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The mission of the  Center of Excellence to Prepare Teachers of Children of Poverty is to increase the achievement of children of poverty by improving the quality of undergraduate teacher preparation, graduate teacher preparation, and the professional development of in-service teachers.
November 2017 E-Newsletter
Volume 13        Number 3
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Practice Thankfulness
November will be a time for thinking about THANKFULNESS.   The Center has several activities planned on campus that will give Francis Marion students opportunities to take a moment out of their busy schedules to consider ways to be thankful. This time of year lends itself to practiced thankfulness and research shows it can have lasting effects! 

"Clinical trials indicate that the  practice of gratitude  can have dramatic and lasting effects in a person's life," said Robert A. Emmons, professor of psychology at UC Davis. "It can  lower blood pressure, improve immune function and facilitate more efficient sleep. "

We want to take this time to say T HANK YOU for all your important work! 
P-12 and NNPS Outreach Grants

Outreach project proposals in two categories are solicited by the Center each year and are funded on a competitive basis.  The Center is pleased to announce tha t funds have been awarded to ten schools and projects for the 2017-18 academic year.  Look for more about these projects in future Center newsletters.
P-12 Professional Development Projects
Blythewood Academy                                  Blythewood Academy WeatherNet
Jackson Creek Elementary School              Implementing a School Marketplace
Dent Middle School                                     One School, One Book
Marlboro High School                                  Bridging the Gap through STEM
National Network of Partnership Schools Projects
J. W. Moore Intermediate                            KJ's IGA Family Math Night
North Vista Elementary                               North Vista's PTA STEAM Team
South Florence High School                       Googling Across Generations
Delmae Heights Elementary                       Bingo for a Book
Greenwood Elementary                              Greenwood Game Night
J.C. Lynch Elementary                                Math/Engineering/Art: Building a Sturdy Bookshelf

Best Practice District Feature
The Center regularly partners with schools, districts, and organizations to facilitate professional study events focused on serving the needs of children of poverty, and ALL learners.  This month's featured project is...

Berkeley County Schools
Family Engagement Math Night 
Students and their families are given a math scavenger hunt sheet that they complete while at the grocery store. The math activities are grade appropriate and students begin their grocery store hunt in different locations to avoid crowding the store.  Teachers are stationed on the different aisles to offer assistance if needed. Students get to practice "real life math"- which box of cereal gives me more for my money? Families get to work directly with their students, and the community sees learning in action.  It is a win- win for everyone. An added treat is that families get to take home the ingredients for dinner, usually spaghetti noodles and sauce, bread, and a bag of salad.


Thank you for your important work!
Do you have an event or success story that aligns with Center strategies? 
Please share with us so that others may learn from you! 
Family & Community Engagement
National Network of Partnership Schools 
Promising Partnership Practices  
Six area schools had their partnership practices published in NNPS Promising Partnership Practices publication! Schools from  Alcorn Middle School Delmae Heights Elementary School John W. Moore Intermediate School South Florence High School W.J. Keenan High School , and  Watkins Nance Elementary School  all have activities featured in this year's publication.
Click on the school name to read their Promising Practice.    
A Peek  at the Practice  
Use Proactive Guidance Strategies
  • Agree on classroom rules at the beginning of the year
  • Check in with students at the start of class
  • Be consistent about expectations
  • Reinforce appropriate behavior 
  • Maintain student dignity
  • Be neutral, not accusatory
  • Look for the cause
  • Establish a 'fairness committee'
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