November 2019 Newsletter
Healing the earth, one yard at a time.
Special Members-Only Events!
Tennessee Valley Chapter
Holiday Potluck Social
Monday, December 9th at 6:00 pm
63 E. Main St., Chattanooga TN
FREE and open to members of the Tennessee Valley Chapter of Wild Ones

Please bring a dish to share. 
Beer, wine and other beverages will be provided.  
Certificate in Native Plants Classes

The Certificate in Native Plants program is designed to expand students' knowledge of botany, ecology, conservation and uses of native flora in the southeastern United States. The CNP offers a blend of classroom instruction, hands-on learning and guided hikes. Participants are required to complete four core classes, eight electives, and 40 hours of volunteering for approved native plant projects. Visit  for more information.  Classes are open to Wild Ones members and non-members, whether or not you are pursuing the certificate.  

CNP class sizes are limited and registration IN ADVANCE is required.

Plant Form & Function:
Part 2
Saturday, November 9, 2019
9:00am – 4:00pm
Reflection Riding Arboretum & Nature Center
Instructors: Richard Clements, Ph.D.
Mary Priestley
CNP Core Class – 6 credits

Only 1 space left!

Winter Tree Identification
Saturday, January 18, 2020
1:00pm - 4:30pm
Reflection Riding Arboretum & Nature Center
Instructor: Richard Clements, Ph.D
CNP Elective Class – 4 credits

Just because winter is here and the local flora appears dormant or dead, there is still plenty of interesting botanizing to do. Although the leaves and flowers, which most field guides use to aid in plant identification, are missing, woody plants still have many characteristics which make identification a challenging and rewarding activity. In this course, we will look at how woody plants prepare for winter, what the “key” structures are for identifying winter plants, and get some hands-on practice.
2020 Certificate in Native Plants Class Schedule
The 2020 schedule for Certificate in Native Plants classes was announced at the chapter's Annual Meeting. It includes eight elective and two core classes. Registration for 2020 classes will be open in the coming weeks.
“This is not our world with trees in it.
It's a world of trees, where humans have just arrived.”

- Richard Powers
"The Overstory"

News from the Annual Meeting
The Tennessee Valley Chapter of Wild Ones held its Annual Meeting on Saturday, November 2nd at Crabtree Farms. Attendees were treated to a tour of Crabtree's propagation facilities, and everyone was able to participate in a native plant and seed swap and sharing.

The meeting was a great opportunity to share ideas about what the chapter is doing and where future efforts should be focused. Highlights of the meeting include:

2020 Officers and Board Members Elected
  • President: Kristina Shaneyfelt
  • Vice-President: Sally Wencel
  • Secretary: Gayle Tucker
  • Treasurer: John Pine
  • Members-at-Large: Marissa Corbett, Stephan Eselgroth, Charlotte Freeman

Updated Bylaws Approved
The revised bylaws refer to the importance of strategic planning to direct the Chapter's activities. Specific responsibilities of Board members and Committee Chairs was added. Board member terms were modified to enhance ability to recruit leadership.

Wild Ones Unique Mission:
Promote the restoration of native plant communities and sustainable landscaping practices

Wild Ones Growth in Tennessee:
  • Tennessee Valley Chapter, founded in 2012, is now the largest Wild Ones chapter in the U.S.
  • Smoky Mountains Chapter formed in 2015.
  • Middle Tennessee Chapter formed in 2018.
  • West Tennessee Chapter under discussion.

What the Tennessee Valley Chapter Does:
  • Networking opportunity for native plant enthusiasts
  • Free educational meetings for the public
  • Provides grants to local school pollinator gardens
  • Garden Tours and Landscapes in Progress (“LIPS”)”
  • Habitat Hero Award
  • Annual Symposium and Native Plant Expo
  • Certificate in Native Plants program
  • Chattanooga Area Pollinator Partnership

2020 Programs - Preview
  • Plant Natives Symposium – March 14, 2020
  • Habitat Hero Awards and Special Lecture – September 11, 2020
  • Bringing Nature Home Garden Tour – September 12, 2020
  • 10 Certificate in Native Plants classes (2 core, 8 electives)
  • 8 Public programs (free and open to the public on 2nd Mondays)
  • 3 Landscapes in Progress events (“LIPS”)
  • 2 Hikes
  • PLUS more!

