Diwali 2018 Celebration
Thank you to all who participated in our Diwali 2018 Celebration.
The evening was a great success!
Preschool - Kindergarten News
Family Tradition Collage

The Preschool Class learned the meaning of family traditions. Each child, along with their parents, created a beautiful collage of their individual family traditions. The students then described their pictures by identifying the tradition and who celebrated with them.   Read More
Thanksgiving Feast

Preschool children learned about the Pilgrims who came to America on the Mayflower and the Native Americans who helped the Pilgrims grow crops and hunt to survive. The children dressed as Pilgrims and Native Americans as they celebrated their own Thanksgiving.. Read More
Preschool Architects

 Preschool children used magnets, connectors, and bristle blocks to create their own architecture. Who knows... you may be looking at a future architect!
Pre-Kindergarten Celebrates
Both Pre-Kindergarten classes wrote what they were thankful for.

Pre-Kindergarten A - Election Day

Pre-Kindergarten A had so much fun learning about Election Day. They learned a bit about our electoral process and the words vote and ballot . An election was held in the Pre-K Class. The 2 candidates were
Fruit Snacks and Twizzlers. Fruit Snacks won 7 to 3.
Pre-Kindergarten B - Election Day

For Election Day, Pre-Kindergarten B voted for their favorite snack. They chose Pretzels, Pirate Booty, and Oreos for the ballots. Guess what happened? There was a tie! Pirate Booty and Oreos were the winners. The class got to enjoy both for a special snack! Read More
Pre-Kindergarten Veteran's Day

The Pre-Kindergarten classes celebrated Veteran's Day by learning all about this very important holiday. They learned who can be a Veteran and why they are such special people. Thank you so much to all who have served! CHP salutes you!
Kindergarten Celebrates Diwali

Our Kindergarten students embrace all celebrations, and on November 6th they celebrated Diwali. The Kindergarten children decorated their Diyas and later shared Indian sweets. Happy Diwali!
Kindergarteners Vote on Election Day

On November 6th, Kindergarteners learned all about Election Day! They learned that all of us have the freedom to choose who or what we like best, but it is the majority of votes that determines the winner.
Kindergarten Thanksgiving

The Kindergarten children learned the true meaning of Thanksgiving. They celebrated being thankful by reciting a Thanksgiving poem and singing a Thanksgiving song. The children had delicious treats and a festive day!
Elementary News
Grade 1 DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) Program

First Grade had a great time at their first DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) program. Students enjoyed shared the reading of their favorite nonfiction and fiction books.
Grade 1 Cranberry Bread Baking

First Graders spent the few days before the Thanksgiving holiday immersed in cranberries! They read the book, A Cranberry Thanksgiving by Wende and Harry Devlin. They also became bakers by making Grandmother’s Famous Cranberry Bread.  Read More
First and Second Grade Veteran's Day

In commemoration of Veteran’s Day, 1st and 2nd graders joined together in their respective Houses to write personal letters to active duty soldiers and veterans. Their letters and flags will be delivered via Operation Gratitude. Thank you to all who serve and have served in the military!
Second Grade Visits Assisted Living

Mrs. Busby’s second grade class visited the Martin and Edith Stein Assisted Living Residence. To entertain the seniors, the children sang festive songs directed by CHP Music teacher, Ms. Woodard. The children also mingled with the residents, reciting original poems. Read More
Grade 2 DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) Program

Second graders enjoyed their first DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) program. During this period, students and teachers focused on uninterrupted reading. Some parents stopped in to read side-by-side with their children. We look forward to our next DEAR. time! Read More
Second Grade Learns About Voting

Second grade took some time during Social Studies to talk about the importance of voting. The students learned about the voting process and how selections are made at the polling stations. Each child made their own voter registration card to show how good citizens work together to make their community better.
Grade 2 Celebrates Diwali

During snack time, Second Grade parent, Mrs. Shah Amin, visited the Class to read a book about Diwali. Mrs. Amin led the students in making their own diyas (Diwali lights). Read More
Second Grade Music

In Music class, Second Grade practiced a song for their concert...one they wrote themselves. The song is called 'Ace'.
Grade 2 Celebrates Thanksgiving

Second Grade celebrated Thanksgiving by sharing a meal together. A special centerpiece, created by Mrs. Rao, was enjoyed by all. It was a special time to talk and laugh together as well as celebrate the meaning of friendship! Read More
Skype a Scientist

