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The Importance of Recitals
Giving a child or adult music student the opportunity to perform on stage three times a year is extremely beneficial to the learning process.
First, it’s the best way to get an honest assessment of how a student is progressing. Many parents need to see the improvements their child is making from week to week. Unfortunately for eager parents, progress isn’t always consistent. If you were to reference any stock graph, you’d see that companies have performance peaks and valleys.

In much the same way, there are peaks and valleys in a student’s musical performance over time. Students will experience valleys during their practice sessions at home and peaks during their lessons at school. For this reason, recitals are important because you’ll be able to see how your child is able to perform a particular piece they have dedicated their time to learning and practicing.

The second benefit of recitals is that it gives students the chance to perform in front of an audience. These performances can play a big role in their self-confidence later in life when they will need to make in-class presentations, perform speeches, lead a meeting, run a church gathering, or give a full-blown sales presentation or conference. A recital helps them understand the importance of preparing and practicing for a performance in front of a real audience.

Another benefit of a recital is that the unexpected can happen. Mistakes, unforeseen sound issues, or missed cues have happened to every professional musician. For example, Metallica and Lady Gaga played at the Grammys and the microphone went out. Monumental sound issues have affected Super Bowl performances in front of millions of viewers. These professional artists were forced to handle situations tactfully and gracefully. Experiencing an unexpected mishap on stage will help the student learn how to react to problems, cope with stress, and improvise!

Recitals are great for boosting a child’s self esteem. Students are encouraged to invite their family, friends, and neighbors to their performances. A child has a lot to gain from having a room full of people they love watching them perform. For many, the pride and feeling of accomplishment of playing in front of a supportive crowd cannot be beaten.

Here at Gulf Breeze School of Music, we hold three recitals a year. We place heavy emphasis on having fun the day of the recital! We have various opportunities for the students, like getting their photo with their instrument taken by a professional photographer, or we roll out a red carpet and have a step and repeat banner for our students, allowing them to take pictures with their families and teacher. Photos on a red carpet with a child’s teacher is a memorable and confidence-boosting experience.
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Halloween Recital Pictures
W e l c o m e t o t h e G u l f B r e e z e S c h o o l o f M u s i c!
Coley B.
Jacoby M.
Maggie J.
Lincoln M.
Easton M.
Marshall H.
Lilla B.
Peyton J.
Emma H.
Monroe L.
Liam D.
David M.
Lauren P.
Jackson B.
Sawyer J.
Wayne Leland
Victoria W.
Samantha M.
Emma M.
William A.
Camden V.
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