepatitis education posters to every hospital across
  • Mongolia.
  • Make a 6 minute cartoon for children about hand washing that was distributed it to every kindergarten in Ulaanbaatar.
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Kazakh Wall Hangings
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We have 13 hand-made wall hangings from the Kazakh region of western Mongolia.  These are beautiful, one of a kind pieces of art. They are lovingly made over several months and given as a gift in honor of a marriage, birth of other special occasion.  

 Hurry, they will not last long are an unusual item for us to have for sale. Until December 31, we have a special offer:

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You can  view the wall hangings here If you live in Flagstaff, please  contact us  to view the wall hangings in person.
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