Plant Natives 2020 Symposium guest speakers (Save the Date . . . March 14, 2020!)

As part of the Annual Meeting day, members of the Tennessee Valley Chapter of Wild Ones were given an exclusive tour of the propagation area at Crabtree Farms.

And after a fun lunch together with other native plant enthusiasts, everyone swapped and traded native plants and seeds to take home for their own gardens.
Local & Regional Happenings
Chattanooga City Council
to Hear Proposal for Responsible Development
The City Council will be hearing a presentation and recommendation by John Bridger of the Regional Planning Agency to formulate and adopt new ordinance(s) for development of Environmentally Sensitive areas.

Please demonstrate support for the development and adoption of these new ordinances at the City Council Chambers locates at 1000 Lindsay Street on Tuesday, November 5 at 6 PM if you are available.  
Community Members Rally to Save Chattanooga's Champion Post Oak Tree
A tall, old tree is at the  center of a debate  between Mountain Creek residents living near the old Quarry golf course on Reads Lake Road and a developer who wants to turn his property into homes and apartments.
Hidden Rivers
Film Screening
Saturday, November 9, 2019
12:00 - 7:30pm
Biodiversity Expo
Volkswagen Chattanooga Campus
Click INFO below for details

Ten years in the making, Hidden Rivers is a new feature film that explores the rivers and streams of the Southern Appalachian region, North America’s most biologically rich waters. The film follows the work of conservation biologists and explorers throughout the region, and reveals both the beauty and vulnerability of these ecosystems.

There will be afternoon (2:00pm) and evening (6:00pm) screenings, along with a family-friendly conservation fair of local organizations, including the Tennessee Chapter of Wild Ones. Complimentary snacks and refreshments will be offered throughout the day (including popcorn and lemonade to enjoy during the movie).
McCoy Farm & Gardens
Trail & Grounds Program
Trail and Grounds Committees for McCoy
Farm & Gardens are looking for new members
and Team Leaders. New Leaders receive train-
ing and guidance from the chairmen; then
each leader forms a team and takes responsibility for directing the group in caring for the
special area they “adopt.” 
Interesting Information
Watch What Happens When Scientists Excavate a Giant Anthill
A video clip (from a longer documentary,  Ants! Nature's Secret Power , shows the excavation of a huge ant city, from a former colony of grass-cutter ants. Over the course of three days, scientists pumped 10 tons of cement into the abandoned ant hill. After weeks of digging, the scientists revealed the colony’s intricate and impressive structure. It’s amazing!

The Green Revolution is Spreading Across Rooftops
As concerns about climate change and dwindling natural resources grow, green roofs have become increasingly popular. The Toronto-based organization  Green Roofs for Healthy Cities  estimates an increase of about 15 percent in the number of green roofs in North America since 2013.

All-Natural Mulch
Did you know there is a magical product that can deliver all these things: fertilizer, bird food, and mulch? It’s an  all-natural  mulch, keeping the roots of your trees and shrubs not just moist but also cool or warm as needed. Insects like to nestle in it, providing opportunities for birds to find a snack or a meal. Over time it breaks down, providing a slow-release fertilizer to all the plants around. Best of all, this product is free! All you have to do is manage it. It’s called  leaves .

Photos from the Field
Anole Hunting on Old Goldenrod
Photo by Mike O'Brien.

Long-tailed Skipper on Leaves on the Ground
Photo by Mike O'Brien.

Long-tailed Skipper on Cosmos
Photo by Mike O'Brien

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