by Fr. Kevin Warner

November, 2022

Be as shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves. [Matthew 10:16b]

SIX MILLION DOLLARS! That was how much the citizens of Sun City Center reported as lost after being scammed in 2021. Keep in mind that is only the amount reported, the actual amount might be as much as two to three times that amount. I just spoke with Officer Jeffrey Merry, SCC’s Community Resource Deputy, and already this year that number has more than doubled. Since I have been at SJD I am aware of several of our community being scammed to the tune of over $50,000 dollars, and that is just what I know about – how much more have people lost? Even after sending out numerous emails, announcing on Sunday, etc. people are still being duped. Here are some quick and easy ways to avoid being scammed and having your identity stolen.

  1. NEVER BUY GIFT CARDS FOR SOMEONE ELSE! The text or FB notification might sound like someone you know who needs your help, but never buy gift cards and then text/email the numbers. IT IS ALWAYS A SCAM!
  2. DON’T ANSWER THE PHONE IF IT’S NOT SOMEONE YOU KNOW! Most carriers offer a scam block so only numbers you know get through and everyone else is routed to your voicemail. Just call your phone company and see if they can do that for you. Also, if someone you don’t know gets through and they ask: “Can you hear me?” hang up. Never answer “Yes.” as they can use your voice to penetrate certain accounts.
  3. AVOID ONLINE FRIENDSHIPS! Loneliness is everything it is cracked up to be, but do not respond for a long period of time to someone without meeting them face-to-face. Online dating apps are fine, if there is a face-to-face meeting somewhat soon after finding someone you like.

These are just a few important tips but the most important thing to remember is always be cautious with your information. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s not real.


Fr. Kevin+

II Timothy 1:11

From the Associate Rector

“That ain’t fair! That ain’t fair! That ain’t fair!

The voice was unmistakable. The irritation was evident.

Back during my broadcast days, I was backstage interviewing Conway Twitty, when Loretta Lynn just finishing a set onstage, walked into our conversation.

I still believe what I said was correct. But, she was right; I should not have said it. I mentioned how Conway’s recent recording had sounded a lot like Elvis. A newcomer to the business might have accepted this as a compliment but Conway was no newcomer.

“Conway doesn’t sound like anyone else! He just sounds like Conway!” Loretta continued.

Loretta taught me a valuable lesson that day, not only in my broadcasting career but also in life – One has no right to speak his or her mind if it might injure another person, even if the statement is true, but if the truth must be spoken, let it be in love. We must think before we speak.

I guess that was my problem that day. That scolding from Loretta was an asset to me in the many interviews that would follow.

I read, somewhere, that Mary Pickford had said, that in her entire career, she never read one review of her motion pictures. She said if the reviews were bad, they might discourage her, and if they were good, they might go to her head. The box office receipts would tell her whether she was doing well.

Words can hurt or discourage, but they can also bring happiness and elevate self-esteem. Above all, they must be fair.




This year we will once again celebrate Thanksgiving with a service on Wednesday night, November 23 at 7:00 pm. This year there will not be a dinner preceding the service.



  I was shocked when I was called out of the business world into full-time ministry as a musician. That was twenty-eight years ago. I was the only musician that did not play the organ on staff of an Episcopal church in our diocese. I never thought I would be chosen for that ministry. The church that wanted me was the Church of the Holy Spirit in Osprey, Florida, and I had become their new “worship leader,” a term used in Pentecostal and charismatic churches. I play the guitar, and I led the congregation in singing praises to our Savior. I love doing that.

  But that sort of thing was quite controversial among traditional denominations at that time. We were in the middle of the “worship wars,” an oxymoron if I’ve ever seen one. We Christians, who are to be identified as Christians by our love for one another, were fighting each other because of our preferences for the style of worship music we used in church.  

  It was sad. Ten miles up the road was one of the most traditional parishes in the diocese. You would think we were arch enemies. Bishop Lipscomb reminded us we are not enemies, but rather two different portals to the same kingdom. A refreshing viewpoint indeed.

  In my mind, it was hard to fathom why it made so much difference. Worship music, I thought, was to express our adoration, honor and praise to our Redeemer who loves us so much He died a horrible death for us. I love Him. Jesus is the absolute center of my life. It made no difference to me whether the songs we sang to express that love are five hundred years old or five weeks old, as long as they honor the name of Jesus. Traditional or contemporary? It appeared to me that we were majoring in minors.  

