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On October 20th I attended an in person Community Summit Meeting at the High School. I’ve attended these in the past and it has been a good way to connect with others in the community about things that are happening and ways that we can work together. This meeting though was different, this meeting I heard a direct call to action. Let me give you some back ground.

Community Summit meetings are usually attended by the clergy of the Cooperating Churches of Sussex, additional staff from the churches, Sussex Outreach Services, the library, the school district, the village of Sussex, Sussex police, and others. This time, I was the only clergy there from the Cooperating Churches of Sussex. This time I was prepared to share with the group that Redeemer would be offering the Christmas Movie Drive-In for the community this year. I was prepared ahead; I had paper flyers as well as had the electronic version sent to the leader to share with others. The meeting started as it normally does with the groups sharing what was going on in the community.

Then the Village of Sussex posed to the group a question: How can we work together to keep the community together? The village is starting to feel the strain of the partisan divide and having conversations with people are becoming difficult. The School Board also expressed help with this as they are experiencing community members attending their meetings with concerns about things happening in the district that are not actually happening. No one believes anyone and it is becoming a battle over the truth.

The leader of the meeting turned and looked directly into my eyes and said this sounds like something our faith leaders could help us with. I didn’t have an easy answer to give them, but I told them I was willing to work on this. As I write this, there is a clergy meeting scheduled for this week and I plan to begin some dialogue with my fellow clergy.

But as I think about what was posed of me at the meeting, I am excited about we have selected as our advent curriculum for all ages this year based on the story of How the Grinch Stole Christmas: The Heart That Grew Three Sizes. Have you experienced a lot of Grinchy people in the world lately? Have you felt Grinchy yourself? This is a way to reconnect with the love of God in your heart. I hope with everything that is going on in your lives right now, that you can commit this advent season to experience the joy of Christmas.


Pastor Julie
Pastor Julie now has an office cell phone. You can reach her at 262-328-7773.
Thank you!
To sign up for usher, greeter, money counter, or Zoom coordinator during our Sunday worship services please follow the link below.
You can sign up online or on the sheets in the great hall.
Everyone is encouraged to join us Sunday, November 14, after worship for the first Congregational and Community Engagements Ministry meeting.
All Saints Sunday is this Sunday, November 7.
You are welcome to come to worship and light a candle in remembrance of a lost loved one.
In recognition of all of the many programs and events that we are able to offer as a church, we want to highlight the generosity of time, talent and generous financial contributions of our members that make it all possible.

Thank you to Sue Younk for the many ways she serves Redeemer, but also for representing Redeemer as our Cooperating Churches of Sussex board member. We appreciate your dedication to ecumenical partnership and community engagement.

Thank you to Raechel Schowalter for serving as our Council Secretary and for co-leading our Open and Affirming (ONA) taskforce. We appreciate your dedication, especially during this stressful time of a pandemic when your profession is in healthcare. Thank you for all you do to care for people and Redeemer.

In honor of Clergy Appreciation Month we give thanks to our many Clergy members of Redeemer for their commitment to serving Jesus Christ and the Church:
Rev. Claire Beutler-Cruise, Rev. Howie Beutler-Cruise, Rev. James Gorman, Rev. Dr. Sandra Graham, Rev. Nansi Hawkins, Rev. Dr. Steven Hecky, Rev. Dr. Keith Jones, and Rev. Jane Terry.
Thank you to Sue Borth and Michele Rockey for sorting through the plastic donations. We have surpassed 2200 pounds of recycled plastic bags and film in the last two years and our fourth bench is on order. We appreciate your dedication to this ongoing Earth Care project!

Thank you to our Prayer Shawl Team for all of the hats and scarves that you have made with love. We appreciate the many ways that you show love to our neighbors both near and far.
We are looking to provide the best and safest possible programming at Redeemer. Please take a few moments and provide some feedback on how we can best deliver Faith Exploration for people of all ages. If you don't have kids, please still complete this survey, you could find yourself paired up as a pen pal with one of our youth or finding ways to engage in Adult Faith Exploration.  

