Vol. 2, No. 13
Spring is the novel walker that
lets you walk your way.
What We're Doing
We're making you a special offer:

Spring costs $380 plus shipping, but there is a limited supply
available for $342 plus a heavily discounted shipping rate.

Click the blue button below and when our Indiegogo
page opens, look for the yellow “secret” button on the right.
Click that button and you will be able to get this special price.
If you have received an email with a UPS tracking number,
you will get an email notice in about three weeks when
your tracking number has been activated. 

Then you will be able to track and manage your delivery. 
If you have paid for Spring but have not been notified that you
have a UPS label, you can expect your item by mid-January.

We appreciate your patience and hope to soon be shipping
from current inventory. But we will not compromise quality.   

Do you have a question about your order?

Email us at  orders@foraydesign.com,  or
call us at 1-833-MY-FORAY (1-833-693-6729).
Product Feature of the Month
Easy and Pleasant Unboxing
Spring is delivered in a sturdy, simple box.
Open the top flaps and you will see the instruction booklet.
Lift Spring out, remove the elegant storage bag, and you are ready to go.
What We're Reading
We have all read the literature linking exercise to better health.
But if you have mobility problems, you probably can't be
as active as you would like. So being told to exercise
may not feel all that constructive.
Now researchers are conducting more real-life experiments in
which peoples’ everyday activities are being measured
for correlations with better health. The good news is that
any type of activity is beneficial.

As reported in The New York Times , a study in
the journal  Sleep Health associated increases in
walking with better sleep health.
At Foray we are committed to helping you be as physically
active as you are able to be. No lectures.
Our Privacy Policy
We NEVER sell, trade or share any information on
any of our customers or readers.

Never have. Never will.
Want to See Spring?
Write to us at info@foraydesign.com

Or call us at: (833) MY-FORAY
(833) 693- 6729

Thanks to a funded program, we can donate a unit
to your clinic, community center, or venue.
Your Foray Design Team,
Patricia Kavanagh, M.D.
Ioannis Rutledge
Colin Touhey
Hal Ebbott
Jody Day
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