  The hymn, “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God” was a contemporary song the day it was introduced to the public in 1529. It must have been a good one. It stood the test of time. A worship song written last week will someday be a grand old hymn if it stands the test of time.

  I have observed that, in some minds, the worship wars are still being waged. I first encountered them a generation ago. I had hoped we would have outgrown them by now. I know we all have preferences, but let’s not let our personal preferences keep us from coming together to adore, honor and praise our Savior. Let’s focus all our heart, soul, mind and strength on Him. After all, that is what He wants, and He is the one that matters.

I love you, in Jesus’ name,

Howard Roshaven

Senior Warden

Junior Warden Report


Hello All,

Time to welcome our Northern friends back to SJD. Welcome home and we look forward to seeing you in Church!

We made it through the hurricane in pretty good shape. We had some debris scattered around the property and some limbs were down. The landscaping crew have been working hard cleaning up. Also, the flagpole in front of the Banner Building was blown down and the trash bin lid was blown off its hinge. Both will be repaired shortly. The new windows were installed just in time and we thank the good Lord that is all we experienced.

The Healing Center is under yet another delay by Hillsborough County. The County is now requiring the Land Engineers to prepare a drawing of the completed site, including the building placement, and the electrical and plumbing completion so that they can “have it for their file so they will not need to come to the site.” They want to place the drawing along with the permit in their records.

The drawing is now being addressed by the Land Engineer; and hopefully, will be the last hurdle. Satan has placed many obstacles which means he is worried about this ministry. We will prevail! 

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.


Steve Van Loan

Jr. Warden

Do you know of someone who would like prayer
Would you like to be a part of our Prayer Team?

Barb Gingrich at 813-633-5649 or
Val Bryant at 813-352-1207 or

Ramblings of an Over-Caffeinated, Sleep Deprived, Child Rearing, Millennial:



Hello everyone! Wow, in preparing for this I saw that I haven’t written an article for Revelations since May of 2021. That is a whole year and a half since I participated, outside of being your editor and organizer. So, why come back to writing for Revelations? The main reason I can come back now is the support from my co-workers, and especially our new receptionist, Cheryl Savini. She has been an amazing addition to our team and has recovered many of the tasks that Fr. Kevin and I took over after Candy’s departure. In addition to running the front desk & phones, she now sends out Happenings, staff agendas, prints the bulletins, reviews Revelations for errors, manages the input of new members to Realm, name tags, etc. It is great having someone back in that position, leaving Fr. Kevin and me time to do those things in our job descriptions. With that said, let me update you on all things Media/AV at SJD!

With Tommy Blair’s departure, I have been searching for a replacement to fill the hole he has left. I have tried local high schools, employment websites, and other outlets with no success. My next move is to visit the local high schools in person and meet with staff to see if they might have promising candidates. I have been thankful to Howard Roshaven, Tim Hudson, and our newest volunteers Stephanie Molina and Mark Hunter as they step up to serve this church in the booth. But we are sorely lacking help, as Fr. Kevin and I have filled in the spaces left by any of these four volunteers when they are sick or on a trip. We are looking for more volunteers, and anyone interested may email me at:

The booth has not had any major changes to equipment since my last update in the annual report but going to a shared 10 A.M. service has brought a great deal of change for how we prep and stream. It has been wonderful to have around an hour to prepare after the 8 A.M, which gives ample time for volunteers to get settled. We are also excited to invite online viewers of the Live Stream to use the chat feature during the Praise & Worship Prelude to write their prayer requests for the Prayers of the People. Our goal is to make the service welcoming and open to both in person and online viewers, so that everyone can worship together.

I feel that this is more than enough for my first Revelations article in over a year but thank you all for reading; it is great to be back!

Tristan M. Warner

Media & Tech Specialist 

Grief Support November 2022

Tips for Coping with Grief at the Holidays

For those who are grieving, special days and holidays associated with with the deceased can be especially hard. Acknowledging the challenge of facing these days does not make a difficult time easier, but preparing for them by tapping into helpful coping strategies, may provide some much-needed comfort. Follow these “three C’s” to help navigate your way through when grief could be especially intense.


