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Volume 14 Issue 9

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North Ridge Country Club

7600 Madison Avenue, Fair Oaks, CA

Social time 11 am

Registration starts at 11:30 am

Program Meeting noon - 2 pm

Menu: House Salad, Angel Hair Pasta with Salmon, Asparagus,
Vegetarian Option - Cheese Raviolis and Vegetables
Lemon Crème Cannoli, Coffee and Tea

Luncheon Fee: $30

Reservation Deadline: Noon on Friday, October 29th

For reservations call: (916) 733-1623

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Featured Speaker

Laura Chiappe

"School Choice is the greatest social justice issue of our time.”

An attorney by trade, Laura Chiappe has long been a champion for education and an advocate for school choice. In 1998, Laura left the practice of law to become an educator where she developed, wrote, and implemented curriculum, participated in focus groups with textbook publishers, consulted with online education community developers, and oversaw standards and accreditation compliance. She will be sharing why school choice is necessary, details about the Educational Freedom Act, and what needs to be done to make school choice a reality. Come ready to be empowered and get involved.

Please Note: A reservation made, is a reservation paid. Unless canceled prior to deadline. Late reservation will receive the Chef's Choice for lunch.

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Featured Speaker

Marilyn Jackson from Educational Impact

When: Thursday, November 4th

LOCATION: SCRP Headquarters

9851 Horn Rd. Meeting Rm #170, Sacramento, CA

Time: 7 - 8:30 pm

RSVP: Megan 916-213-5106

RSVP Online Here
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Ana Mendez SRWF President


Thank you for sending me to the 41st NFRW Convention in Orlando, Florida. Below are a few highlights:

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida welcomed us to Florida by saying Never Give UP!

He kept Florida open during the pandemic. In addition to suing Joe Biden over Border control and critical race theory, he’s bringing back American Civics to schools.

Kat Cammack, the youngest Republican woman at 33-years-old, proudly serves Florida’s 3rd Congressional District. She’s a strong representative of PRO-LIFE since she survived almost being aborted. Sadly, she said, “Republican colleagues are afraid to stand for LIFE. They have forgotten Republicans are the only Party that represent the unborn.” 

Kristi Noem, South Dakota's first female Governor, proudly kept her State opened. Her leadership guided by God and family produced initiatives protecting down syndrome children from being aborted and established 230 foster homes for abandoned children.

Mike Huckabee, former Governor of Arkansas showcased a white beard and mustache. He humorously shared, because our economy is being ruined by the current administration, he’s playing Santa Clause during Christmas.

California we should be proud look at all our Awards we earned:

Betty Heitman Award for State Excellence.

1st Place Trophy Winner-Public Relations recipient of the Traveling Golden Eagle Trophy

Most Volunteer Hours - 2 million+

State Member with Most Volunteer Hours – Joy Miedecke

Club Membership Award– 1st Place Numerical & % Increase, El Dorado Hills RWF          

California Achieved 100% of membership by June 25, 2021

Club Achievement Awards submitted - 116 out of 132 clubs

NRWF Armed Services Award - Gary Sinise Foundation

In the future, if given the opportunity, I encourage you to attend and have fun with like-minded women while gaining valuable information to further our cause. 

Visit NFRW Link here for further details.

At October’s luncheon, Affidavits were shared. Email member Lynn Reeves at or click here for more information.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Also, we proudly acknowledge our wonderful brave Veterans."

 “Stand strong, safe and see God move for us!”

Ana Mendez/SRWF President

Ana FL Convention.jpg

Ana Mendez, SRWF President receiving the Diamond Award for SRWF


Ann Schockett, NFRW President

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Janice Price 2nd V.P. Membership Chair



Let us Celebrate our NEWEST 2021 SRWF Members! The Sacramento Republican Women Federated would like to extend a warm welcome to all who joined since our last newsletter. Thank you!


Cheers to our most recent 2021 Patriots: Antoinette Aho, Lucinda Cookman, Kelly Corliss, Jo Hole, Linda Huxtable, and Leslie Salterella. Kim Durham was our most recent renewal. We are glad you joined US!!! Looking forward to our new members getting involved with our Membership. Involvement means working with our Elections, our Membership Outreach, Communications, our Caring for America Program, Education, i.e., Precinct walking, voter registration, and our Special Events. Or would like to be a Committee Chair? Every one of these areas need your HELP. Please help contribute to our SRWF Membership.


We are pleased to report we currently have forty-seven new members and eighty renewing members for a total of 127 SRWF Patriot members. Our Associates/Affiliates add fourteen more for a total Membership of 141 for 2021.

If you have any questions regarding newsletter submissions, membership, or receiving the newsletter, please contact me at (916) 838-9980 or by email at


Susan McCrea



The Rise of Socialism:

Education in the USA, Part I

Our Founding Fathers agreed that education based on truth, freedom, and godly principles is essential to the preservation of our Republic. In a letter in 1779, Samuel Adams echoed this sentiment. “If virtue and knowledge are diffused among the People, they will never be enslaved. This is their greatest security.”

To better understand the rise of socialism/communism in the USA and its attempt to enter American education and erode the principles on which our country’s founded, knowledge of events in England after the death of Karl Marx is essential. Marx, a refugee from Germany and an outcast from France because of his radical, godless economic ideas, found refuge and sympathizers in England at the end of his life. He wrote most of Das Kapital during his studies at a London library.

