Ripley-Grier Newsletter                                                                                November 2016
Hope your Thanksgiving prep is going well. We were getting ready to organize a turkey hunt in Central Park, but a nice police officer told us that wasn't really a thing. Seriously? So after we posted bail and bought one of those fancy already-hunted birds at Fairway, we decided that what would really cheer us up would be a new studio! Luckily there was some great space available at the 939 8th ave building, so coming soon is STUDIO 2C!! A smaller-sized studio perfect for small acting classes, voice lessons and ....wait for it.....TAP. 

"Tap??", you ask. 
"Yes....Tap!" we reply. It's a short word. Did we stutter? A new small tap-friendly studio. It's like finding a unicorn. In a blizzard. In Key West. Coming soon!

Happiest of birthdays to our dear Shakira Moran! We don't know where we'd be without you! Well...I guess we'd be here. But it would kinda suck.

me and boys
-John Norman
Head Turkey Carver
Ripley-Grier Studios
Feng Shui and Fitness with Patricia Ripley

To: Hillary Clinton, " Thank you"  
 (A very personal message from Patricia Ripley)
 The past weeks have been very trying for some folks.  We have a new feng shui color chart President elect who was elected without a majority of the popular vote, but the political process in place was followed.  Those are the facts, that is the reality.  Much was said back and forth during a very long and stressful campaign.  Many people are in mixed emotional states.  Some are very frightened about their future and the future of the country.  It is a state of affairs that I have not experienced in my awareness of presidential elections, starting with "I Like Ike" in the 50's.  Yes, I was there and aware   I voted as soon as I was old enough and while unhappy with some of the results of the elections over the years, I was not as disappointed as this one, primarily because I am a woman in waiting.  Waiting for true equality that reflects the state of female worthiness, which is the future of  humanity.

 There is one feeling I personally want to express separate from the angst, and it is gratitude: gratitude to Hillary Clinton:  She took it on..  My personal feelings are that she rose to the occasion, worked hard and put forth a great effort during these many months of campaigning.  She is my age and has had thirty years experience in her field as I have had in mine.  I know what that journey has been like.
  I felt that she was the best candidate nominated, male or female, but the fact that she was female was a great incentive for many of us to go to the polls.  It was an opportunity to rise up to show the world and each other how smart and progressive the US had become.  It was not to be, and I have several realizations and theories about why.  But that is for another time.
 My daughter and I thank you, Hillary, for all your effort on behalf of women:  grandmothers, mothers, daughters wives, lovers, workers, female movers & shakers.  Thank you for putting forth ideas and campaigns for minorities, veterans, immigrants, children and uninsured people. Thank you for giving us hope that we will not be bullied all of our lives because we are women.  Thanks for showing all ambitious females that we can take on gender  prejudice .   We all have worked so hard to be respected in our homes, and in our jobs and in our government.  We will not go backward, only forward and you have helped us all the way!  Stay healthy and be well.  And be assured that the fight had just begun.  

Sincerely  Patricia Ripley,  Founder, CEO,  Owner Ripley-Grier Studios.

Toy Drive!

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Ciao.    After a year and a half of debates and months of rhetoric, it's nice to relax and have family come over to celebrate Thanksgiving. There is a total of 9 people staying in my house over the Thanksgiving weekend, and there will be 18 of us at dinner, also at my house.  Some of us will also be going to the Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday. This will be the second time I am going and the first for everyone else. I 'm hoping they will enjoy it. After the parade we will head back to Long Beach for Thanksgiving dinner.
I am continuing my search for a college or university to start my studies in film, so during the first weekend of November, I went to Boston with my parents to visit the campus at Boston University.  They have a really good film department and a beautiful campus. They also have a great athletic program with a well known marching band which is very important for me during my search for schools.  I am making a list of 10 schools that I will be applying to this year.  I am looking forward to graduating, but am a little sad about leaving my school's music department.
Wishing you all a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving holiday!!