The secret is out…everyone knows how wonderful it is to visit the Grand Haven area. With tourism continuing to grow and nearby communities limiting short term rentals ( i.e., VRBO, Airbnb ), the Township has noticed an uptick in these rentals within traditional residential neighborhoods and corresponding complaints from neighbors regarding noise, parking, trash, property maintenance or just poor behavior.

As a result, the Township Board has decided to address short-term rentals in order to protect the character of our neighborhoods.

The Short-Term Rental ordinances will be adopted simultaneous with the new Zoning Ordinance. That said, an overview of the basic regulations includes:

  • All Short-Term Rentals (STRs) are required to be registered with the Township. Further, there will be a public hearing that will allow neighbors within 300 ft of the proposed STR to share any concerns.

  • STRs will not be allowed in any platted subdivision, site condominium, single family residential planned unit development, or any “subdivisions” that are not platted but have at least 8 homes using a private road. In brief, when a person purchases a home in a residential neighborhood, they are also purchasing a set of reasonable expectations on the allowable usages and character of their neighborhood.

  • The minimum duration for a stay is 6 days, and no less. That will help prevent any STR from being run like a hotel.

  • The total duration for the year that a house can be rented is 16 weeks, which accounts for the majority of the tourism season.

  • An inspection process will also be developed to ensure the safety of the tenants, and the safety of the surrounding neighbors.

If you want to review the text of the proposed Short-Term Rental Regulation ordinance or examine the proposed Short-Term Rental map ( i.e., areas in red will not allow for short-term rentals ), please use the following link: .