November Newsletter

There is no meeting scheduled for November .

A few words from Maureen...

Happy November everyone!
I can't believe it's November already, what a dreary fall we have had so far.
November is the month to be thankful for many things, and our club is thankful to all of its members.
Despite the weather, Harvey and Mary had a truly wonderful coaching weekend on Columbus Day weekend. Despite the a couple of grey and dreary days, the rain held off for the most part. Thirteen coaches participated in this spectacular fall event which was well received by the surrounding towns.
Harvey and Mary give many thanks to those who volunteered all three days with traffic safety: Cindy, Tim, Carl, Marilee, Stanley, and Pat. Thank you to Rikki for keeping the coaches organized, and to Pat Musser and Adrienne St. Cyr who came to watch and were quickly put to work to hand out lunches at a private estate for Harvey and Mary's guests. No one else was allowed behind these private gates.
The October meeting was autumnally festive and in keeping with spirits our guest speaker was Deb Hermann, animal communicator. It is amazing what our beloved pets/horses are trying to tell us. Deb is in the process of writing about her communications that will be published in the near future. I predict it will be a big hitπŸ˜„.
We are researching places to hold our annual banquet. If anyone has any suggestions or would like to be on the committee please contact Harvey.
Topics for the spring seminar are welcome.
Happy Thanksgiving, stay well.
Our Next Meeting will be the annual Christmas Party scheduled for December 8.
Stay tuned for updates...
From Carol Frank, Saratoga Driving Club:
Anyone going to the Equine Affaire? Could you help out for a few hours at the American Driving Society Booth? Contact Diane Koopman. She would be very grateful:
Keep your fingers crossed...
We have submitted a copy of our Colonial Crier to the CAA Newsletter Contest. CAA staff are reviewing the entries now and the winners will be announced at the CAA Learning Weekend scheduled for January 24-26, 2019, in Sarasota, FL.
Minutes from the October 17th Meeting:

Harvey Waller called for a short meeting at 8pm. He introduced Michelle, Laurel, Meredith Cooper and Ael who are guests and new members. The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as emailed.

TREASURER- There are no changes since the last report in September. The police have been paid.

OLD BUSINESS - The Coaching Weekend went very well and very smoothly.
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