In Memory Of

George M. Evert
June 16, 1933 - October 4, 2021       

Of Pewaukee, October 4, 2021, Age 88 Years. Beloved husband of the late Bonnie (nee Moll) for 62 years. Loving father of Todd (April), Mary
Lou and the late Georgene Evert. Proud grandpa of Samantha and Scott. Dear brother of Paul (Barb) and Walter (Ruth) Evert. Further survived by nieces, nephews other relatives and friends.
Memorial Service will be held on Saturday October 30 at 3PM at Redeemer United Church of Christ, W222 N4915 Town Line Rd. Menomonee Falls followed by Full Military Honors. The family will greet friends Saturday 12 Noon until time of the Service at the church. FACE MASKS WILL BE REQUIRED. In lieu of flowers, memorials to Redeemer United Church of Christ appreciated.
George was a long time employee of Golden Guernsey Dairy and a former member of the Pewaukee Volunteer Fire Dept.

Sussex Food Pantry
Toiletries - shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, body wash, et
Boxed Potato sides
Hamburger Helper
Jelly / jam
Baking Items - Flour, Sugar, Olive Oil, etc
Diapers - larger sizes
Kleenex and Paper Towel

Pewaukee Food Pantry
Saltine crackers
Regular coffee
Canned hams 16oz
Oatmeal packets in boxes of 10
Pinto beans
Sugar 4lb

We will be having a Cookie Sale on December 11. We are asking for your help with the following donations:

  • Butter
  • Large Marshmallows
  • Cornflakes
  • Sugar
  • Flour
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Eggs

Please call Michele Rockey at 262-783-4718 to let her know what items you plan to donate.
Please have your donations in by November 11!
‘The if was never a question’: Congregations weigh options for serving Afghan refugees

·      November 21st* – We will again be hosting a holiday decorations treasure hunt. Bring decorations for any holiday. Again, you do not need to bring a treasure to take some home.
*DISCLAIMER: These events are subject to COVID guidelines as outlined by the reuniting committee and approved by council.
We have surpassed 2200 pounds of recycled plastic bags and film in the last two years. TRULY AWESOME – way to go!!! Our fourth bench is on order. Please remember to bring you plastic bags and film to church or to Sue’s home.

Be Green in the Kitchen for Environmental Nutrition
By Seniors Guide Staff

By Lori Zanteson, Environmental Nutrition

Something as routine as getting food on the table can help to minimize your environmental footprint, so be green in the kitchen!
We all want to do our part to protect our precious Mother Earth. But with such overwhelming issues – climate change, pollution, sustainability – it might seem like there’s no way one person could make an impact. Something as simple and routine as getting food on the table can have a big impact lightening your environmental footprint. The foods you eat, the way you prepare them, and the way you clean up affect the environment in many ways, from energy use to greenhouse gas emissions. Over time, they accumulate as either healing or harmful contributions. Here are some ways to keep your kitchen practices on the healing side that happen to be as healthy for you as they are for the planet.

Cut food waste.
Consumers are responsible for two-thirds of food waste in this country. Food waste produces greenhouse gasses, causes water waste, and takes up valuable land resources — all are threats to the environment and our health. Small steps can make big changes.

Shop savvy.
Stocking the fridge with fresh, nutritious whole fruits and vegetables is a clear sign of our intention to follow a healthy dietary pattern . We all know that sometimes the beautiful produce we couldn’t resist at the market end up looking unrecognizable at the bottom of the crisper drawer, destined for the trash bin and then the landfill. Planning meals before heading to the market can help minimize food waste. Buy only what you’ll use and stock your pantry with items with longer storage time — canned vegetables, dried beans and pastas, root vegetables, frozen foods — to help fill out your meals.

Pass on packaging.
Avoid buying foods in unnecessary and excessive wrappings, containers, and packages, most of which end up in landfills. Even a quarter of recyclable materials never see new life. Skip single-use disposables and go with reusable plates, cutlery, straws and napkins.

