November 2016
It's Stock-Up Time!
It's time to take inventory of your supply shelves to make sure you have what you need to get through the upcoming holiday season.

Lists of recommended spare parts are available in the user group.  Part lists with prices for in-stock inventory (valid for the next couple of weeks only) are available by request.

Contact Gail for the particular pricing-included list you would like to see.
Ongoing Value of Community Newspapers
A recent article in Editor & Publisher supports the necessity of newspapers in our communities.  A few of the points stated in the article:
  • Our democracy requires information and that public corruption happens less when would-be corrupters are observed.
  • The newspaper is still the best hope and most efficient product for getting the community covered - for learning what the planning commission did last night, and what a legislative subcommittee proposed, and who died yesterday.
  • Check a newspaper website's "most-read" tally. You'll almost always find that the most clicked-on items are local news stories.
  •  A newspaper best attracts readers by the responsible and professional gathering, packaging and dissemination of valuable, indeed essential, expository material.

We have a link to the full article in the Worth Reading section of the User Group.


Strides Made to prevent Anti-Paper "Greenwashing"
Two Sides North America confirmed that over 65 leading North American companies have removed inaccurate anti-paper claims as a result of the group's efforts.

The list includes several Fortune 100 companies in the financial, telecom and utilities sectors who have engaged in a dialogue with Two Sides and modified their marketing messages to consider the social and environmental benefits of print and paper, as well as the life cycle of sustainable forests and paper products.

"The 'go green and save trees' claims are misleading and false for many reasons, and they are a form of greenwashing that needs to be corrected," says Phil Riebel, President of Two Sides North America. "The claims don't consider the renewability of paper, or the numerous social, environmental, and economic benefits of well-managed North American forests, which in the U.S. have grown by 58% in wood volume over the past 60 years."

Released 9/22/16 by, whose goal is to promote paper use while debunking common environmental misconceptions.

In the User Group
From our "Worth Reading" section:
  • The Value of Newspapers
  • How an accurate inventory helps overall production
  • Going digital...was it a colossal mistake?

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Random Trivia:  Talking Turkey
A turkey's tail fan consists of 18 large feathers.   Juvenile males have middle tail feathers that are longer, but in full adult males, they are all the same length (generally 12 to 15 inches long). 

Wild turkeys can fly for short distances at up to 55 mph.

The brightly colored growth on the head and upper neck of a turkey is called the carancle. The snood is the flap of skin that hangs over the turkey's beak. The wattle is the flap of skin under the turkey's chin.
Turkeys have great hearing , but no external ears. They have a field of vision of about 270 degrees and are able to see in color.

Male turkeys gobble.  Females click.

Benjamin Franklin wanted to make the wild turkey, not the Bald Eagle, the national bird of the United States.
Holiday Reminder: Thanksgiving
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