Volume 3 | November 2017

November Newsletter
Be sure to read about what we have been doing at RMDS, check out our upcoming events, look at our educational corners to see what the kids are learning, get involved with FSSO and much more!
FROM AMY NOVOTNY: our Director
Dear RMDS families and Guardians,

It is hard to believe that the time to celebrate gratitude is upon us, and we are approaching the end of the first semester. We had an extremely exciting Fall season here at RMDS. With the holiday season coming, it also means that several fun events are approaching. Be sure to mark them on your calendar as we would love to have you at our events.

On behalf of the entire staff, I want to extend our gratitude and appreciation to our FSSO team for hosting wonderful 5K and Trunk or Treat event for us. What a fun-filled event it was. I also want to express my sincere gratitude for having the honor of leading RMDS. This school is special. Simply stated and yet so true. For that, I am truly thankful to the staff, teachers, parents, and board/community members and most of all, the students who inspire me every day.

With our weather getting colder, please be sure to dress your child for Colorado’s changing weather conditions. We will go outside whenever possible to allow our students time for healthy activities and recess.

Also, we look forward to having a week to spend with our families and friends, and to celebrate all for which we have to be thankful for. I hope that each and everyone of you enjoys the break and if you are traveling, safe travels!

RMDSly yours,
Amy J Novotny
I nterested or have questions?
Contact JoAnn Hirsch
Phone:  303-866-2097
VP:  720-949-7457
Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program (TDEP)
The Colorado Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (CCDHH), a unit within the Department of Human Services, exists to promote effective communication access for all Coloradans.

In order to ensure everyone’s right to communicate, the Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program (TEDP) is charged with supplying qualified deaf, hard-of-hearing and deafblind citizens with telecommunications equipment and accessories. 
November 16
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November 17
We are thankful for you!!
Join us on Friday, November 17th , for our annual Thanksgiving Lunch.

11:30-12:00: Middle and High School
12:05-12:30: ECE and Elementary

Please send in your RSVP and payment to Janet BY NOVEMBER 10th!

See you at our Thanksgiving lunch.
November Lunch Menu
RMDS provides breakfast and hot lunch service daily. These healthy and nutritious meals are prepared by Rev Foods. Breakfast costs $2.75 and lunch costs $4.00. Families will be billed monthly for lunches served to their students.

with Dr Nick Kapustka

We hear it throughout all of our culture “organic, organic, organic.” Yet do we know why we need to eat organic? The definition of the term organic refers to the way agricultural products are grown and processed. While this may change from country to country, the United States uses terms like grown free of synthetic pesticides, bioengineered genes (GMOs), petroleum-based fertilizers, and sewage sludge-based fertilizers. In regards to organic livestock raised from meat, eggs, and dairy products, they are required to live outdoors and be fed organic feed. No antibiotics, growth hormones, or any animal by products are allowed.
There are many reasons why we need to buy organic. Organic food is cleaner – Most chemicals like insecticides and fungicides are decreased greatly if not eliminated altogether.
Organic food is often fresher- It has a shorter shelf life so the transportation time needs to be decrease from the farm to the shelf. This is why often times it needs to be eaten faster or it will rot as well.
Think of it this way everything that goes on or in the plants and animals that we eat makes its way into our body and effects our health. The old saying of “Garbage in Garbage out” comes to mind. Are you treating your body like a temple or a trash can? It may take a few extra dollars yet as a rule of thumb shop on the outside of the grocery store where all the fruits, vegetables, and meats are located and buy local when given the choice to help your body stay clean and well fed.
Character Education:
October was a great educational month for all of our students! The MS/HS students learned more about preventing suicide and depression, and how we can be there for others. At this time, they are learning more about Anti-Bullying and Conflict Resolution. The Elementary students just wrapped up learning about anti-biased education. They learned that everyone's background is either similar, somewhat or very different from one another and that it is okay! They are now learning about Anti-Bully, too!

Please take the time to congratulate our elementary students who earned the Student Spotlight of the Month and who earned the Honor Roll of Learning Attributes Award for the 1st quarter!! The Student Spotlight demonstrated great examples of The 6 Pillars and modeled how to be a "Bucket Filler". Congratulations Noah and Connor!
Noah Kaptuska
2nd grade
October Student Spotlight
Connor Sevier
4th grade
November Student Spotlight
Elementary Honor Roll
Check out RMDSart on Instagram
Middle School student volunteered and designed 5 Value Posters for their hallway and classrooms through own paper drawings and digital art on iPad and computer. Last month during community hour, the MS students and staff came to see the posters being unveiled!

To see more photos happening in art classroom, check out our Instagram at RMDSart.
Water Cycle "tour" Given by Student-Programmed Robot
The Employment Skills class is building a Little Free Library. The big reveal will be later in November.

Battle of the Books
Our teams have been busy reading their books to prepare for the Battle of the Books. The BOTB competition will begin after Thanksgiving Break. Everyone is welcome to watch the competition in the Hospitality Room on those dates. Below is the match schedule.
Buff Team - November 28th
  • Match 1-RMDS vs CSDF, 10:30am MST
  • Match 2- RMDS vs Oregon SD, 12:30pm MST
  • Match 3- RMDS vs Phoenix Day SD, 1:30pm MST

Blue Team - November 29th
  • Match 1- RMDS vs Gallaudet University Judges, 9:30am MST
  • Match 2- RMDS vs Ohio SD, 10:30am MST
  • Match 3- RMDS vs Oklahoma SD, 12:30pm MST

Green Team - November 30th
  • Match 1- RMDS vs Phoenix Day SD9:30am MST
  • Match 2- RMDS vs Maryland SD, 10:30am MST
  • Match 3- RMDS vs Washington SD, 1:30pm MST

with Stephanie Carson
RMDS Toddler Program
Lego Robotics
The Elementary’s Wednesday Club started a new club .... Read more about Lego Club.
MSSP Volleyball
Middle School Sports Program has started their volleyball season! Read more about MSSP Volleyball ... Come to games and cheer them on! Their schedule can be found here: MSSP Volleyball Schedule
ASL Class
Rocky Mountain Deaf School offers Community ASL classes for our families .... Read more about our Wednesday ASL Classes.
RMDS Board
Save the Date for our 20th Anniversary Gala
* April 13, 2018 *
Ticket sales will be open on Tuesday morning on November 7th.

Soon our website will have all the information on our 20th Anniversary Gala.

Hope to see you there!
Family Student Staff Organization
Questions or for more information: Contact Carmel at PTO@rmds.co
FSSO Events
FSSO is hosting a few events, be sure to put them on your calendars!
  • Nov 17 - Mom's Night Out
  • Dec 16 - Movie Night
  • Jan 19 - Winter Formal
  • Feb 23 - Night at the Nuggets Game
December 16

Thank you for your support by purchasing tickets for our Movie Night! Looking forward to see you at the movie.

May The Force Be With You!
Vista 5K and Trunk or Treat
Thanks to everyone that came to the 5K and the Trunk or Treat event on October 29. We couldn't have asked for a better day! The weather was beautiful, we had about 100 people registered for the 5K and over 20 awesome trunks were parked at RMDS.