Volume II | November, 30 2019
Developing Our World's Discipleship Process
Discipleship is the process of teaching biblical precepts as well as providing guidance on how to live righteously as the followers of Jesus Christ. It is a cyclic process, which means that once a person is discipled, he is supposed to disciple others. The characteristic that is fundamental for being a disciple is the capability to build an intimate relationship with God through the faith in Jesus Christ, and not just learn about Him. Discipleship provides the Christian with all the things that he may need to grow closer to God, including knowledge of His Word, doctrine, prayer, worship, practice, service, and encouragement.

Moreover, discipleship training revolves around building a relationship with others, which is done through care, devotion and by offering encouragement to each other to adopt ways of living that involve Christ-like characteristics in our daily lives. Many a time, the excellent teachers share their own journeys, including their personal experience and testimonies. This is a vital element of discipleship because narrations of accounts that explain how the individual benefitted from following Christ can make a great impact on the individuals who are seeking a similar transformation in their lives.

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Training Leaders in Guatemala
Developing Our World is a not-for-profit organization that is running multiple leadership training programs in Guatemala, as part of which its founder, Miguel Torneire, trained a COCODE.

Housing Ministry
Developing Our World has taken a wonderful initiative to build houses for low-income families in Guatemala, and this will impact thousands of people in the country.

Why Does Developing Our World Focus on Holistic Community Development?
17 SDGs
Developing Our World applies the Holistic Community Development in pursuit of UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals in Guatemala and other areas.