Springer Spaniels in Hoarding Case all Adopted After Charges Dropped

This past June, Cheyenne Animal Control officers seized 21 dogs belonging to the same owner who allegedly failed to provide the animals with the minimum legal requirements for owning animals in Laramie County.

When the animals arrived at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, many were injured and in poor health. The dogs spent the next five months being cared for by Shelter staff, receiving training and medical treatment. Due to lack of space and cost for care, Cheyenne Animal Control felt it was necessary to request the charges be dropped in November. 

Cheyenne Animal Shelter Director of Operations, Chelsey Fletcher says, "Five months in a shelter is tough on animals both physically and mentally. We're excited that these dogs have a chance at a new life with caring families."

When the dogs became available for adoption, the Shelter received a significant amount of interest from the public. The dogs had consultations with families as far away as Natrona County, and within a week, all of the dogs had a new home. 

Costs for the Shelter is about $146,000 due to this case, but the stories and photos we've received from owners now providing these dogs with a new and happy home are priceless.

Animal Control would like to encourage everyone to be vigilant and immediately report any acts of Animal Cruelty at 307-278-2012.
Successful Weekend for 
"Home for the Pawlidayz" Campaign
Zappos hosted its annual nationwide "Home for the Pawlidayz" program, which helps many more animals find their forever homes. In partnership with North Shore Animal League America, Zappos sponsors cat and dog adoptions over Black Friday weekend nationwide.
The Cheyenne Animal Shelter is the only shelter in the state of Wyoming that was invited to participate in this event.  Over Black Friday weekend, 108 pets were adopted from the Cheyenne Animal Shelter.
This sale is not only good for the public and animals who found new family members - but also the adoption fees that are reimbursed by Zappos, meaning the Shelter will be bringing in revenue as well as saving hundreds of animals. This is great news as the Shelter has seen larger numbers in animal intakes, an increase in costs due to hoarding cases and a decrease in funding by the City of Cheyenne this year.
Cheyenne Animal Shelter Manager, Stephanie Bilbro says, "We're really excited to be included in this event. It's great seeing so many animals in happy homes during the holidays and beyond."

Blankets Travel more than 1,000 Miles to Cheyenne Animal Shelter Animals
Helen Bergman and her daughter Lucy live in California, but they're making an impact in communities across the nation, including right here in Wyoming. Helen and Lucy are taking part in the Snuggles Project through the Hugs Society, which provides blankets to shelters worldwide.

The Hugs Society says the project came along as a way for people to give back who may not be able to afford monetary donations. They also hope by providing blankets to shelters, it will give the animal something that is theirs and give the shelter a homier feel. The Hugs Society has provided more than two million snuggles across the world, including the Cheyenne Animal Shelter.

Helen used yarn she had unraveled from ponchos for the blankets that came to Cheyenne. She initially had no idea what to do with the yarn, so she hit the internet. She found the Snuggles Project and thought what a perfect use! Helen taught her daughter Lucy to knit, and the two made six blankets, three that went to New York City and three that came to our shelter.

The blankets traveled 1,103 miles to Cheyenne, and Helen says she hopes that they will make some kind of impact to the communities receiving them. "Our love flows into the making of the Snuggles, and we want that love to flow out of the Snuggles to the employees of the shelters, to the animals in the shelters and then from the animals to the people who adopt them."
Operation Santa Paws Underway

Whether you have children or were once a kid, Christmas for little ones is great - the smiling faces, the anticipation, to see what's been left under  the tree. 

This year we would like Christmas at the Animal Shelter to be a similar experience... for our fur children.

Our hope is to provide every kitten (and puppy) with a new toy, and you can help us by donating one of our 12 items of Christmas! 

Donation boxes are located at:
  • Eileen's cookies
  • Cool Rayz 
  • Homespun creations
  • Prairie Rose 
  • Coffee Depot 
  • Starbucks (Central Ave.)
You can also make donations year-round at Petco!
What Started as a Donation 
Ended in Adoptions
Mary Kay Krivy originally came into the Cheyenne Animal Shelter to make a donation after her dental practice -- Aesthetic Dentistry PC hit 1,000 likes on Facebook, but what she didn't expect was to leave with new friends.

She brought her son in to present the check, which meant, of course, they had to look around at the animals. They stumbled across two cats, Mocha and Latte while they were here. These two cats had dental issues when they were younger and now have no teeth. As Mary Kay and her husband Eric Dziardziel are both dentists, they decided that this adoption must be meant to be!

The family has researched dental problems in cats since the adoptions, and the cats are now on a soft food diet. They have learned what the refrigerator is and that there are treats inside! Any time it is open they are nearby to check it out.

Mary Kay says the cats were originally going to be outdoor cats. However, after a few days in the house getting to know their new owners and home, the pair got cozy. The bed is their new favorite place to sleep - on the pillow next to their owner's head.

November Adoptions
Total: 328
Cats: 161
Dogs: 144
Critters: 23
Ways to Donate
Thinking about making a donation? It's easy!
Drop items off at 800 Southwest Drive or donate now.

November Blog
Holiday Safety Tips for Pets
Keeping our furry family members safe during the holidays can be a difficult task. There are the ornaments, plants, food, presents, lights - and the Christmas tree. This month's blog has some advice on how you can keep your pets safe.

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