Eat seed to stem.
Use every part of vegetables and fruits whenever you can. Unless your dish relies on visually perfect produce, cut, dice, chop or puree the whole thing. Nobody will know the difference, nothing will go to waste, and you’ll enjoy the added nutrients of parts like peels and skins that are so often tossed. When your greens are getting slimy, use them to make stock, pesto, dressings, and smoothies. If they’re beyond saving, composting is the next best option to cut food waste.

Go local.
Whether you grow some of your food in a backyard or community garden, purchase it from the neighborhood farmers market, or shop seasonally, you’re minimizing the miles your food travels, which means fewer greenhouse gas emissions in the form of carbon dioxide, which has been linked to climate change. These foods are also more likely to be organic, which reduces pesticides in the environment and in your home. Local food is also fresher, healthier, and can save money.

Watch water use.
From drinking and food prep to cooking and cleaning, the kitchen plays a significant role in the 88 gallons of household water Americans use each day. There are some common water guzzlers that are quick-fixes, such as fixing leaky faucets and not letting the faucet run when rinsing produce, washing hands, or cleaning the sink. Fill a shallow bowl with rinsing water, and rather than wash dishes by hand, save water by running a full dishwasher of dishes. Catch water that is coming to temperature in a bucket, and use pasta cooking water or soaking water from dried beans to water house or garden plants.

Conserve energy.
Appliances use the bulk of energy in the kitchen. Using less electricity reduces greenhouse gas emissions, lowering our carbon footprint. Newer appliances are more energy efficient than older models, but there are still ways to save electricity in the kitchen. Keep the fridge between 37- and 40-degrees F and the freezer at 5 degrees (0 degrees for a stand-alone) for highest efficiency, and don’t overcrowd it, as this interferes with air circulation. Ovens take less time to preheat these days, so avoid running an empty oven. The convection setting can shorten cook time and save energy too. Consider using a smaller toaster oven or microwave for smaller dishes, and utilize lids when cooking on the stovetop to avoid wasting heat.
Get even more efficient by making use of the instant pot , pressure cooker and slow cooker whenever possible. They are far more energy efficient than other cooking appliances. The instant pot, for example, saves up to 70% of the electricity used by ovens, stove and steamers.
It’s empowering to know how small, simple changes in everyday kitchen practices can have such positive impact at home, on us, and our beautiful planet.

“Be Green in the Kitchen” was reprinted with permission from Environmental Nutrition, a monthly publication of Belvoir Media Group, LLC. 800-829-5384.
© 2021 Belvoir Media Group. Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.
As an Amazon Associate, Seniors Guide earns from qualifying purchases of linked books and other products.
Dear Friends and Members of Redeemer,
I write this short note to tell you all that late last winter I informed Pastor Julie that I would not be writing or directing the Christmas Program this year. I have done so annually many years now and find that the whole process (which actually starts in the summer going until after the program is completed) takes too much out of me as to diminish myself for my family for the holidays. Last year's effort, with the added learning and using video filming and all the editing pressures, proved too much.
The Christmas Story remains the same and will again be upon us shortly. I look forward to honoring the Nativity anew with you all this year, just from a different seat.
Peace-  Bob Rockey 
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Native American Heritage Day
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Monday, November 29
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Intergenerational Activities for ALL Ages

Sunday mornings from 9:30-10am November 7th - 21st.

Join us in the Great Hall

Card and Placemat Making

Prayer Shawls
If you are a loved one would like a prayer shawl during this difficult time, the prayer shawls are available for pick-up Monday - Friday 9:00 - 2:00 and Sunday mornings.
Prayer Families
James & Lisa Morris

Betty Mindemann

Rev. Julie, Dustin, Austin Aydin Eklund, and De'Mar Neal

Brendan, Niki, Angel, and Jaylin Moore

When you order goods with Amazon, use the Amazon Smile website and designate Redeemer United Church of Christ. Items ordered on Amazon Smile are the same price for you, but Amazon will donate .5% of your purchase to the charity you designate. Since we introduced the program, Amazon has donated almost $150.00 to Redeemer United Church of Christ — just by placing your order through Amazon Smile!