During the holidays it can be easy to feel obligated to be a part of activities or events that have potential to increase your pain. Remember you do have choices. Decide what activities you want to be a part of, who you want to be with, and what you want to do. Choosing personal ways to recognize the person who has died may help bring a positive focus to your grief.


Discussing your choices with others is important, as their ways of dealing with grief may be different. Communicating about your choices can be especially important around holidays and other special occasions as there may be long-standing traditions or expectations involved.


Each person deals with loss in his or her particular way and therefore has different needs. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. Leaving space for compromise is important.


Nothing changes the fact that holidays, anniversaries, and other special days can be difficult whilst grieving. But if you choose your actions, communicate your choices to others, and find suitable compromises, you may find these days become bearable and that you gain renewed strength and hope.

Sponsoring Flowers

Sponsoring flowers for Sunday is a wonderful way to celebrate, honor, or remember a special person or an event, such as a birthday, anniversary, or achievement. Only $30 is the recommended donation for such an occasion. There is also opportunity to contribute to the purchase of poinsettias for Christmas and lilies for Easter.


Flowers used on Sunday are subsequently arranged in smaller bouquets, which are taken to people in hospitals or to those who are homebound. Although many recipients thoughtfully return vases to be used again, there is currently a shortage. The Flower Guild needs quart and pint size vases; however, they do not need bud vases. Anyone having some to donate, may bring them to church and leave them on the counter under the large bulletin board in the parish hall. They will be much appreciated.


The Flower Guild is looking for a few adventurous men and women, with talent they may not know they have, to arrange flowers for God's house. No experience is required. Guided training is provided. Anyone wishing to discover your hidden talent may email or call/text at 941-545-8132.

Triple T Ministry

November 2022

“For where your treasure is,

there your heart will be also.”

Luke 12:34

The theme for giving here at St. John Divine is Triple T: Time, Talent, and Treasure. We are all servants of Christ and stewards of the blessings we receive. Many of us are actively using our time and talents in the various ministries that make this such a special church. But financial resources are needed for salaries, supplies, utilities, insurance, and all the other expenses incurred every month. And expenses are getting more expensive.

Plain and simple, as we prepare for 2023, we need your pledge of financial support. In 2022 pledges, non pledge, and loose offering were budgeted at $412,000, with a total revenue of $511,350 when including other income sources. Our target for target for next year is in final development. While your Vestry will be fiscally responsible, with the realization of the impact of rising inflation, we can expect increases.

St. John Divine is emerging from our COVID doldrums with new energy, new members, and new activities. The sharing of the treasure we have received from the bounty of God’s blessing is a spiritual discipline and an act of love. Over the next few weeks, you will hear from members of the congregation as part of a Triple T Giving campaign. The Vestry is proud that lay persons are leading this effort.

The many different ways you can make your pledge will be explained in the coming weeks. Please give prayerful consideration of your financial support of St. John Divine. In this and all things let Christ be your guide.

Your Triple T team

The women of SJD are busy at work getting everything together for this year’s Fall Festival. We’re going to have a fun day filled with pumpkins, gifts, baked goodies, lots of food and lots of fellowship.

We are having our delicious baked goods table again this year with Deb Wigmore and her team inviting you again to bring get out your special baked goods recipes and join in the fun. All baked goods donations are appreciated and will be accepted Friday, November 18th from 10:00am to 1:00pm and Saturday morning November 19th from 10:00am to 12:00pm.

Yoniece Miller and her team are looking for your collectibles for the Attic Treasures table. This table features valuable collector items. Last festival we had a great collection of Boyd’s Bears. We don’t have much storage space so donations will start being accepted November 7th. Contact Yoniece for further information.

Sharon Bakay is doing our gift baskets for our Silent Auction and has selected three types of baskets we think you’ll like: Loads of Chocolate; SPA and Wine and Cheese. The fun part about our gift baskets is that you help us fill them. Donations are being accepted no later than November 13th. That way Sharon will have enough time to do her magic. A box in the Parish Hall will be designated to hold your donations. If you have baskets we can use them too.

We are thrilled that some of our crafters who started out with us are back again and have become our friends. We have several new crafters/friends who have joined us for the first time. Inside and outside the church you’ll find gifts, novelties and friendship. And this year we will have food trucks! We are so excited and hope you will be too.

So tell your family and friends to join us Saturday, November 19th as we celebrate autumn with our Fall Festival.

See you there!