2nd and 3rd graders had the opportunity to meet a primatologist from the University of Kent, via Skype. The scientist addressed her work with chimpanzees, the rain forest, and how she conducts her work as a scientist. Read More
Second Grade Engineers

Second Grade engineers designed hand pollinators, borrowing a design from nature...bees! Working in small groups, students constructed and tested their products. They then reflected on how their pollinators performed and how they could be redesigned. Read More
Grade 3 DEAR Program

On Friday, November 2nd, the 3rd graders participated in their first day of DEAR, Drop Everything and Read! They enjoyed lunch and reading in their classroom and were accompanied by Sophia’s mom! They are looking forward to the next one in December!  Read More
Grade 3 Election Day

The third graders participated in a class vote in celebration of Election Day! They voted on their favorite candy, and chocolate bars won by a landslide! They learned about what the midterm elections are and what the results could mean for our country moving forward. Read More
Grades 3 Mystery Reader

Third Grade welcomed Mystery Reader, Mr. Dan Mangu, who is the parent of Sahith Mangu. Mr. Mangu read a book, One by Kathryn Otoshi. The students learned about accepting each other's differences and how it sometimes just takes one voice to make everyone count. Thank you very much for reading to our class, Mr. Mangu! Read More
Grade 3 Students Visit the Elderly

On Wednesday November 28th, Class 3A visited the Martin and Edith Stein Assisted Living Residence. They performed some songs with the help of Ms. Woodward and read some books to the residents. Great job third graders! Read More
DEAR Program Launched in Grade 4

On November 2nd, during their lunch period, Grade 4 launched its Drop Everything And Read program. Parents were invited to join Grade 4 for a relaxing period of lunch and a book. Grade 4 parents are invited to come join in on December 7th for Grade 4’s next D.E.A.R. session. Read More
Grade 4's Experience with
Early Lenape Culture
On Nov. 5th, Grade 4 traveled to Huber Woods in Middletown to build a longhouse as the early Lenape did. Grade 4 students created pictograph stories by mixing dirt and water to make paint. They painted their stories on brown papers as the Lenape would on animal skins or bark. While the “bark” dried, the students used precut logs and rope to build their longhouse.
Middle School News
Grade 5 Jenga

Students in Grade 5 Earth Science teamed up for a game of Jenga. As the pieces of the game were pulled out of their spots, the tower became unstable, regardless of the pieces being introduced back at a later time. Students made the connection to Ecosystems and the instability that the smallest change can cause to the system as a whole. Read More
Sterling Hills Mine and Museum

On November 5th, Grade 5 embarked on a tour of Sterling Hills Mine and Museum in Ogdenburg, N.J. The objective was to see how humans change our ecosystems that include living and nonliving elements... integrating History with Science. The students learned the Science of zinc, limestone, and how calcium can glow in the dark. Read More
Grade 8 House Volley Ball

Coach Griggs and Ms. Tierney held an 8th Grade House Volleyball Tournament in Gym class. Shawnee won in the championship game, competing in a close game against the runner up, Ramapo. The kids had a blast! Read More
Middle School Conferences

Thank you to all the parents and students who came to the conferences for CHP Middle School. These student-led conferences brought together families, teachers, and the students themselves so that each student saw the involvement everyone has in their success. 
Day of the Dead
El Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a special Latin American holiday that takes place November 1-2. As part of the 7th and 8th Grade Spanish cultural project, students worked in groups to research the history and create an ofrenda honoring a famous Hispanic.
Book Fair

The CHP Book Fair sold $3445.17 worth of books and materials... and raised $1849.83 in Scholastic Dollars to be used to purchase books and supplies for our classrooms.
Our last event, the raffle, took place on Tuesday, November 13th. The gym was full of excitement as the names of the winners were called to receive their prizes of either a book or poster of their choice.
Thank you all for supporting our Book Fair and fostering a climate of reading within our community. A special thank you to all the volunteers who gave of their time in setting up, selling and closing up the Book Fair. See More
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Boys and Girls Basketball
On Tuesday November 27th, CHP held a Pep Rally to get ready for our Boys and Girls Basketball Seasons! The Boys played their first game at South River Middle School and the Girls at Stuart Country Day School. Good Luck to both teams as we look forward to a fun season! Go Wildcats! See More
Mrs. Staci Kane, Mrs. Denise Galiano, Mrs. Sherine Gergesse and
Mr. John Wilhalme celebrated their birthdays in November.

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