Gratitude for our Customers
This month we'd like to express a little bit of the great amount of gratitude we have for you, our customers. 
  • Thank you to those who patiently waited for a parts shipment to be rerouted to the right location (we really do have two different customers with not only the same basic company name, but the same head pressman name...)
  • Thank you for understanding when we request parts order verification for our records.
  • Thank you to those who respond to questions in the forum  to help other companies out
  • Thank you to those who share your best samples with us
  • Thank you to those who cheerfully take our phone calls and even thank us for calling when we are "checking in"
  • Thank you for sending photos when we ask for them in order to clarify a part number or troubleshoot a problem
  • Thank you for understanding that on rare occasions we just can't send "overnight early morning delivery" (although we try to expedite when at all possible)
  • Thank you to those who trust us to keep you running
  • Thank you to those who have contributed to our newsletter
  • Thank you to those who trust our equipment enough to expand even further
  • Thank you to those who tell us their equipment is running fine. Our goal has always been to build press equipment that lasts!
  • Thank you for your "our customers love what we are printing for them" stories
Thank you for being not only our customers, but our friends!
 Speaking of Thanks...

Richard at Pacific Publishing called to tell us he'd found an error in the Quad-Stack Pressman's manual...and he was correct!


We've now fixed the error, and the corrected manual can be accessed or downloaded from the user group.  For those who may be using their printed copies, on page 39, on the left hand side, there are two places that say "8mm".  They now say ".1mm".  Quite a difference when we are speaking of small measurements, and a great catch by Richard!


Click here to sign in and access the corrected Quad-Stack Pressman's Manual.


Thanksgiving Holiday

WebPress LLC will be closed on Thursday, November 23rd and Friday, November 24th for the Thanksgiving Holiday.


Please plan early for any anticipated needs before and during that time period.  We certainly don't want you breaking down when the holiday season is just ramping up!


Gratitude for our Veterans
November 11th is Veterans Day in the USA. 

One local Washington city, Auburn, will be hosting it's 52nd Veterans Day parade this year.  Held rain or shine each year on the second Saturday in November, the parade is designated as one of the largest in the country. This year there are 6000 participants sheduled within 200 units, of which 30 are high school marching bands.  According to their website, "the purpose of Auburn's Veterans Day Parade is to give honor to our country's military personnel and veterans and to their military missions of defending freedom around the world."  Each year the parade start is signaled by a "fly over" by aircraft from Joint Base Lewis-McChord. As an added bonus for the participating high schools,  a marching band competition takes place after the parade.. 
Career and Scholarship info for your Future Employees
The Printing and Graphics Scholarship Foundation supplies free tools to help inform students about options in the printing and graphics arts sectors, and even provide scholarships.  There is a free poster download available in 11 x 17 PDF format, or you can request the files from them to personalize it for your print shop before taking the posters to schools, etc.  A link to this info is in the Worth Reading files.
We've also posted an article which explores all aspects of paper waste, ranging from operator error to poor splicing to rotten registration.  The Quad-Stack was developed not only to provide 4-color, but to eliminated the "registration" excuse, and has helped the many companies that have incorporated it into their press lines.  The article also reminds readers that paper waste can be turning into revenue.
 Parting Thought
At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.
Albert Schweitzer
Theologian, MD, Musician,
Nobel Peace Prize Recipient

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