Cher Cerebe

Fall Festival Team Leader

New Round of Foyer Groups

Our first round of Foyer Groups is coming to an end and we are ready to start a new rotation! (Foyer Groups, a longstanding Episcopal tradition, are small gatherings of parishioners who meet away from their church setting to share simple meals or activities and enjoy fellowship. They have no agenda—the intention is to have fun and get to know one another better. The uniqueness of the Foyer Group is its lack of formality and its focus on community.)


Since May five Foyer Groups, consisting of six to eight people each, have been meeting on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Hosting responsibilities are rotated among the groups’ members so no one is overburdened. People participating in the first round report they have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to spend some leisure time with fellow church members who they may not have met otherwise because of our worship service schedule and our variety of volunteer and study activities.


Our next rotation will begin in January and run through June 2023. Again, each group will be comprised of approximately six people – a number that can be easily accommodated in almost any setting – and hosting responsibilities will rotate. Participating members will be asked to commit to meet at least three times during that timeframe, which enables snowbirds and those with travel commitments to join in. These are the upcoming Foyer opportunities:

·        In-Home Supper Groups Usually the meal is a potluck so the responsibility of preparing the food is shared. However, it is fine for the host/hostess to provide the entire meal if they prefer. It is also okay to “order in” instead of cooking.

·        Games & Dessert Groups Each host/hostess works with the group to determine whether they meet in the afternoon or evening. He/she also provides snacks or dessert and determines what game(s) will be played.

·        Eating Out Groups Each host/hostess works with the group to determine whether to eat out for lunch or dinner and then chooses a restaurant that is a reasonable distance away.


Don’t miss the next round! Sign up at the kiosk table in the Parish Hall and indicate which type of group you would like to join.


If you have questions or suggestions, please contact a member of the organizing team: Linda Floyd at, Linda Duhn, Doug Roderick at or Jackie Winder at




Just a reminder that the Fall Festival is taking place Nov. 19th and Deb Wigmore and Barbara Gentry will be handling the Baked Goods Table.

Please put it on your calendar and as the date draws closer, we will provide more details.

Don’t forget, we will also be accepting homemade jams, jellies, sauces, etc. and of course all kinds of baked items.

We have lots of talented folks at SJD and look forward to receiving LOTS to sell.

Deb & Barbara  

If you wish to give online, please scan or click the QR Code


Philip Bethea - 11/2

Jean Bushart - 11/7

Marc Hilderbrand - 11/9

Pat Wilbert - 11/13

Joy Johnson - 11/13

Jane Ashley - 11/13

Preia Hayes - 11/15

Ila Stamper - 11/18

Carl Lingertot - 11/18

Geoffrey Butts - 11/18

Alice Weisner - 11/18

Sharon Bakay - 11/21

Jacqueline Davis - 11/21

Justin Hill - 11/22

Diane Vogel - 11/22

Isabel DeTringo - 11/24

Linda Waring - 11/26

Barbara Marafiote - 11/28

Yoniece Miller - 11/28


Bob & Judy Pieper - 11/10

Doug & Lin Roderick - 11/11

Richard & Jo Ann Beebee - 11/23

Edward & Jean Brown - 11/24

Thomas Rawlings & Mary Mobley - 11/27

Dick & Susan Callaghan - 11/27

Harvey & Betty Berk - 11/28


 Howard Roshaven -- Sr. Warden, Steve Van Loan -- Jr. Warden, Val Bryant -- Clerk

Marianne Strehar, Greg Diehl, Linda Duhn,

Don Fisher, Linda Floyd, Mary Lane Kullmann,

Ralph Powell, Doug Roderick, Clare Thompson, Jackie Winder

Clergy and Staff

The Rt. Rev. Dabney T. Smith &

The Rt. Rev. Douglas F. Scharf 

Bishops of the Diocese of Southwest Florida

The Rev. Kevin Warner - Rector

The Rev. Lee Miller - Associate Rector

Scott Gardner - Praise Leader; Valerie Southwell - Music Director

Connie Minnoe - Accounting Administrator; Cheryl Savini - Receptionist

Tristan Warner - Media & Tech Specialist,

Vivian Smalls - Nursery Coordinator; Denise Smalls, Angel Fujiwara - Nursery Attendants

St. John Divine Episcopal Church

1015 E. Del Webb Blvd. Sun City Center, FL 33573


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