Newsletter: November 2017

We're entering the time of year where we trade in regular pants for sweat pants, and most of our resolutions to eat better and exercise more go flying out the window, to be replaced with second helpings of every succulent dish served by family. Gobble gobble, everyone. We wish you all a happy Thanksgiving, and would like to remind you we'll be closed for Thanksgiving on the 23 rd, as well as the 24 th.
If you are in need of a new vehicle, we have a great promotion going until the 15 th of December. Read below for more details. Also, if you open a Vacation Club account or purchase Visa Travel Money this month, you'll get a couple items to make your travels a bit more comfortable.

Read below for more information and visit to see everything MHFCU has to offer.

We are on a mission to serve our members with one goal in mind... "To always be responsive to our members' financial needs by providing personal and innovative services of a superior quality."
An Auto Loan to Brake for

Are you in need of a new vehicle? Or maybe you want to play Santa and surprise that special someone on Christmas? Our rates will allow you to cruise into the new year in style! If you purchase an auto loan from MHFCU between November 1 st and December 15 th, you'll get up to half off your qualifying rate for the duration of your auto loan*! Stop by a branch or apply online and get prequalified before you head to the dealership!

*Percentage off will be based on creditworthiness, payments must remain current for duration of auto loan, missing a payment or being late by more than 10 days will result in loan returning to original qualifying rate.     

Bring Color to your Banking Experience

Why did the educated consumer tired of bank fees cross the road? To get to
our side. MHFCU's Free Checking is greener pastures for those of you fed up with fees. Our Free Checking has no minimum balance requirement and no maintenance fees. Plus, you get your first 50 checks free, and a free Visa debit card. Open an account today.

Traveling to Warmer Climates Just Got Easier

Colder weather is about to set in, so we're guessing your thoughts are on far off places like Aruba, Jamaica, (Song in your head? You're welcome.) and other warm weather destinations. Our Vacation Club account can help you save up for those places faster. Earning better interest than a normal savings account, this specialized account will have you sipping Mai Tai's and thinking about your  next trip. To, let's say, Bermuda, Bahama...
Open an account today.

Spending Safely in Foreign Lands

Card security is the last thing you want to worry about while walking down a beach, or sightseeing in a far off place. That's why we offer Visa Travel Money, a secure way for you to have the convenience of a card, without the risk of compromising your account. These cards can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, including ATMs. You can put $100-$5,000 on a single card and spend up to your limit. This month, if you purchase a Travel Money card or open a Vacation Club account, you will receive a couple items to make your travels a bit more comfortable. Click on the banner to learn more. Travel far, spend safe. 

Fort Knox at your Fingertips: CardValet

Turning your debit or credit card on or off is as simple as pulling out your phone. Download CardValet for free on your mobile phone, and you'll have access to a very powerful security tool to help you combat fraud. You can also get near instant alerts when your card has been used, set a geographic limit your card can be used in, and even set spending limits your card can't exceed. All this from your fingertips. Download and start using CardValet today.

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