Parents or guests of
Piedmont Early Childhood Center students 
are invited to join us for a holiday meal. 
The guests of children in the red and blue pods will join us for Thanksgiving Luncheon on Friday, November 15th.

11:05 - 11:35 Blue Pod(Adler, Clark, Harp,
Herndon, Rietveld, Robinson)

12:15 - 12:40 Red Pod(Blood, Derichsweiler, Dial,
King, Wiegert, Woolf)

Holiday meal notes: Parents will enter the front doors and will not be allowed in the classroom pods.

Guests of children in the yellow and green pods will join us for the winter holiday meal on Friday, December 13th.
Has your child lost a coat? A hat? A lunchbox?
This is just a sample of what is currently in our Lost and Found.
Lost and found items are located in the front office.
Please label your child's belongings -- it's the best
way to make sure it gets returned quickly.
If your child has lost something, please have them check the bin.
Lost and Found items are removed and donated to
local organizations on a quarterly basis.
We have noticed an increase of unsafe practices and need your continued help and cooperation. Do not pick up, drop off, or park in the bus zone - fire zone. The front circle drive is for bus and daycare only! Your Cooperation is greatly appreciated. Canadian County Sheriff's Department will issue tickets to violators.

They also wanted to remind you it is against the law:
  • to leave unattended children in a motor vehicle
  • to leave a vehicle running unattended
Student attendance is one of the most common predictors of academic achievement. It is policy that students attend class a minimum of 90% of the time in order to receive credit. Pre-Kindergarten students may be removed from the program for chronic absences.
Upcoming Dates:
5th Wake-up Pre-K @8:35
7th Wake-up Kindergarten @8:35
8th Holiday Meal RSVP due
8th Early Release 1:15
15th Holiday Meal (Red and Blue pods only)
25th-29th Thanksgiving Break No School
12th Kinder Carols(more information to come)