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Scantek's November 2019 Newsletter 
 CadnaA 2020 Is Out Now! 

Main new features:
  • Automatic check and adjustment of the configuration of calculations for selected standards
  • Saving of the partial levels for each variant in the CadnaA-file
  • Locate any intersection of contour lines automatically (Option X required)
  • Calculations compliant with CNOSSOS-EU with national regulations for Germany and Austria

Noise monitoring with direction -- Noise Compass Nor1297
With the Nor1297 the user will be able to measure sound pressure the way they always have. Once the Nor1297 is added to your setup you will be able to detect the direction of a dominant sound source in all three dimensions. 

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Tri-axial Ground-borne Vibration Meter VM-56
Ground-borne vibration noise is the rumbling sound heard in buildings that are located above and around underground railways and railway stations and near roadways and bridges. It is produced by vibrations caused by moving transit vehicles. Ground-borne vibration noise levels are predicted and evaluated by applying a factor to the octave or third octave band vibration levels to predict octave/third octave band sound pressure levels.

The Tri-axial Groundborne Vibration Meter VM-56 and its optional program VX-56WR combination are ideally suited for recording of the vibration signals for this application because of the system's high sensitivity and wide frequency range (From 0.5 Hz up to 315 Hz). Analysis can subsequently be carried out in octave or third octave bands as necessary using the RION Waveform Analysis software AS-70GV.

Find more information here, VM-56 Application Examples

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  • CadnaA 2020 is out now! 
  • Norsonic Noise Compass
  • CadnaA and CadnaR Maintenance Price Changes 
  • Noise-Con New Orleans 2020
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