The year after his death in 1884, a group of English elitists formed the Fabian Society. Discarding the Marxist idea of violent revolution by the working class, these mostly wealthy and influential intellectuals espoused a non-violent takeover for socialism/communism—to infect the minds of men indirectly though stealth. They would use their wealth and influence in the arts, politics, economics, and education.  A wolf in sheep’s clothing became its coat of arms, (later discarded as too overt). Deceit would be its motto as inspired by the ancient Roman general, Quintus Fabius Maximus, who overcame Hannibal in the Second Punic War, not by direct combat but by an indirect, covert method. A slow permeation into the culture would be their main tactic, not a confrontational, direct approach. Its logo was the tortoise, representing an almost imperceptible transition to socialism, called “creeping change” or “creeping socialism.”

Fueled by Marx’s writings, these socialist/communist ideas gradually reached across the ocean to America. A branch of the Fabian Society immigrated to our shores in 1895, coming in through Rev. Bliss of a Congregational Church in Boston in the guise of Christian Socialism. As it had in England, intellectual elitists joined its ranks, including American writers, Upton Sinclair and Jack London, and the “progressive” John Dewey, founder of our modern educational system. How these and others have contributed to this mostly silent attempt at a cultural revolution, affecting education and other aspects of life in the USA, will be addressed in the next month’s article, Part II. These American Fabians and other like-minded individuals have been working hard behind the scenes to try and change the direction and values of our country.

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As Republicans, we are the only party standing up for the unborn. We have an opportunity to unite with three local Pregnancy Centers, that provide free services to women and children in need.

In November and December come ready to give baby clothes, diapers, and supplies for new Mom’s. And of course, MONEY.  


  • Bring Baby items to our next meeting: Diapers preemie-to size 4, baby wipes and baby clothes 0-12 months.
  • Go to their website and donate directly or buy items through Amazon linked on their webpages. 
  • Or bring your checkbook and cash to donate.

In November and December, we’ll have a small gift for our Donors. HAPPY SHOPPING!!!

The Three Centers

Phone: 916.880.4040 

Address: 1111 Howe Avenue Suite #610 Sacramento CA, 95825


Phone: (916)624-89901

Address: 1212 Coloma Way, Ste. A Roseville, CA 95661

Phone: (916) 451-4357

Address: 2316 Bell Executive Lane, Sacramento, CA 95825


Embracing lives. One pregnancy at a time.

*For additional information contact Olga Hermann at

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Come join us for a special Christmas celebration!

Saturday, December 4th at North Ridge Country Club. Enjoy visiting with friends while listening to Christmas melodies. We will have a choice of filet, salmon or a vegetarian selection. There will be more information in the coming days about making reservations to this annual event! 

 Opportunity Prizes Needed!

The Opportunity Drawing is a fun and exciting way to support our club. Please consider bringing a nice gift to donate…. gift cards and gift baskets are always a popular choice. The need for prizes is especially important for our Christmas program. It is a critical part of our continuing fundraising efforts and is needed at every meeting. Thank you in advance for supporting this effort. 

SRWF Membership Drive

Renew Your Membership Now!

Sale extended until 10/24! Payment must be postmarked by 10/24 for $25 sale price. Pay $25 to renew your 2021 membership fees or to become a new member.

Contact Janice Price, Membership Chair for SWRF Membership application

Phone: 916-838-9980


Mailing Address for application: ATTN: SRWF, 6430 Quiescence Lane #A, Carmichael, CA 95608

Karen Juten

Texas Voting Bill

Gov. Greg Abbott Signs Texas Voting Bill Into Law

Though delayed by Democratic quorum breaks, Texas has officially joined the slate of Republican states that have enacted new voting restrictions following the 2020 election. Gov. Greg Abbott on Tuesday signed into law Senate Bill 1, sweeping legislation that further tightens state election laws and constrains local control of elections by limiting counties’ ability to expand voting options. The governor’s signature ends months of legislative clashes and standoffs during which Democrats — propelled by concerns that the legislation raises new barriers for marginalized voters — forced Republicans into two extra legislative sessions.

SB 1 is set to take effect three months after the special legislative session, in time for the 2022 primary elections. While SB 1 makes some changes that could expand access — namely increasing early voting hours in smaller, mostly Republican counties — the new law otherwise restricts how and when voters cast ballots. It specifically targets voting initiatives used by diverse, Democratic Harris County, the state’s most populous, by banning overnight early voting hours and drive-thru voting — both of which proved popular among voters of color last year.

The new law also will ratchet up voting-by-mail rules in a state where the option is already significantly limited, give partisan poll watchers increased autonomy inside polling places by granting them free movement, and set new rules — and criminal penalties — for voter assistance. It also makes it a state jail felony for local election officials to proactively distribute applications for mail-in ballots, even if they are providing them to voters who automatically qualify to vote by mail or groups helping get out the vote.

Click here for full article

Calendar of Events

November 3 - SRWF Luncheon North Ridge Country Club 11 am

November 4 - Evening Club Meeting SCRP Headquarters Meeting Room 7 pm

November 10 - Executive Board Meeting at Ettore's from 11 am to 1 pm

November 11 - Veterans Day

November 13 - Military Care Package Event - Click here for more info

November 17 - SCRP Central Committee meeting 7 pm

November 25 - Thanksgiving

December 2 - Christmas Party in Folsom at a private residence - TBA

December 4 - SRWF Christmas Fundraiser North Ridge Country Club 11 am

December - Board Meeting -TO BE DETERMINED

December 25 - Christmas

Contact Janice Price: or Ana Mendez: if you would desire our newsletter by e-mail, or have any changes to your e-mail addresses, or have friends’ e-mail addresses that you would like to encourage to join by introducing them by way of our newsletter. WATCH FOR YOUR NEWSLETTER E-BLASTS: Next one is November 17th. The snail mail versions will be mailed on the above listed date.