November Meeting Highlights
Highlights from the November 2018 State Board of Education meeting are below. You can find packet materials through links in the text, or review all meeting and additional materials online. You can also watch videos of the meeting  online.

SBE voted on the following business items:
Presentations and discussions:
  • Executive Director Update: The Board heard updates from staff regarding business items and other updates.
  • Committee and Other Updates: Board members heard updates from staff and other members about SBE Equity and Legislative committee activities and grant-funded Early Childhood Education and Social Emotional Learning work, as well as reports from recently attended NASBE and iNACOL conferences, and briefings on upcoming legislative reports. 
  • Legislator Panel for the 2019 Legislative Session: Rep. Paul Harris (Ranking Member, House Education Committee) and Rep. Monica Stonier (Vice-Chair, House Education Committee) shared their expectations and priorities for K-12 policy and budget issues that might arise in the 2019 legislative session.
  • Governor's Office Update: The Board heard about potential 2019-21 priorities from the Governor's Office as well as an update on the Career Connect Washington strategic plan launch last month. 
  • K-12 Partner Panel: 2019 Legislative Session: The Board engaged with partners around those organizations' priorities, where SBE's priorities align with partners, and how the K-12 community can collaboratively advance key policy and budget priorities. 
  • Discussion of Potential Legislative Priorities: The Board heard from the Legislative Committee on recommended priorities for the upcoming session, discussed those recommendations, and decided that 2019 and future legislative platforms would align with the newly approved strategic plan. 
  • Update on 2018 Assessment Results: The Board engaged with OSPI staff around this spring's assessment results in ELA, math, and science.
  • Student Presentation : Student Board Member Joe Hofman facilitated a student panel with students from Vancouver Public Schools, Hockinson School District, and Ridgefield School District. They shared with the Board about how student engagement could be improved at the school, district, and state level. 
  • Statewide Indicators of the Educational System Health : The Board heard a presentation from staff regarding the recommendations staff will submit in a report to the Legislature in December, that align with the Board's priorities in the strategic plan. 
  • Basic Education Compliance Report: Staff presented on the preliminary results from districts verifying their offering of required instructional hours and graduation requirements. Preliminary data show that approximately three times as many districts require three credits of science and two credits of lab science for the Class of 2019 than for the Class of 2018.
  • High School Diploma Requirements: The Board discussed current flexibilities in the graduation requirement framework, the best ways to communicate those flexibilities to schools and families, and the communication pieces currently being developed that will support that Board priority.
  • Draft Strategic Plan Discussion: The Board adopted its forthcoming five-year strategic plan.
January 9-10 at DoubleTree in Olympia

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