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STEM Hub Spotlight
In collaboration with teachers Craig Chabut and Lori Ehrensberger at Cline Elementary (Centerville City Schools), Bern Schwieterman, STEAM Integration Coach for Kettering City Schools, developed a design challenge for students to create a COVID Candy Contraption.
Inspiration: My wife saw a picture on Instagram of someone who had created a Halloween candy delivery system and was nudging me to create something for our family to keep us socially distant for trick or treat. I felt that this would present a great challenge for students to solve a true real-world problem. 
Goals: I wanted students to gain experience with the Engineering Design Process, to have fun, and to produce something useful. In addition, I hoped that it would be something enjoyable and meaningful that families could work on together to stay safe for Trick or Treat.  
Advice for teachers: Students are just as curious and full of wonder as always. Don’t sweat that we can’t do it the way we’ve always done and focus on what we can do right now in this situation for them. Additionally, don’t forget to take time for yourself; you need it, and the kids will benefit from it! 
If you would like to access this design challenge, click here to make a copy. Thanks to Bern, Craig and Lori for sharing this activity!
What's Working Webinar
The Dayton STEM Hub and the Training Center will host their second What's Working Webinar on Thursday, November 19th at 3:30pm via Zoom.

OSLN Design Challenge

Each year, the Ohio STEM Learning Network hosts a design challenge where students collaborate to create workable solutions to the key issues facing our state. Any school may participate.

This year, the #STEMpowersOhio Design & Entrepreneurship Challenge explores the topic of Energy through our partnership with the Ohio Energy Project, Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program, Young Entrepreneur Institute, and Ohio Afterschool Network. Support is provided by Constellation Energy, a company that serves more than two million customers across the continental United States, and the American Electric Power Foundation, which focuses on improving lives through STEM education from early childhood through higher education.

Teacher Tip

“I’ve been having my Chemistry students make memes that are content related. The last question on each chapter test is: Review the next chapter in the book and create a meme about one of the concepts that you find. This gives me a fresh set going into each unit. And the kids love seeing them at the beginning of each lesson.”

-Julie Kancler, Dayton Regional STEM School 
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