Thank you!

November 06
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November 27
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November 28
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Dawn Jordan
November 30
Diane Kuhlman
Financial Report
Pastor’s Report October 2021

September 12th – October 10th , 2021 

Council Meeting: 1 
Personal Meetings/calls: 8+
Community Office Hours: 3
Worship Services: 10 (Two outdoor services cancelled because of rain)
Ministry/Committee Meeting: 6
Spiritual Direction: 1
Wild With Words: 1
Home/Hospital Visit: 2
Brookdale Senior Living Visit: 1
Moderators: 2
CCOS Board Meeting: 1
Harvey Buth Sprinkling of Ashes
Joan Hart Memorial Service and Reception
Confirmation Rehearsal

I am requesting another Friday off for Friday, October 22. It is another day that the boys do not have school. With the emergencies happening this past month on my off days, I haven’t been able to get two days off per week. For the month of September, I got four total days off. I am putting in my best effort for self-care so I will be able to be my best self for others.  

Most of my time this month was spent doing pastoral care and worship/memorial service prep. On average it takes me a minimum of ten hours to prepare for a memorial service. This process is very important in order to honor the departed properly. I also once again spent my hour at Brookdale Senior Living in Sussex this month, as well as home, phone and zoom visits for those who are in need of some pastoral connection.

We also confirmed three of our confirmation students on September 26th. It was wonderful to honor them and wrap up that class. Our fourth confirmation student who was sick and cannot attend will be confirmed in November. 

The weather has been warmer than usual for October, but the rain on Sunday mornings has caused us to cancel two outdoor worship services. It is disappointing to have to do so, but I am hopeful we will be able to get a few more in before the season comes to an end.

I will continue to prepare for another memorial service for our beloved George Evert. These past weeks have been difficult for us as a Redeemer community. We are hoping to begin some grief support as a faith community soon. All Saints Sunday will be November 7th, to remember all those we’ve lost this last year.

We have a trunk-or-treat event planned for the end of the month. We hope that we get more volunteers to provide a trunk of treats; otherwise we may have to cancel the event
Respectfully submitted by Pastor Julie
Council Minutes
Redeemer UCC
Church Council Meeting - Minutes

14 October 2021 / 7:00 PM / Zoom: Minutes: Raechel Schowalter
Attendance: Lisa Morris, Rick Lokken, Jim Schowalter, Raechel Schowalter, Julie Eklund, Catherine Richardson, Megan Everts, Kyla Stefan, Rick Eggert, Tammy Stratmeyer, Nancy Ludin
Meeting Opened at 7:00 pm

Community Building – Joys & Concerns
Prayer led by Pastor Julie

Financial Reports: 
We moved some money from Edward Jones to checking as planned.
Nancy working with the bank of a benefactor re: the paperwork required to receive the gift that Redeemer UCC received.
Balance Sheet linked here
Budget vs Actual linked here

Office Administrator Report:
No report this month.
Casey was to return to work today but did so in a limited capacity. Returning on Monday once childcare is arranged.

Pastor’s Report
Much of Pastor Julie’s planned time off hasn’t worked out. She is still planning on taking off work on the 22nd.  
Pastor's Report linked here.

 Beyond worship - update pending after Jim has a chance to meet with Mandi Kirby.

Ministry Team Update linked here.
We need more volunteers for multiple ministries.
Volunteers needed for trunk or treat. There are 3 volunteers plus Nikki will do 2 trunks, Julie will do 2 trunks, Nathan will participate. Jessie will work 2 hours on Sunday for trunk or treat if approved by council.
Jessie paid participation approved.

Worship Team - 
Intergenerational Faith Exploration/Community Engagement - postcards were sent encouraging participation in the survey.  
An Advent theme is being considered as part of the Learning to Love More campaign “The Heart that Grew 3 Sizes”.
Pastor Julie is exploring movie nights and collaborating with Hamilton High School for advertising.

