Triple P continues to change both parents and children's lives in our community. One of our recent success stories involves a family of five, four children and one strong mother! Upon beginning the Triple P Positive Parenting Program, Mary was struggling with the typical teenage attitude issues that we have all encountered during those glorious years, disrespect, and not following directions. After two weeks of implementing the strategies and tracking data, Mary greeted me with a smile and looked a little less exhausted at our session. Mary reports by using the strategies she feels more empowered and less stressed with daily parenting struggles. She recently had a successful shopping trip where she said "no" to purchasing an item and was able to leave without the item or a tantrum from her younger child...WINNING! This full time working mother of 4 has managed to carve out individual time to spend with each child strengthening their relationship and in turn decreasing behaviors. Mary also is finding time to practice self care which is a component of the Triple P program. 

We are making a difference one parent, one child, one family, at a time!