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Insight to Come Follow Me - D&C 133-134

By Jennifer Ann Mackley

In Doctrine and Covenants 133 we are reminded of the need to “Prepare [ourselves] for the great day of the Lord,” the Second Coming of the Savior, and warned of “those things which are coming on the earth.” We need to establish a spiritual foundation built on our relationship with our Savior to withstand the prophesied plagues, wars, floods, famines, and earthquakes, and have peace of mind. 

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The Conduct of Our Lives

WW Quote of the Month

"It should be the aim of all the members of the Church to carry out practically the principles of the Gospel. In no way can we better convince the world of their truth than in showing in our acts and dealings with one another and with mankind the elevating effect they have upon us."

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How Wilford Woodruff Became a Father, Almost a Widower, and Finally an Apostle

By Steven C. Harper

Wilford Woodruff became a father, almost a widower, and an apostle in one action-packed year. His family and his faith in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ were paramount to him. His relentless quest was to bind his family and his faith together in a covenant so strong that no governor’s order, no dungeon cell, not even death could overturn it. He would have gone anywhere and done anything the Lord asked of him.

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Foundation Names New CTO

Mark Pollmann has recently joined the Wilford Woodruff Papers Foundation as our Chief Technology Officer. Mark is passionate about data, technology, and making new things, and loves to learn about the history of how things came to be.

“This is a fun project for me,” said Mark. “In reading and learning about Wilford Woodruff through his journals, I can identify with his sense of numbers. Being a statistician, I relate to tracking the transactions of life, like the number of letters sent and received, how far one has traveled each day, or who spoke at a conference and for how long. I love that kind of stuff.”

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Request for Content Volunteers

The Wilford Woodruff Papers Project has formed a new team to gather meaningful and inspiring quotes from the writings of Wilford Woodruff.

If you would like to contribute your time to this meaningful project, please respond to this email to get started!

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