Discussion occurred re: the difference between Ministry Teams and Operations. Things that are core necessities of the church (worship, generosity & gratitude, PRC & personnel) touch “operations” as set functions of the church. The 5 teams that are included in the Ministry Team report (linked above) are clearly ministry.
Due to a lack of volunteers overall - should we consider merging all 5 clear ministry teams into 1 larger team and focusing the priorities to fewer tasks/goals?
Team would be run by the council on a set day/time every month. Goals and plans would be determined during this one consolidated meeting. We would try to create activities that meet the goals of more than one group from the church (example: Mission & Intergenerational = Food collection with activity for youth). A lengthy discussion occurred re: options for how to best facilitate this proposed change.  
Suggestion to start with meeting once a month on a Sunday following church to plan and begin. Suggestion made to begin the 2nd Sunday in November. Jim Schowalter will lead the first meeting.
A second monthly meeting may be required to complete work/planning. This meeting would be to work on action items and not re-work goals.
Pastor Julie will work with the person leading the meeting on the agenda.  
Suggestion made to have council members rotate leadership of this combined ministry team meeting.
Motion made to disband the current ministry team structure and transition to one larger Congregational & Community Engagement Ministry Team.  
Rick Eggert motioned to approve, Kyla 2nd. Approved by quorum.
This proposal will be shared with the church during the All Congregation Meeting on 10/24/21.
Team Communication linked here. There were questions re: who has access to Servant Keeper - access will not change at this time.

Personnel Update/Request: The personnel team would like to give a gift of $100.00 to Mary Olson and $50.00 to Barb Andrekopolous for their assistance in covering staffing needs.
Motion made to fund these gifts out of the Gift and Recognition Account by Rick Eggert. Second by Lisa Morris. Approved by quorum. 
Guidelines for Healthy Communication linked here, will be shared with the congregation.

ACM 10/24 linked here.

Worship and Activities Schedule 2021
Master Schedule linked here

Lisa Morris working on reaching out to firm up the greeter list
Tammy Stratmeyer will make some calls. Jim to follow up with which group to contact
Jim Schowalter will contact the liturgists
Usher List linked here

Pastor Phone
When working with Spectrum to renegotiate our service rate, Jim was able to secure a “pastor” cell phone as part of the package. The phone is in our possession.  

Google for nonprofits - Jim will work with Casey to apply for this service.  

Web Provider update
Jim is inquiring with several companies to study opportunities to increase our web based traffic/position in search engines.  
Cookie Sale
Dates have been reserved for a potential cookie sale for later this year - but - under current guidelines we cannot gather in the kitchen to bake/frost. If the team can’t use the kitchen, it cannot be done. Are there alternatives?
Recommendation for this event:
Masks required
No eating/drinking when together
Physically distance when possible
Approved per our guidelines if above recommendations are followed

Review of Decisions & Assignments

Adjournment @ 9:15pm with The Lord’s Prayer
Congregational Care
Linda Graebner- Smith & Bonnie Seidlitz

Earth Care
Sue Borth

Buildings & Grounds
Kim Olson & Fred Smith

We need you!

Generosity and Gratitude
We need you!

Mary Dopierala

Intergenerational Faith Exploration
Niki Moore

Caryn Easterling

Community Engagement & Events Jon Stratmeyer
Jim Schowalter

Past Moderator
Kyla Stefan

Vice Moderator
Rick Lokken

Council Member
Rick Eggert

Council Member Tammy Stratmeyer

Council Member
Megan Everts

Council Member
Lisa Morris

Council Member Catherine Richardson

Nancy Ludin

Council Secretary Raechel Schowalter
Safe Care
Don Macomber

In Home Visiting
We need you!

 We need you!

Pastoral Relations
Kurt Stefan

Funeral Support
Caryn Easterling

Swiss Steak Committee
Kurt Stefan & Rick Eggert

Mike Strieter

Prairie & Sanctuary Garden
Rick & Nancy Vollbrecht

Cemetery Board
Bob Rockey