November 2020
“Help. I’m working from home.”
You are now working from home — and either wondering why you haven’t asked to do this more often; you’re rocking along and loving it - OR ...........continue

It's Here!
We've Transitioned! - from In-Person to Virtual...... and look forward to bringing you our first online, virtual conference event to help us stay Stronger Together during these unprecedented times.
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Navigating the Moment: COVID-19 Best Practices & Strategies preconference training will kick-off this annual event on Monday, November 2nd. It's free for registered participants.
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Exhibitor - Aha! Creative
"Close your eyes, open your mind, and imagine your highest potential" to achieve the Vision of success is the message of this year's Keynote and world class athlete, Lex Gillette. Blind since the age of eight, Gillette is a living example of the power of strength and determination to achieve our goals. You won't want to miss his inspiring remarks on Wednesday, November 4th.

Meanwhile, Chef Craig is Cookin' up a little something different for the CA palate - join in on the fun for his session, "Eating to Live" on Wednesday, November 4th.

Other Highlights:
Get ready to navigate down life’s runway and ascend toward a vision of success.
In times of uncertainty, pulling together to help is crucial to the health and stability of our local communities. As the pandemic rages on, some of our communities need help more than ever. And although we can't meet in person for our annual day of service, you can
LEND A HELPING HAND AND DONATE: Any amount to support the work of agencies and customers in Mississippi who are still rebounding from torrential rains and historic flooding. As we sit in the comfort of our own homes, let us remember those who are not, due to these unexpected disasters complicated even more by COVID-19.
In this season of Thanks and Giving “Together we are stronger!”

“Social distancing doesn’t mean social disengagement” - Surgeon General Jerome Adams
Be sure to note your donation for SEACAA flood victims.
Regional Stories that Inform, Empower and Transform
A Time for National Healing
Walk with Me!
NYC Black History Walk
"The purpose of the walk was to bring different people together to learn about black history because black history is American history. It was an opportunity to discuss the mistakes of the past and celebrate the accomplishments made together for our collective good".....continue

“HOW much better our WORLD would be if each of us RESPECTED difference until difference DOESN’T make any more DIFFERENCE.” - Dr. Johnetta B. Cole
Voters cast their early ballots for the 2020 Presidential election at Madison Square Garden on October 30 in New York City. Kena Betancur/AFP via Getty Images
If you feel like you just can’t wait for the election to be over, you aren’t alone — The end is in sight!
Although the Los Angeles Times reports - it may not be on the night of Nov. 3 or even the day after election day. That’s because of the large numbers of mail-in-ballots being cast this year and various states' rules about how and when those ballots are counted.......continue
Regional & National News
Community Action Strong

Knoxville VITA IRS Recognition

TN - Knoxville-Knox County Community Action Committee (Knox CAC) was recognized this past summer by the IRS as a TOP 5 community providing outreach to Limited English Proficiency Communities.Their agency volunteers worked with local translators to help prepare income taxes, dispel myths and provide education on covert tax scams. They made everyone feel welcome and didn't let COVID slow them down one bit. They even exceeded their goal by filing 2,079 electronic filings this year's tax season. 
Congratulations Knoxville CAC, partners and volunteers on a job well done! .........continue
MS - North Jackson Resident says she and other residents were denied federal and state assistance...continue

MS State Association Executive Director, Nicole W. Claiborne, says, "This flooding event has been overshadowed by COVID-19. The families are still in need of resources as they work tirelessly to get back into their homes and community."
NC - The NCCAA Community Action Association successfully concluded it's virtual 20/20 VISION annual conference. New NCCAA Communications Director and renown journalist, Barry Saunders, shares insights from the American Idealist documentary about the life of Sargent Shriver that aired during the conference. He begs the question, "Remember When Being a Social Justice Warrior was a Good Thing? Saunders speaks to why we should all be social justice warriors like Sargent Shriver and the need to rescue the "noble phrase."
Keep SJW Alive!

Barbourville, KY - Many people have lived through circumstances others cannot imagine. One Knox County resident, Rachel J. has faced many struggles from a very young age. She has made many decisions - good and bad - that have contributed to the woman she is today. Her story of determination and success show you how much someone can change with a little assistance and motivation and how impactful the KCEOC KY Career Center Jobsite and CA can be in the lives of clients.
Proud of you, Rachel and KCEOC KY!
“I was broken. I was on my own. I had a boyfriend with a severe drug addiction; it was a bad time for me as I was still using drugs while going through detox,” Rachel recalls her life during that time. “I was mentally and emotionally unstable, and a hurt little girl who was overwhelmed with life and my situation. I didn’t trust anyone and thought I was doing the right thing because that is all I knew.”
KY - The Bowles Center for Diversity Outreach, Inc. recently partnered with NKY to host a Regional Implicit Bias Symposium, a conversation about racial harmony, inclusion, how to enhance diversity in education, the workplace, and the community.
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Keep the conversation going!

FL - The Florida Association for Community Action (FACA) hosted nearly 300 attendees from the Florida Community Action Network, the Florida Weatherization Network, and all affiliates for the 40th Annual Training Conference, Aug. 12-13.
Way to go, FACA!
South Carolina
Re-imagining the Future.

The Georgia Community Action Association conducted their Virtual Board Strategic Planning Retreat September 24-25, 2020. Executive Director, Lorraine Daniels, said John Edwards and Dr. Robert Lemon did an awesome job guiding their Board through the planning process. Their work focused on GCAA Re-imagining the Future.
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SEACAA offers a series of web-based e-learning platforms Executive Leaders, Financial and HR professional certification programs that are self-paced and accessible 24 hours/day, 7 days/week to suit your schedule.
COVID Response and Resources
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1:11 Find out how........continue
It's the Little Things!

5-year-old donates Baby Yoda doll to firefighters...continue

“The smallest gift of kindness goes a long way,” said Mike Lewelling, fire management officer at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.

Well, yes—but positivity comes in different forms, and did you know they may not all be good for you. Have you heard the term,‘sunlight is the best disinfectant’? Striving to stay upbeat and optimistic during a life-altering global pandemic can ......continue
Resources provided by the Partnership related to CA and COVID-19 here!
At Home
Wellness Resources for Living a Healthy Life during the Pandemic
Q: This year has been incredibly unpredictable, and I’m having trouble looking ahead without feeling overwhelmed. How can I better cope with the uncertainty of today’s world?....continue
Thanksgiving In The Time Of COVID-19
In this month of Thanks-giving, we typically look forward to gathering with family, stuffing our faces with lots of turkey, catching up with old friends, and just chillin.' Follow these guidelines for ...continue
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Photo by Lauren Young/Reuters
Pictures drawn by children hang from a window as part of the Quarantine Rainbow Project in Brookyln, NY.
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