South East Education Cooperative Newsletter - November 2017
What are schools focused on? 
SEEC took to the road and ventured to four locations to meet administrators in their regions, listen, learn and share.
  On Nov. 1-2, SEEC staff met with groups of administrators in Jamestown, LaMoure, Wahpeton and Mapleton to listen, encourage discussion and identify areas of opportunity for collaboration and brainstorm potential solutions to some of the needs and challenges of our member schools.

  Superintendents, principals and special education unit directors shared highlights of the areas their district, school or unit are excelling at which allowed for great discussion and idea sharing. Programs highlighted included Multi-Tier System of Supports, Smart Labs, Improving Academic Literacy, Career Pathway work, and various personalized learning approaches such as flex mod scheduling (Oakes), Project Lead the Way (Wahpeton), ICU (Ellendale) and the JAG Academy (Northern Cass).

 Other common discussion topics at all locations that the SEEC will continue to stay involved with in search of options to research, assist and/or support districts with included behavior issues, ND Choice Ready, data sharing, problem-based learning and regionalized bus driver training. MemberFeature
In this issue:

Carrington School District
42 Years of experience helps cultivate a lifelong love of learning for students.

With approximately 500 students in the district, Carrington Public Schools is large enough to offer a wide-variety of classes and programs, but small enough to effectively personalize learning and support all students according to High School Principal David Nowatzki.

Nowatzki and Helseth work under the leadership of Superintendent Brian Duchscherer and his 20 years in the education field. Duchscherer is currently in his 11th year as the Carrington superintendent but was also a superintendent in Wishek, ND. His work in education began when he saw a platform that would allow him to make a difference for ALL students.
"I believe that we at Carrington focus our energy on taking care of the needs of our students both academically and socially." ACT
Have your schools' your ACT 
scores flat-lined?

Over two million students nationwide took the ACT last year, that is almost two-thirds (64%) of all 2016 graduates, up from 59% in 2015 and from 40% in 2006.

If you received a composite of 21 or higher, you beat out half of the other high school students in the country. What about in our state of ND?  How well do you have to do to be above average in ND (ACT)? DigitalSkills

Digital Skills for 21st Century Teachers
Creating Digital Quizzes

For decades upon decades, quizzes have been utilized in educational settings to assess student learning and mastery. In this respect, being able to create quizzes is nothing new for teachers, in fact, it is basically an expectation that all teachers should master.  What is new is how technology has revolutionized the use of quizzes in the classroom.

Previously (and to a lesser degree today) quizzes were administered to students to complete paper/pencil, often with additional class time devoted to the grading or scoring of the quiz. I vividly remember taking a quiz in class, finding a classmate to switch quizzes with, and the teacher going over the correct answers as we mark the ones our classmate answered incorrectly. Although this exercise may have been helpful as a review activity for the students to ask questions about the content material they got wrong, this exercise was inefficient in many ways when it comes to maximizing class time for learning. NDMTSS

N.D. Multi-Tier System of Supports
Winter & Spring NDMTSS Opportunities

We've heard it from our members that there is a want and need for some behavior pathways... well, we have what you need! Plus, we are working on incorporating a great lineup of behavior sessions at the NDMTSS Conference coming June 11-13, 2018!

Upcoming BEHAVIOR sessions:
If you're looking for Academic sessions - we have those too:
Find the session descriptions in the new NDMTSS Playbook here. Playbooks will go to print soon and can be in your hands January 2018. It is a great resource outlining the five components of MTSS as well as the training descriptions for the training opportunities listed above. See below for links to access the web version of the booklet, to reserve a copy(ies) for January or to register for training!
Hard copies will be available in January!  Contact us to reserve your copies today!
Learn more at Data
Data Champion Series
How do I identify educators' greatest needs related to data use?

Last month I responded to a question about using educators' time effectively when providing professional learning opportunities related to data use. In response to the feedback I provided on last month's questions ( access here), I received another question asking for additional clarification from an educational consultant in North Dakota.

"How do I identify the greatest needs of educators relevant to data utilization to ensure I most effectively use educators' time when providing data use professional learning?

Could you please share practical examples of tools (surveys, checklists, etc.) and documented processes that have been or could be implemented to identify the greatest needs relevant to data use professional learning?"

This is an excellent pair of questions! When it comes to identifying the greatest needs for professional learning (for any topic), several different methods may be utilized depending on the resources, people and time available prior to the session.  BTN
Beginning Teacher Network
Final session for the 17-18 school year is next month!

Beginning Teacher Network Program Logo
BTN hosts 3 sessions throughout the school year to meet first-year teachers with the info you need WHEN you need it. SIGN UP TODAY for Session 3. No worries if you weren't able to attend Session 1 or 2. We'd still love to have you. 

Session 3 : Dec. 13 or 14 Events

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