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It seems crazy to me that I am hearing Christmas music at Macy's every time I am there!  BUT, the holiday's are upon us.  This time of the year can be crazy and stressful but hopefully you take time to enjoy the special moments as well.  The last couple of months for me have been busy as I launched my LaShell Cosmetics website, shopped with many of you and made lots of fun, new, cool fall outfits! 
What's hot for Holiday?? 

Green Holiday Dresses

Well, it is the time of the year to start thinking about just what you are going to wear to your big holiday events.  So I have put together a few tips that will hopefully help take away some of the stress of what you will wear to all of your functions.

1.  If you are an emerald green girl this is the season for you!  Because emerald green was the Pantone color of the season you should be able to find fabulous dresses and tops in this amazing color.  If you have a red or auburn hair, or have green eyes, you should take advantage of this being your lucky year!

2.  Because leather is one of the hottest trends this year you will see leather everywhere.  I have even started to see it on evening gowns.  A fun look may be leather and lace if you are going to a little less formal event. 

3.  Adding a stunning accessory on top of a simple dress or outfit is always a hit.  There are so many amazing statement pieces out there to choose from.  Just remember, if it is a true statement piece like the one pictured below you need your other jewelry to be very simple. 

4.  If you are on the hunt for a dress keep in mind that this season you can push the envelope and go beyond the little black dress.  Although a LBD is always appropriate, this is a year there are many delicious colors and patterns to choose from.  In fact, I encourage you to not wear a LBD! 

5.  Please remember if your outfit has sequins or sparkles all over then be mindful of the kind of accessories you wear.  Too much bling can kill any outfit!  I know this one can be hard as some of us LOVE our bling and sparkle but ladies, trust me on this one!

6.  One look that is fun and a little more casual is a metallic or festive tunic over a legging or narrow pant with heels.  If the top is simple throw on a fun necklace or scarf and you are all set. 

7.  And who can forget holiday shoes!  This year you will see everything from over the knee boots, to booties, to sexy holiday dress shoes depending on the occasion.  Remember, if you feel like you want to keep your outfit on the simple side you can always play up the ensemble with a fun pair of statement shoes or boots. 

Shopping Black Friday Sales...

Yikes, yes, it's just around the corner!  You either hate it or love it...Yep, it's the black Friday sales.  But before jumping on the sale bandwagon and splurging on great discounts, be cautious, be aware and be patient. How do you do that? Read these guidelines carefully before bringing all those discounted items up to the cash register.


1.  Shop for your current size not the size you hope to be.


2.  Understand the return policy.  If you are buying gifts make sure the receiver will have plenty of time to return or exchange the item if it doesn't fit them.    


3.  A great sale can be a huge deception.  Sale items that are practically discounted to nothing may seem like steals but there is a reason why they are marked down. If you buy something and never wear it, that incredibly outrageous sale item is a 100% bad investment. If you don't LOVE, it don't buy it! 

4.  Shop with a list. There is nothing worse then going shopping on a sale day and buying just to buy.  This is when you come home with one hit wonders that go with nothing else in your closet!  Have a plan and know what is missing from your wardrobe. 

5. Most importantly will the sale item work with the rest of your wardrobe.  Will it "fit in"?  Or will it remain a loner in your closet.  

Happy Shopping!  Let me know if you need help.  I have some clients that I do all their holiday shopping for them.   




I am so proud to announce my new website LaShell Cosmetics.  If you haven't had a chance yet, take a peak and let me know your thoughts.

 If you are interested in placing an order please use coupon code LC10 to get 10% off your first purchase.  I am always available to answer any questions you might have about products or colors. 

There are a lot of fun goodies to check out.  You can see some of my favorite items in Carrie's corner. 

One item I love is a make-up palette called a Z palette.  These magnetic palettes are open compacts that hold any magnetic eye shadow pans, blush, and powder pans.  They even come with instruction and magnets on how to make your non magnetic pans, magnetic!   If you are a girl who likes to have a lot of choices of eye shadows this is a must for you.  Now you can have them all in one spot! shadow/compacts-and-palettes/


Gift Certificates Available!!


It's the time of the year when we start thinking about what we want to give our friends and family for holiday gifts.  It's also the time of the year when people start to ask what YOU want for the holidays!  If you have been thinking about updating your look, or if you have someone in your life going through life changes, a gift certificate from Such Savvy Style may be just the answer!

What about the men in your life??

If you have thought about creating a personalized gift for the men in your life this holiday why not give them a gift you will appreciate too?  A custom fit shirt might be the answer!  J Hilburn is the leader in custom Italian fabric shirts.  Plus, they have a wide selection of ready to wear items like AG Jeans, cashmere sweaters and trousers.   This month for every $150 you spend you get a credit back of $25 to spend in December.   The best news is you can shop right from your home.  I can either come to you or you can shop from my website.

I would love to help any man in your life and if he is single that's even better :)
Carrie LaShell
Such Savvy Style
Certified Image Consultant